Policy Statements

Gender Diversity Policy

The Academy and its constituent Colleges are committed to strive for gender diversity in their respective councils and committees as one of the good corporate governance practices to enhance their performance in making decisions that concern specialist training, the healthcare profession and the community as a whole. Entities and committees within the Academy and Colleges shall have regards to the issue of gender diversity in their structures and conduction of activities, with regular review and reporting mechanisms in place where appropriate. A policy is implemented to ensure a membership composition of balanced skills and experience with a mix of gender where possible, aiming to engage a wide range of insights from members of different genders and backgrounds.


Corporate Publications

Annual Report

Annual report outlines the Academy’s activities throughout the preceding year. It gives Fellows and stakeholders information about the latest developments, initiatives and financial status.



The Academy newsletter, academyfocus, is a quarterly publication that outlines the latest news, events, and activities of the Academy for Fellows.


Research Reports and Position Papers

Position Paper on Postgraduate Medical Education (2023)

The Academy recently published a position paper on Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME), with an aim to update the Academy’s position on PGME which was first reviewed in 2010 with a position paper published that year. The regular reviews demonstrate the Academy’s commitment in continual development of PGME through the enhancement of competency-based medical education, continuing medical education / continuous professional development (CME / CPD), faculty development, and quality assurance. This new position paper incorporated insights and recommendations arising from series of constructive discussions in the Academy’s Tripartite Medical Education Conference and Strategic Planning Retreat that were held earlier this year.

Position Statement on Simulation-based Learning

This statement aims to provide guidance for safe and effective use of simulation-based learning method to be adopted for the postgraduate education and training of healthcare professionals. 

Position Paper on Postgraduate Medical Education (2010)

The Academy published this position paper after a series of discussions at the Postgraduate Medical Education Workshop. It serves to highlight the proposed key reforms to postgraduate medical education that are required to modernize the Fellowship training system such that the Academy will produce Fellows meeting the needs of the society in a sustainable manner. 

Study on Requirements of Medical Services of Elderly Citizens in Hong Kong

In 2009, through its Think Tank, the Academy conducted a study on the requirements of medical services of elderly citizens in Hong Kong. 

Medical Publications

Hong Kong Medical Journal

With an impact factor of 1.679, the Hong Kong Medical Journal is a bimonthly peer-reviewed joint publication of the Academy and the Hong Kong Medical Association. The Journal is published by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Press.