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D/MCHK NO.NameCollegeSpecialty (as in D/MCHK SR)Contact Fellow(s)
M07154ABDULLAH, Victor      石偉棠OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M07036AHCHONG, Ah Kian      熊健SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
ML00008AHUJA, T Anil      RA Contact Fellow
M10906AI, Hiu Fay Dawn      倪曉暉FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08837AI, Ho Gong Victor      RARadiologyContact Fellow
M01600ALI, Mahommed Bin      李函宓CMCommunity MedicineContact Fellow
M00485ALLISON LEE, Darling      RA Contact Fellow
M10159ANTONIO, Gregory Ernest      安邦RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15833AU, Cheuk Chung      區卓仲PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M17214AU, Cheuk Yiu Athena      區卓嬈OS Contact Fellow
M16530AU, Chi Hung      區智熊PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15506AU, Chi Kit      區志傑PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M09054AU, Chi Lap      區志立FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M12700AU, Chi Sum      區志森PH Contact Fellow
M15342AU, Chung Wan      區鐘云PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M16531AU, Coral Ho-see      區浩思PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14543AU, Hon Da Kenneth      區漢達PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
D02921AU, Hung On Adam      區雄安DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M13152AU, Ka Fai      區嘉輝PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M16126AU, Ka Hong      區家康OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M04179AU, Ka Kau      區家裘OS Contact Fellow
D03670AU, Ka Li      區嘉莉DS Contact Fellow
M13988AU, Ka Man      區嘉敏CM Contact Fellow
M12266AU, Ka Wing      歐家榮CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M15670AU, Ka Yan Alice      區嘉殷RARadiologyContact Fellow
M08886AU, Kai Man Eric      區啟文PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M03640AU, Kam Tung      區鑑東SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12781AU, Kin Heng Constantine      區建恒EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M08126AU, Kin Ming      歐健明OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M16127AU, Kin Pan      區健斌SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M05676AU, Kit Sing Derrick      區結成PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M00954AU, Kok Ki      區國基PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M07294AU, Kwok Heng Henry      歐國衡ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09097AU, Kwok Hung      區國雄RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M01104AU, Kwok Ping      歐國平SU Contact Fellow
M05850AU, Lap Keung      區立強PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M14691AU, Lik Hang      區力行PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15196AU, Shek Yin      區碩賢PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M03714AU, Si Yan Alfred      區仕仁PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M03441AU, Siu Foon      區兆寬OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M06135AU, Siu Kie      區兆基RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M14692AU, Siu Wah Sylvia      區紹華ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14693AU, Tai Kwan Eva      區大鈞FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M02181AU, Tak Cheung      區德璋PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M02780AU, Tak Jor George      PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M07403AU, Tak Shing      區德成PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M09063AU, Tak Shun Thomas      歐德信EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04105AU, Tat Yan      歐達仁ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M05891AU, Ting Wah      區鼎華OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M04696AU, Wah Cheong      區華昌FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07060AU, Wai Kwan Virginia      歐維君RA Contact Fellow
M11507AU, Wai Ming Angelina      區慧明PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M15027AU, Wing Chi Lisa      區頴芝PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M16956AU, Wing Han      歐穎嫻PH Contact Fellow
M09587AU, Wing Hang      歐永恒SUUrologyContact Fellow
M14872AU, Wing Kiu Catherine      區詠蕎EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M07284AU, Wing Kuk Timmy      區永谷SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M02825AU, Wing Wah      區永華OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M09213AU, Wing Yan      區永仁PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M14371AU, Wing Yee Winnie      區怡CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M05560AU, Yiu Kai      歐耀佳SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14546AU, Yuen Ling Elaine      區婉寧PAImmunologyContact Fellow
M14546AU, Yuen Ling Elaine      區婉寧PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M00671AU, Yum To Otto      歐鑫濤SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M02600AU YEUNG, Cheuk Lun Henry      歐陽卓倫PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M03741AU YEUNG, Chi Keung Tony      歐陽志強PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M08435AU YEUNG, Kai Ming Paul      RARadiologyContact Fellow
M07404AU YEUNG, Kam Chuen Sidney      歐陽錦全OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08617AU YEUNG, Kar Kit Peter      歐陽嘉傑ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
D02821AU YEUNG, Kim Hung Nelson      歐陽儉鴻DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M02349AU YEUNG, Kin Chor      歐陽健初OP Contact Fellow
M05741AU YEUNG, Kin Wah      歐陽健華ANIntensive CareContact Fellow
D03561AU YEUNG, King Sang      歐陽健生DSFamily DentistryContact Fellow
M16128AU YEUNG, Kwok Him Rex      歐陽覺謙PAPathologyContact Fellow
M12701AU YEUNG, Kwok Leung      歐陽國樑PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M10302AU YEUNG, Man      歐陽敏PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M02744AU YEUNG, Shiu Hing      歐陽肇興FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M01250AU YEUNG, Siu Man      歐陽兆民OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M06620AU YEUNG, Tung Wai      歐陽東偉PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M11890AU YEUNG, Wai Yan Viola      歐陽慧恩PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14545AU YEUNG, Yick Cheung      歐陽亦璋PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M03696AU YEUNG, Yick Chor      歐陽奕初ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14215AU YEUNG, Yick Toa Benjamin      歐陽翊濤PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M07300AU YONG, Ting Kun      歐陽定勤RANuclear MedicineContact Fellow
M01461AUN, Sui Tee Cindy      洪秀治AN Contact Fellow
M03404AUNG, Tin Htun      SU Contact Fellow
M14216AU-YEUNG, Kwan Leong      歐陽君亮EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14208AU-YEUNG, Wai San Andrea      歐陽為珊RARadiologyContact Fellow
D01520AW, Ming Chit Andrew      柯明哲DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
Total Count: 89
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