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Fellows List

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D/MCHK NO.NameCollegeSpecialty (as in D/MCHK SR)Contact Fellow(s)
M02696NANDI, Panna Lal      龍狄SU Contact Fellow
ML00040NELSON, E. A. S.      PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08536NEOH, Eng Leong      梁榮隆OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
D02115NEWSOME, Philip R. H.      DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M14973NG, Ada Tsui Lin      吳翠蓮SUUrologyContact Fellow
M16047NG, Andrew Sheung Hey      伍尚希SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14464NG, Cham Chi      吳簪枝FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M12031NG, Cheuk      吳卓PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M01573NG, Cheuk Him Raymond      吳卓謙OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08009NG, Chi Cheung Henry      吳志翔CMOccupational MedicineContact Fellow
M09712NG, Chi Fai      吳志輝SUUrologyContact Fellow
M03593NG, Chi Fan      吳子汎PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08252NG, Chi Hang      PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14093NG, Chi Ho      吳志豪PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
D02321NG, Chi Hong      伍子康DSFamily DentistryContact Fellow
M15926NG, Chi Man      吳志文SUUrologyContact Fellow
M04978NG, Chi Ming Patrick      吳志明PH Contact Fellow
M03993NG, Chi Sing      伍志誠PAPathologyContact Fellow
M11554NG, Chi Wai      伍志偉PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M13662NG, Ching      吳晶SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M09966NG, Ching Luen      吳清聯FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M04729NG, Ching Wah Jennie      伍菁華OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05989NG, Ching Yan Annie      伍靜茵PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M01262NG, Chiu Lap      吳朝立FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M10736NG, Chiu Ming      伍超明PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
D03236NG, Chui Shan Teresa      吳翠珊DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M05559NG, Chun Bor      吳進坡FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M11553NG, Chun Ho Vember      黃俊豪EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M09078NG, Chun Kit Kenneth      吳晉傑SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M09264NG, Chun Kong      吳振江PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M13106NG, Chun Kwan Alan      伍鎮坤OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M11365NG, Chung Hoi      吳松海PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M13663NG, Chung Kei      吳宗基SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14974NG, Chung Kei      吳頌基SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08367NG, Chung Ki      吳松基PAForensic PathologyContact Fellow
M09304NG, Chung Por      吳忠波EM Contact Fellow
M07835NG, Fai Ngo Cherry      吳輝娥PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06288NG, Fook Hong      吳福康PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M06233NG, Fu      吳奎EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
D03259NG, Fu Shan Andrew      伍富山DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M11439NG, Fu Yuen      吳富源OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M16048NG, Fung Him      吳豐謙RARadiologyContact Fellow
M08754NG, Fung Shing      吳蓬盛PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13242NG, Hak Yung      吳克勇PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06515NG, Heung Ling      吳香玲PAPathologyContact Fellow
M02419NG, Hin Kwong      伍顯光PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M02176NG, Hing Wai      吳慶威PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M14848NG, Ho      吳昊PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M05148NG, Ho Keung      吳浩強PAPathologyContact Fellow
M12678NG, Ho Leung      吳浩良PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
M08900NG, Hon Wah      吳漢華EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M07879NG, Hung Kwong Tommy      吳洪光OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M06694NG, Hung Yu Ernest      吳鴻裕OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15769NG, Jessica Man Sin      吳文倩OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12448NG, Ka Chun      吳家駿SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11867NG, Ka Fai      吳嘉輝EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M07567NG, Ka Ho      吳嘉豪OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15607NG, Ka Kin      吳家健SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06539NG, Ka Kui Philip      吳家駒PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M11603NG, Ka Lai      吳嘉麗ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07825NG, Ka Man Carmen      吳嘉敏PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M15608NG, Ka Wai      吳家偉PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13664NG, Ka Yan Calvin      吳嘉恩PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M00608NG, Kai Him      伍啟謙OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08339NG, Kam Hung      吳錦鴻PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M16609NG, Karen      吳嘉詠OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15927NG, Kei Yan Andrew      吳基恩PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M16332NG, Kenneth Cheuk Kee      吳卓基OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11033NG, Kim Ching      伍劍菁RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11974NG, Kin Chung Alvin      吳健聰PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M06695NG, Kin Pong      吳建邦OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M05342NG, Kin Pong      吳健邦ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09932NG, Kin Wah Bobby      吳健華OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
