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The Young Fellows Chapter (YFC) of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM) was established in 2017 with the goals to facilitate communications between the Academy and young Fellows, engage young Fellows in Academy activities, and facilitate collaborations among our colleges.

As the very first batch of YFC in the Academy, we have carried out thorough discussions in last autumn and assembled the Terms of References and the Principles and Guidelines of our YFC (published in the YFC membership section); aiming at building a solid foundation and guiding the future direction of our YFC in the years to come.

The YFC Officers were elected openly during the first meeting and we allowed ourselves a little honeymoon period; getting to know each other and tried remembering the names of everyone; and meeting with the Academy Officers and our administrative staffs.

Before long all of us were quickly taken into different committees and activities of our Academy: from the monthly Academy Council meeting to Consultation Forum on Nomination and Election of the Two Additional HKAM Members to the Medical Council of Hong Kong. On all these important occasions our views were sought after by our Academy and we all concede that it is a joyful and nurturing experience working with everyone in HKAM.

Apart from attending different Academy Committees and supporting Academy events like Yum Cha, the sixth YFC meeting was held in March 2018 in which all upcoming YFC events, e.g. Medical Indemnity forum (14 April), YFC session in the Medical Education Conference (5 May) and the Academy’s 25th Anniversary Congress (December 2018) were discussed and the logistics were set.

On 14 April 2018, YFC of the Academy organised the Medical Indemnity Forum at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, aiming to enhance understanding of both types of coverage available in medical indemnity insurance, i.e. occurrence-based and claim based policies. Representatives from insurance brokers were also invited to introduce different alternatives available in the market. Mr. Woody Chang, solicitor from Mayer Brown JSM, also shared views on some medico-legal issues and the impact of recent introduction of the Apology Ordinance on medical practice. President Prof. C.S. Lau hoped the audience found the forum informative and could enable Fellows to make the best choice for their medical indemnity insurance. Useful information of the forum would be summed up in the next issue of the Academy’s newsletter.

The exposure to the Academy has enlightened all of us and brought us closer to our Academy and we feel so privileged to be able to learn about and support our Academy. We understand clearly that our batch of YFC is only the beginning and your precious support is one of the crucial factors for the YFC future. Our first year of YFC has nearly come to the “outro” and new YFC members are coming soon this summer. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

Prof. Rosie Young (Fourth from the right, front row), Academy Officers and YFC members at the night of the Academy Council dinner with Distinguished Fellows
17 November 2017

Prof. Gilberto Leung (at the front on the right) and YFC members at the 24th Annual Fellowship Conferment Ceremony cum 2017 David Todd Oration
15 December 2017

Yum Cha at the Academy

Late night YFC meeting after HKAM Council dinner

Medical Indemnity Forum

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