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Support for TMR

The Academy always encourages and supports hospitals and institutions, private or public, to organise CME/CPD programmes for doctors in Hong Kong. As far as Temporary Medical Registration (TMR) is concerned, the Academy must follow certain principles and rules governed by the law.

The Academy will support an engagement by a private hospital of a person to exclusively perform clinical teaching or research. The request for support must come from the hospital signed by the medical superintendent or the chairman of the relevant specialist CME/CPD committee.

The Guidances Notes and Application Form for TMR for Clinical Teaching or Research in a Private Hospital are available here

Notes to private hospitals: 
  • It normally takes 2 to 3 months to process a TMR application, as it has to go through the College, Education Committee and Council of the Academy. 
  • Completed application forms submitted less than 2 months before the date of teaching will NOT be processed.
  • The Medical Council may need to take another month to approve your application; applicants may therefore need to allow more time buffer for this.

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