D01424NG, Kin Wai Kevin      吳建葦DSCommunity DentistryContact Fellow
M07304NG, King Cheung      吳景祥PAPathologyContact Fellow
M16050NG, Kit Chung      吳傑聰PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M15928NG, Kit Yu Albert      吳杰豫SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10310NG, Kong Man      吳江漫PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15609NG, Kwan Shing      吳均誠PAPathologyContact Fellow
M15610NG, Kwan Shun      吳均信PAPathologyContact Fellow
M02746NG, Kwan Wai Alan      吳鋆煒PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11032NG, Kwok Chai Kelvin      吳國際SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
D02065NG, Kwok Chi Daniel      吳國治DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M07536NG, Kwok Fu Jacobus      吳國夫ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12679NG, Kwok Hang      伍國恆EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M11697NG, Kwok Hang Connie      吳幗杏RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M05806NG, Kwok Keung      吳國強PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M09125NG, Kwok Keung      吳國強FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M05793NG, Kwok Keung Daniel      吳國強PDPaediatric Respiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M05347NG, Kwok Kwong      吳國光OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M09323NG, Kwok Leung      吳國樑PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11868NG, Kwok Po      吳國保CMOccupational MedicineContact Fellow
M07993NG, Kwok Wai      吳國偉SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15116NG, Kwun Sin Vivian      吳坤蒨OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14314NG, Kwun Tung      吳冠東ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M10373NG, Lai Han Betty      吳麗嫺PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M14315NG, Lai Ming      吳黎明ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14465NG, Lai Yun      吳麗潤PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15929NG, Lap Ki      伍立祺OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15611NG, Lap Kwan      吳立筠ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M16209NG, Lee Ying      伍莉瑩PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13933NG, Lily      吳莉莉SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16333NG, Lok Hang Canice      伍諾行PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M03642NG, Lung Kwan      伍龍鈞SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M09757NG, Man Fai      伍文輝PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M05391NG, Man Ho      吳民豪EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M08785NG, Man Kin      吳文建PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M01977NG, Man Lun      吳敏倫PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M11281NG, Man Tat      吳文達SUUrologyContact Fellow
M06886NG, Man To      吳文韜PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09634NG, Man Wai Vivian      吳文慧ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14466NG, Man Yuk      吳文玉PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M15436NG, Mang Ting      吳孟婷PAPathologyContact Fellow
M03720NG, Mar Tai Matthew      吳馬太PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M13934NG, Mei Po      吳美寶FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M11256NG, Mei Yee      吳美儀FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13505NG, Ming Shing      吳明勝FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13935NG, Nga Lai Alice      吳雅麗ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M02365NG, Ngai Sing      吳鼐成PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M05328NG, Pak Cheung      伍百祥PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13751NG, Pak Him      吳栢謙FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M09201NG, Paulin      吳寶蓮EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M06605NG, Ping Ki Gary      吳炳基OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M10747NG, Ping Sum Sammy      吳秉琛CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M05058NG, Ping Wing      吳炳榮PAPathologyContact Fellow
M06131NG, Ping Wing      吳炳榮PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M16052NG, Po Ching      吳溥澄SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
D02262NG, Pong Yin Robert      吳邦彥DSEndodonticsContact Fellow
M14638NG, Pui Lok      吳蓓珞EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M09713NG, Pui Shan      吳珮珊OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M13107NG, Pui Yung      吳佩容PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M08355NG, Sai Kit Daniel      吳世傑EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M10070NG, Sau Yin      伍秀賢CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M08400NG, Seung Ming      伍尚明RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11502NG, Shek      伍碩OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13108NG, Sheung Ching Jeffrey      吳常青PHPalliative MedicineContact Fellow
