The Academy Council may, on the recommendation of an Academy College, admit any full member of the College who has fulfilled the admission criteria as stated in Bylaw 2.4 as Academy Fellow. The Academy has the absolute discretion over which nominees should be admitted as Fellows of the Academy. 

Fellows shall have: 

  1. completed at least six years of supervised post-registration training in a manner approved by the Academy; and 
  2. when appropriate, passed relevant intermediate examinations conducted by the relevant College and accredited by the Academy; and 
  3. passed the exit examinations or assessment conducted by the relevant College and accredited by the Academy. 

It will be for the Academy to decide in its absolute discretion whether a particular nominee’s training or any part of it is of sufficient standard to be allowed to be considered as appropriate post-registration training for admission as Fellow of the Academy. 

Fellowship of the Academy may cease unless the requirements for continuing medical education and /or assessment as determined by the Academy from time to time are satisfied. 

A Fellow may at the same time hold more than one Fellowship of the Academy. 

New Fellows are invited to attend the Annual Fellowship Conferment Ceremony held every year. 

Appeals to the Academy 

Appeals Committee of the Academy will consider appeals against a recommendation of the Education Committee on Certification of Specialist Registration under the Medical Registration Ordinance or the Dentists Registration Ordinance and / or a result in an examination conducted by an Academy College the passing of which is required for admission to Fellowship of the Academy. View and download the Procedural Guidelines on Appeals to the Academy.