Let’s join forces in fighting the 5th wave of epidemic

21 . 02 . 2022

Dear Fellows and Trainees,

We are proud to see that many of our Fellows and trainees have been demonstrating the highest level of professionalism in joining hands together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic over the past 2 years. As the current outbreak overwhelms our public healthcare system, your continued efforts have become even more important for the protection of our citizens and healthcare system.

The Academy and its constituent Colleges appeal to all of you to contribute and volunteer your support whenever the opportunity arises, namely:

  1. Make yourself available to help with vaccination, testing and other forms of medical support in outreach teams or at designated centres;
  2. Volunteer to be trainers for capacity building initiatives in COVID-19 swabbing or testing when needed;
  3. Promote uptake of the vaccine and booster among your patients, colleagues, families and friends. 

To trainees, the Academy Council has unanimously agreed that flexibility would be exercised to make necessary adjustments to the training, assessment and examination arrangement - if you are required to be rotated to perform duties to help combat COVID-19 epidemic, the period would be regarded as recognised training according to the prevailing policy as specified by individual Colleges.

Your well-being is our main concern too. Please talk to your peers whenever you need help. You may also visit the designated webpage set up by the Academy to gain some useful information and insights. (https://well-being.hkam.org.hk/

Thank you again for your efforts, resilience and perseverance in this difficult time. The Academy shall continue to support you in responding to this pandemic together. 

Please remain vigilant and stay strong. 

Yours sincerely,   

Professor Gilberto Ka-kit Leung
President, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine