Publishing medical journals is one of the most effective ways to facilitate medical research and knowledge sharing. The Academy is a staunch supporter of medical education and research. The Academy, jointly with the Hong Kong Medical Association, publishes the Hong Kong Medical Journal, a bimonthly peer-reviewed general medical journal. The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Press, the publishing arm of the Academy, is committed to improving the quality and impact of papers published in the Journal. View the latest issue on the Hong Kong Medical Journal website, and visit the Journal Facebook page for regular posts of the most recently published articles.

Established in 2002, the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Press offers a wide range of professional editing and publication support services to the Academy and its Colleges, Government bureaux and departments, and local and international medical societies. Keeping pace with the technological advances, it also provides electronic manuscript submission and publishing services. It has extensive plans to nurture researchers and help improve their paper by sharing insights on manuscript writing and research skills, as well as how to perform peer reviews. Visit the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Press website for more information on the services and support available. 

To cultivate and sustain medical research culture, the Academy has launched research awards for young Fellows and specialist trainees. 

Other than medical journals, the Academy also publishes position statements and study findings of research projects of different specialties and medical issues. More about Medical Publications.

Having its unique statutory role in the provision of training for medical and dental specialists, the Academy takes a leading role to enhance research capacity via organisation of training workshops. Funded by the Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, four identical workshops titled “Enhancing Professional Research Skills: Training Workshops for Medical Practitioners in Hong Kong” were conducted by the Academy from September 2021 to June 2022. Please read the Summary Report and Training Handbook for details.