Best Practice Guidelines for Expert Witnesses

25 . 10 . 2023

Expert witnesses play a crucial role in the administration of justice. Their opinions have a significant impact on the outcomes of proceedings and represent a respectable source of information to parties seeking explanation, understanding, and closure in a dispute. The integrity of expert witnesses, and the substance and quality of their opinions reflect the probity and standards of their respective disciplines, which are essential for gaining and maintaining the public’s trust.

This set of Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) aims to assist medical doctors and dentists who are partaking, or are considering to partake, in the role of an expert witness by setting out relevant standards and regulations as well as offering practical advice for them to take note of. It is intended to be a useful resource rather than a prescriptive or an exhaustive code of practice, although expert witnesses are strongly advised to follow this guidance to meet certain expectations of the Court and other relevant decision-making bodies. Click here to read or download the BPG.

The Academy has also developed an online training course for expert witnesses, aiming to provide Academy Fellows, specialist trainees and CSR registrants who wish to build the capacity in serving as expert witnesses with relevant knowledge. Click here to learn more about the course and submit your online registration.