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Welcome to the Credentialling Corner

What is Credentialling?

“Credentialling” refers to the formal process used to verify the qualifications, professional training, clinical experience and other relevant professional attributes of healthcare professionals for the purpose of forming a view about their competence, performance and professional suitability to provide safe, high quality health care services within specific organizational environments. Credentialling is legislated and implemented in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Credentialling – Joint Efforts of the Academy and Colleges

The Academy, being a statutory body in Hong Kong to train and accredit medical and dental specialists, is committed to upkeep the standard of practice of medical and dental professionals to ensure patient safety for the community.

Indeed, the Academy has been participating in credentialling in medicine through the accreditation of specialist training in Hong Kong.

The Academy fully supports the evolvment of credentialling work, with the aim to ascertain professional competence and to ensure patient safety. It is currently further developing the credentialling system, which is a step towards enabling only those properly trained and possessing the relevant knowledge/experience to perform high-risk tasks and procedures in appropriate settings. Colleges are asked to identify existing and emerging high risk procedures for their specialties and develop common guidelines for credentialling.

Since 2014, the Academy and our specialty colleges have been involved in giving comments to the credentialled activities being promulgated by the Hospital Authority. With unanimous consent and full support from all our Colleges, Credentialling Committee have been / are being established by each of Colleges since 2016.

Colleges are also gradually identifying and developing credentialled procedures for different specialties respectively. We shall keep you posted of the status in this Corner.

List of Colleges with the establishment of Credentialling Committee

List and Status of Procedures for Credentialling

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