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June 2017

Dear Fellows and colleagues,

Summer has arrived and Hong Kong has been rather ‘under the weather’ with many black rainstorm warnings in the last few weeks and a T8 signal hoisted in June when Merbok closed in causing havocs in the city. Fortunately, this has not disrupted the work of the Academy.

To begin with, let me update you on my plan to visit all our Colleges as mentioned in my last message. In three months’ time, I together with Officers have met more than 10 Colleges to discuss training resources, manpower planning, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and many other issues concerning medical specialty training in Hong Kong. Direct dialogue is always the most efficient way to collect opinions. I deem this engagement activity truly enables a two-way and deep communication with the Colleges, allowing us to get a better understanding of their needs and expectations of the Academy, and most importantly how we could work together to further improve the training of medical and dental specialists in Hong Kong.

During the past several months, the Academy had been busy organising a series of events. I would like to highlight some exciting news and happenings.

The 1st International Medical Education Leaders Forum (IMELF-HKAM), co-organised by the Academy and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and our Medical Education Conference (MEC) were successfully held on 26 May and 27 May respectively. Aligning to our core function to advance postgraduate medical education and training, the IMELF-HKAM event delivered key messages on the need to maintain professionalism in the face of rapid technological advances in medicine — clinical, social, and emotional competency as well as ethics of patient care. In our one-day MEC, we organised various presentations and symposia with an in-depth look at professionalism and humanism, faculty development, interprofessional education, and the use of modern technologies to aid clinical training. My sincere thanks go to all the local and overseas speakers for their insightful sharing at those two events.

On 2 June, we co-hosted a documentary screening of Unseen Enemy with the National Academy of Medicine. Directed by an Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Ms Janet Tobias, it is a call-to-action documentary exploring the increased threat of epidemics. Renowned experts in infectious diseases and public health were invited to share views on the impact of epidemics in a panel discussion. The next day, on 3 June, a media training workshop was held for College Presidents, spokespersons, and representatives to learn the trend of using social media for information sharing, and practical media handling skills.

More importantly, we have done great on our Journal! I am glad to report that the most recent (2016) impact factor for the Hong Kong Medical Journal (HKMJ) is 1.111. This achievement reaffirms the HKMJ’s role as a useful source of medical information on advances in medical research and clinical practice. I wish to thank all the editorial board members, authors, and reviewers for their continuous support over the years. Indeed the manuscript writing workshop coordinated by our Press office for the first time on 9 June had also been a success, with very positive feedback from the participants. We will continue to enhance our services for Fellows in the future.

Lastly, allow me to once again touch on the Government’s proposal to amend the Medical Registration Ordinance. The Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill (MR(A) Bill) 2017 was gazetted and introduced to the Legislative Council in June. With that, there have been continued debates and controversies within the profession regarding the election of the two Academy representatives in the Medical Council of Hong Kong. To address these concerns, a survey to Fellows was conducted earlier this year. Based on this and with the introduction of the MR(A) Bill 2017 in May, discussion with College Presidents and representatives was kicked off in June. The principles that were considered most important were maintaining the Academy’s statutory role in upholding the standards of specialist training and care for the people of Hong Kong, equality across all Colleges in the nomination and election processes, and engagement of Fellows. Consultation and discussion are still on-going.

It is still raining heavily outside as I write. I sincerely hope the weather will improve and that you all get a well-deserved summer break with your family and friends!

Professor CS Lau
June 2017

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