The Academy is governed by a Council comprising:

15Ex Officio Members, the President of each Academy College
5Elected Members

Immediate Past President of the Council shall hold office for a period of 1 year from the date he / she ceases to be the President.


PresidentProf. Gilberto Ka-kit Leung
Vice-President (General Affairs)Dr. Yu-fat Chow
Vice-President (Education and Examinations)Prof. Paul Bo-san Lai
Honorary SecretaryDr. Wing-cheong Leung
Honorary TreasurerProf. Eric Wai-choi Tse
EditorProf. Martin Chi-sang Wong

Immediate Past President


Prof. Chak-sing Lau

Ex Officio Members

Anaes­thesiologistsProf. Chi-wai Cheung
Community MedicineDr. Thomas Ho-fai Tsang 
Dental SurgeonsDr. Yiu-kai Wong 
Emergency MedicineDr. Clara Wing-yee Wu 
Family PhysiciansDr. David Vai-kiong Chao 
Obstetricians and GynaecologistsProf. Tak-yeung Leung
Ophthal­mologistsDr. Nancy Shi-yin Yuen
Orthopaedic SurgeonsDr. Wilson Li 
Otorhinolary­ngologistsDr. Victor Abdullah
PaediatriciansDr. Winnie Wing-yee Tse 
PathologistsDr. Michael Ho-ming Chan
PhysiciansProf. Philip Kam-tao Li
PsychiatristsDr. Roger Man-kin Ng
RadiologistsDr. Chun-key Law
SurgeonsDr. Heng-tat Leong

Elected Members


Dr. Julian Chun-yan Fong

Dr. Hung-to Luk 

Dr. Hing-yu So 

Dr. Victor Wai-lun Tang 


Past Presidents

1992 - 1996
Founding President

Prof. Sir David Todd

1996 - 2000

Dr. David Fang


2000 - 2004

Dr. Che-hung Leong

2004 - 2008

Prof. Grace Wai-king Tang

2008 - 2012

Prof. Raymond Hin-suen Liang

2012 - 2016

Dr. Donald Kwok-tung Li

2016 - 2020

Prof. Chak-sing Lau

The Council is chaired by the President of the Academy, with various Committees formed under it to carry out specific functions. It meets once a month and its full duties and responsibilities are set out in the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Ordinance, Regulations and Bylaws.

Reports of the Council and various Committees can be accessible from the Academy’s annual reports

Officers of the Academy 

The 6 Officers are nominated and elected by the members of the Council. Their term of office is 2 years.


Prof. Gilberto Ka-kit Leung

Prof. Leung is a neurosurgeon, Clinical Professor, holder of the endowed Tsang Wing-Hing Professorship in Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). He is the Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) of LKS Faculty of Medicine, HKU. He graduated from the Medical College of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, with M.B.B.S., and the University College London with BSc. (Physical Anthropology) in 1992.

​​​​​​​ (General Affairs)

Dr. Yu-fat Chow

(Education and Examinations)

Prof. Paul Bo-san Lai

Honorary Secretary

Dr. Wing-cheong Leung

Honorary Treasurer

Prof. Eric Wai-choi Tse


Prof. Martin   Chi-sang Wong


Work of the Council, Committees and day-to-day operation of the Academy are supported by the Secretariat led by Chief Executive Officer.

Extraordinary and Annual General Meetings

The Academy shall hold an Annual General Meeting of Fellows, and Extraordinary General Meeting whenever the Council deems necessary. A notice in writing will be sent to all Fellows according to the notice period as set out in the Regulations of the Academy.