D03702NG, Sheung Chun      吳嫦珍DSFamily DentistryContact Fellow
M01387NG, Sheung Yee      吳尚義FP Contact Fellow
M01387NG, Sheung Yee      吳尚義SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M02366NG, Shi Hon      伍仕漢PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M02418NG, Shing Wai      吳成偉SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13936NG, Shun Chin      吳順展PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M08303NG, Shung Kit      OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
ML01101NG, Siew Chien      黃秀娟PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M15770NG, Sin Ngai      吳善巍PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
D03238NG, Sin Tsoi      吳先侢DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M11189NG, Sin Yee      吳倩儀OP Contact Fellow
M14975NG, Siu Chun Danny      吳兆駿OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M04475NG, Siu Kai      伍兆佳SUUrologyContact Fellow
M07121NG, Siu Keung      吳兆強ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08195NG, Siu King Joan      OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M10265NG, Siu Kwan      吳少君OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M11298NG, Siu Man Simon      吳兆文SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13245NG, Siu Pan      吳少彬ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13245NG, Siu Pan      吳少彬EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M16053NG, Siu Yu Judy      吳筱瑜PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14095NG, So Shan      吳素珊PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15117NG, Sui Cheung      吳瑞璋PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M08340NG, Sui Fun Grace      PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12891NG, Sze Hang Calvin      吳士衡SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M11975NG, Sze Hong      伍時康EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M13506NG, Sze Wing Catherine      伍思穎FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
D03751NG, Sze Wing Sylvia      吳詩詠DS Contact Fellow
M02777NG, Tai Keung      伍大強OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M04016NG, Tak Keung      伍德強PAPathologyContact Fellow
M06293NG, Tak Leong      吳德亮PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M07010NG, Tat Yuen      伍達源OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M09758NG, Ting Ying      吳廷英RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M13937NG, Tit Kei      吳鐵基PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M10276NG, Tong Yow      吳東耀OGGynaecological OncologyContact Fellow
M11869NG, Tonny      吳東尼CM Contact Fellow
M11870NG, Tse Choi      伍子才ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09037NG, Tsz Ki      伍梓奇SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12853NG, Tsz Kin      吳子健FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14316NG, Tsz Lam Lindy      吳芷琳PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M16054NG, Tsz Ying Chantel      吳子霙PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M10402NG, Tze King Peter      吳子敬FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08304NG, Tze Pui      OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M06186NG, Wah Shan      伍華山EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04730NG, Wai Cheong      吳維昌PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M09486NG, Wai Chung Philip      伍偉聰OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M04398NG, Wai Fu      吳維富PAPathologyContact Fellow
M10110NG, Wai Hung      吳煒雄EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M16334NG, Wai Kit Raymond      吳偉滐OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08704NG, Wai Kuen      吳偉權PAPathologyContact Fellow
M10227NG, Wai Kuen      吳威權SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08341NG, Wai Man      吳偉民SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M08958NG, Wai Man Josephine      吳惠敏RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M09126NG, Wai Man Stephen      吳偉民PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M02513NG, Wai Tat      吳偉達SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M15118NG, Wai Ting      伍蕙婷SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08698NG, Wai Tong      RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M16615NG, Wai Tsan      吳偉贊ANIntensive CareContact Fellow
M15119NG, Wai Yin      吳煒燕PAPathologyContact Fellow
M13667NG, Wan Sze Vanessa      吳韻詩PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M13109NG, Wan Ying Alice      吳雲英RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M11976NG, Wing Chi      吳咏志SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12680NG, Wing Chiu Lawrence      吳永釗SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M03064NG, Wing Chung      伍詠聰PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04731NG, Wing Fung      吳榮豐PAPathologyContact Fellow
M08326NG, Wing Ho      OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M10829NG, Wing Hung      伍永鴻RARadiologyContact Fellow
