The Academy Council may, on the recommendation of an Academy College, admit as a Fellow any full member of an Academy College who has fulfilled the admission criteria as stated in Bylaw 2.4. The Academy will, however, retain absolute discretion over which nominees should be admitted as Fellows of the Academy. 

Fellows shall have: 

  1. completed at least six years of supervised post-registration training in a manner approved by the Academy; and 
  2. when appropriate, passed a relevant intermediate examinations accredited by the Academy; and 
  3. passed the exit examinations or assessment conducted by the relevant College and accredited by the Academy. 

It will be for the Academy to decide in its absolute discretion whether a particular nominee’s training or any part of it is of sufficient standard to be allowed to be considered as appropriate post-registration training. 

Fellowship of the Academy may cease unless the requirements for continuing medical education or re-certification as determined by the Academy from time to time are satisfied. 

A Fellow may at the same time hold more than one Fellowship of the Academy. 

New Fellows are invited to attend the Annual Fellowship Conferment Ceremony held every year. 

Appeals to the Academy 

Appeals Committee of the Academy will consider appeals against a recommendation of the Education Committee on Certification of Specialist Registration under the Medical Registration Ordinance or the Dentists Registration Ordinance and / or a result in an examination conducted by an Academy College the passing of which is required for admission to Fellowship of the Academy. View and download the Procedural Guidelines on Appeals to the Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

A1.  Firstly, to obtain a Practising Certificate and have your name included in the General Register of the Medical Council of Hong Kong / Dental Council of Hong Kong, you would need to contact the respective Council directly for details.    Here are the links to their websites  /

As for practising as a specialist in Hong  Kong, all medical practitioners who are already on the General Register could apply for inclusion in the Specialist Register via two routes -  they could either  1) apply to the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine for certification, or 2) join the relevant Academy College and become an Academy Fellow :-

1) According to the Medical Registration Ordinance (MRO) and Dentists Registration Ordinance (DRO), a registered medical practitioner or dentist who wishes to have his/her name included in the Specialist Register of Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) or Dental Council of Hong Kong (DCHK) must be either a Fellow of the Academy, or certified by the Academy to have training and qualification comparable   [or equivalent in the case of an application under DRO] to that required of an Academy Fellow in the relevant specialty.  To apply to the   Academy for CSR (certification for specialist registration), please be advised of the following: 

The Academy's Education Committee will vet each application and decide whether the qualifications and supervised training of the applicant are comparable (for medical practitioners) / equivalent (for dentists) to that required of an Academy Fellow in a particular specialty.  Once successful, the applicant will be recommended to MCHK or DCHK for specialist registration. 

Please take note that the Education Committee needs to consult the appropriate specialty College and seek the Academy Council's formal endorsement before making a recommendation to MCHK or DCHK. The whole process may take 2 or more months.  Please click on the links below for the CSR Guidance Notes, Application Form and Fee Table.

2) To become a Fellow of the Academy, one must (a) have completed at least 6 years of supervised post-registration training in a manner approved by the Academy, (b) passed a relevant intermediate examination accredited by the Academy and (c) passed the exit examination or assessment conducted by the relevant College and accredited by the Academy.

Please note that the Academy Fellowship is by nomination only and one must be a full member of one of the 15 specialty Colleges first before he/she can be nominated.  You can contact the relevant College directly for details to become a Fellow.   For contact details of the Colleges, please visit the Academy website.   

A2. No, the Academy is a postgraduate institution that looks after specialist training in Hong Kong.

A3. No, the Academy is a statutory body mainly responsible for providing training and continuing medical education for specialists in Hong Kong.

The Hospital Authority is the organisation that provides training posts in Hong Kong.  Please contact them for the information you require. Their website is