The Academy has been developing IT systems (e.g. iCMECPD) that aim to maximise the effectiveness of the learning process for Academy Fellows and specialist trainees.

In June 2021, the Academy formed a Task Force supported by a project team to kick off the work on the development of a Learning Management System (eHKAM LMS), an online platform to provide e-Learning resources and virtual learning experience in response to the demand for new forms of education and training. An online survey and focus group interviews were conducted to collect users' needs for the development of a user-friendly and fit-for-purpose platform for conducting online CME / CPD as well as specialist training activities.

The system has been officially launched in October 2022. To further provide one-stop online experience, a new eHKAM Portal has also been launched together with eHKAM LMS. Academy Fellows can easily access different online resources from this Portal. While the existing iCMECPD will also be integrated, the new eHKAM platform unifies various online systems of the Academy in the digital era.

Online Course for Expert Witnesses

On the eHKAM LMS, the HKAM Training Course for Expert Witnesses, an online course developed by the Academy to equip participants with the knowledge to serve as an expert witness, is available. The online course is now open for registration.


Academy Fellows and CSR registrants are eligible to register for a new online credential to access the eHKAM platform. With the advantage of Single Sign-on technology, users can access all systems under the eHKAM umbrella with this single credential. Besides the Single Sign-on function, a dedicated email address and personal cloud storage space will be provided to each registered Academy Fellow*.

To register for your eHKAM ID, please sign-in to iCMECPD or use the online registration form.

* Email and cloud storage services are provided by Google; Personal cloud storage space is not available to CSR registrants.


Ans: HKAM ID is a 6-digit number printed on Fellowship card for identification.  eHKAM ID, on the other hand, is a sign-in method that allows Academy Fellows and CSR registrants to log into eHKAM Portal with their HKAM email address and access all the Academy’s online systems from one place.
Ans: Once the eHKAM ID is activated, the user will be required to use it for access to iCMECPD.
Ans: You need to setup email auto-forwarding for the purpose. You can enable this function in the option while setting up email address in the eHKAM ID registration form, or enable it in your Gmail setting when your account becomes available. Please refer to Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account.
Ans: Fellows should use their eHKAM ID to sign in eHKAM LMS.  Please make sure you have registered for it.  Once you have completed the registration and the eHKAM ID is activated, you will receive a welcome message sent to your personal email address.
Ans: You need to set a new password during registration for eHKAM ID.  If you have subsequently forgotten your password, you can reset it by using the Account Recovery page at eHKAM ID or the Password Reset page at iCMECPD.
Ans: Please send your enquiries to eHKAM Help Desk.


The eHKAM App has been officially launched in November 2023. As the centralised access point of Academy’s membership services and news, this mobile application bring convenience to Fellows with several useful features. Download the mobile app now via the below links or QR codes and explore more benefits under your Academy Fellowship.

For Apple devices:
For Android devices:

​​​​​​​To learn more about the eHKAM App, please refer to the Introduction and the Start Guide.

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e-Learning Production Services

e-Learning is playing an increasingly significant role in medical education and training with its user-centred nature. It enables more efficient student learning by removing barriers of time and locations.

The Academy LMS Team supports specialist trainers and healthcare practitioners to develop different types of e-Learning material including instructional animation, video and interactive learning modules etc. For more details and pricing information, please click here.