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iCMECPD (for HKAM Fellows)

International Network for Continuing Medical Education & Continuous Professional Development (iCMECPD)


This network is established by Hong Kong Academy of Medicine with a goal of organizing, assessing, and accrediting postgraduate medical specialist training and continuing medical education efficiently.  It aims:
  • to provide an efficient and potentially limitless information resource for the purpose of improving standards of health care.
  • to pool expertise in every field of medicine (including dentistry) to edit portal content and accredit CME/CPD activities.
  • to facilitate administration, accreditation and certification of CMECPD.
  • to provide around-the-clock CMECPD to doctors via the Internet.

This network will allow the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and participating colleges to pool their expertise and resources, and to work in concert towards efficient implementation of training/CMECPD programmes.

The website has been upgraded since August 2014.  Fellows' user account will be activated only if they have completed the first time login procedures. 

iCMECPD App Now Available at App Store and Google Play (Nov 2014)

iCMECPD App To further enhance the online services for CMECPD, the Academy has developed a mobile application for capturing attendance – iCMECPD App. The App is now available at Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play. Fellows may download the App by scanning the respective QR code below and install it in their smartphone with operating system in iOS (8.0 or above) or Android (4.3 or above).

Download iCMECPD App on App Store

               QR code (iOS)

Download iCMECPD App on Google Play

               QR code (Android)

We have started selecting some CMECPD activities held by the Academy/Colleges at the HKAM Jockey Club Building for pilot run. Fellows can either use the App to scan the QR code of the event or use their new Fellowship Card (with QR code) to capture attendance via the iPad/tablet device provided by organisers.

The lastest version (June 2020) of the App is 2.9.5 for iOS and 2.8.4 for Android.   

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