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Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists

Correspondence Address

College Secretariat
Room 807, 8/F, HKAM Jockey Club Building
99 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Tel: +(852) 2871 8833
Fax: +(852)
2814 1029

Website: http://www.hkca.edu.hk
E-mail: office@hkca.edu.hk

The Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists was founded in September 1989, having been formed from the Board of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care which was set up by the Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong in 1984. Its purpose is to promote the pursuit of excellence in the science and practice of anaesthesiology and related disciplines for the public welfare. As such it is concerned with education, standards, examinations and research in anaesthesia and intensive care. Apart from training programmes in Anaethesiology, the College also runs training programmes in Intensive Care and Pain Management. The translation of the college’s motto is ‘Safety through Vigilance’. Membership of the College includes Honorary Fellows, Fellows and Members.

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