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Specialist Registration

About Specialist Registration (SR) and Certification for Specialist Registration (CSR) 

According to the Medical Registration Ordinance (MRO) and Dentists Registration Ordinance (DRO), a registered medical practitioner or dentist who wishes to have his/her name included in the Specialist Register of Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) or Dental Council of Hong Kong (DCHK) must be either a Fellow of the Academy, or certified by the Academy to have training and qualification comparable [or equivalent in the case of an application under DRO] to that required of an Academy Fellow in the relevant specialty.

As being a registered medical practitioner/dentist is a prerequisite for Specialist Registration, the Academy will accept CSR applications only from those who are already on the General Register of MCHK or DCHK at the time of application.

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Certification of CME for Resigned Fellows who might wish to stay on Specialist Register 

Hong Kong Academy of Medicine is the organisation in Hong Kong to determine whether a doctor on the Specialist Register (SR) of the Medical Council of Hong Kong / Dental Council of Hong Kong has fulfilled the continuing medical education (CME) / continuing education (CE) requirements as stipulated by the Medical Registration Ordinance / Dentists Registration Ordinance.

Normally Fellows who resigned from Academy also eventually resigned from Specialist Register. There may be the rare situation that a doctor who has resigned his Academy Fellowship might wish to stay on the SR and therefore needs the Academy to certify his/her CME/CE for SR purposes. Under such circumstance, the Academy will certify the CME/CE for SR purposes for the resigned fellows if all of the following conditions are fulfilled: -

  • CME/CE certification will be done only if the doctor is STILL on the SR;
  • A CME/CE certification fee will be charged by the Academy. This CME/CE certification fee will not be less than that of the highest fee to be paid by CSR doctors for one cycle;
  • Certification fee will be charged on cycle basis, irrespective of how few the points to be certified are. The Academy will cease to vet the rest of materials submitted when the doctors is vetted to have obtained the minimum number of CME/CE points (currently 90) needed to fulfil the requirement for SR purposes;
  • The application for CME certification must be submitted within one month after the end of a cycle;
  • The Academy and College will need at least 1 month to vet the materials submitted;
  • If resigned Fellows want to come back as Academy Fellow, they must follow the reinstatement route.

Procedural Guidelines on Appeals to the Academy

The Academy has established an Appeals Committee to consider appeals to the Academy against a recommendation of the Education Committee on certification for registration as a specialist (CSR) under the Medical Registration Ordinance or the Dentists Registration Ordinance.

Please read the Procedural Guidelines carefully before submitting an appeal. An administrative fee, to be determined by the Academy from time to time, will be charged for any appeal.

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