M05079NG, Wing Keung      伍永強PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11382NG, Wing Kit      吳永杰SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M08471NG, Wing Kuen      吳永權SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M09393NG, Wing Kwong Vincent      吳永光ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11316NG, Wing Ling Winnie      吳穎凌PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M13507NG, Wing Shun      吳永舜SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M13508NG, Wing Yiu      吳榮耀PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M06948NG, Woon Leung      伍煥良PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M04732NG, Wun Siu      吳允紹SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M02177NG, Yau Yung      吳有容PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M09566NG, Yee Wah      伍綺華PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M12755NG, Yeung Shing      吳楊城FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M00468NG, Yik      吳PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14639NG, Yim Hung      吳艷紅SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M04979NG, Yin Kwok      吳賢國PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M02950NG, Yin Ming      吳彥明PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M16211NG, Yin Ting      吳燕婷PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M09781NG, Ying Wai      伍英偉PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M07075NG, Yiu Ki      吳耀基PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15120NG, Yiu Ping      吳耀萍PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M14317NG, Yiu Wing      吳耀榮OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M12614NG, Yuen Chong      吳婉莊ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14795NG, Yuen Ting      吳婉婷SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
D03239NG, Yuen Wai      吳婉慧DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M12473NG, Yuet Sun      吳乙新OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15931NG, Yuet Tao Dorothy      吳聿韜OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M01955NG, Yuk Hon      吳鋈漢OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M12032NG, Yuk Yung      吳玉容PHInfectious DiseaseContact Fellow
M04473NG LUI, Oi Lin Irene      吳呂愛蓮PAPathologyContact Fellow
M07628NG VENTURA, Lorna      吳蓮蓮FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M03176NGAI, Bernard      倪夢弼FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15612NGAI, Chi Fung      魏志峯PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M06568NGAI, Chi Man      魏智文OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M13668NGAI, Chun Li      倪珍莉PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M14796NGAI, Chun Wai      魏振威PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M14096NGAI, Ho Yin      魏浩然SUUrologyContact Fellow
M12368NGAI, Ho Yin Allen      倪浩然FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13509NGAI, Ka Ho      魏家豪FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
D02992NGAI, Kwai Shing      倪貴城DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M08439NGAI, Suk Wai      倪淑慧OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15437NGAI, Sze Ling Iris      倪司玲OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M06545NGAI, Ting Ah Stephen      倪定亞SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11977NGAI, Wai Kee      魏偉奇OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M04757NGAI, Wai Kit      倪偉傑OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09636NGAI, Wai Tat      魏偉達RANuclear MedicineContact Fellow
M13939NGAI, Wing Sang      蟻穎生OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M02356NGAI, Yin Leung Stephen      倪彥樑PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M12033NGAI, Yiu Hing William      魏垚鑫OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M02762NGAN, Chung Ming      顏松銘CMCommunity MedicineContact Fellow
M00654NGAN, Henry      RARadiologyContact Fellow
M05093NGAN, Hin Kay John      顏獻基SUUrologyContact Fellow
M08305NGAN, Hung Kwok      顏孔國EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M13350NGAN, Ka Lai Raymond      顏嘉禮FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M05442NGAN, Kai Cheong Roger      顏繼昌RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M15932NGAN, Mary Yu Yan      顏宇欣PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M03733NGAN, Yuen Sheung Hextan      顏婉嫦OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M10144NGAN KEE, Warwick Dean      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07076NGAR, Yuen Chung      魏遠聰OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15933NGO, Chang Chung      敖章鐘SUUrologyContact Fellow
M14467NGO, Kwok Yu      吳國宇SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M17206NGU, Siew Fei      吳庥慧OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08306NGUYEN, Gia Hung Desmond      阮家興PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15613NI, Michael Yuxuan      倪宇軒CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M07164NICHOLLS, John Malcolm      PAPathologyContact Fellow
M00844NICOLSON, Ian Hans      李嘉信SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M16055NIP, Siu Ying      聶小瑩PD Contact Fellow
M14976NIP, Wai      聶偉PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13510NJO, Kui Hung Anthony      梁居雄ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
D04016NOWAK-SOLINSKA, Eva Louise      盧綺華DS Contact Fellow
M16056NUNG, Chi Hang      農智行RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15438NYAW, Shi Feng      饒仕鋒RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M02798NYUNT, Kyaw      伍正銘SU Contact Fellow
Total Count: 274
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