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July 2019

Dear Fellows and colleagues,

It has been half a year since our 25th anniversary celebration last December, yet we still keep in mind the anniversary slogan, “Medical Excellence for a Healthy Future” (“弘醫道.育專才.建未來”), which conveys the Academy’s commitment to uphold medical professionalism and to nurture young leaders for better healthcare. In the past few months, we have had lots of accomplishments in line with our mission.

In late February, we organised our first ever study tour for young Fellows. During the five-day tour to Sichuan, the group led by Vice-President (General Affairs) Dr CC Lau visited various government departments and health institutions and organisations to understand the healthcare development as well as learning about the history and infrastructural developments of Sichuan. I am glad to know that participants had a very fruitful and enjoyable trip. The activity also provided a good platform to connect young Fellows in different specialties. We intend to organise similar study tours in future, and we hope you will continue to support our initiatives for nurturing young healthcare leaders.

In March, we announced the establishment of the Professionalism and Ethics Committee, with Vice- President (Education and Examinations) Prof Gilberto Leung, and Dr James Chiu, a surgeon and experienced mediator with a deep interest in medicolegal matters, as the Co-chairs. You can read more about the Committee in the interview in this issue of academyfocus.

Another important event was our flagship Medical Education Conference held in May. With this year’s theme “Curriculum Reform”, we invited overseas and mainland experts as our plenary speakers and organised a symposium particularly for engaging young Fellows to share their perspectives. This year, we also invited our strategic partners from the Greater Bay Area to join the Conference and exchanged views on medical education.

In recent years, the Academy has extended its footprint to many mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area. In addition to our regular collaborations with different medical doctor associations and hospitals in Guangdong Province, last year we kicked off discussions with our Shenzhen counterparts on the establishment of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Specialist Training Centre, supported by the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission. The Centre, co-founded by the Academy and Shenzhen Medical Doctor Association, is located at The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital and expected to start operation from July this year. We believe that the Centre would help raise the standard of health services in Shenzhen, which would also benefit those Hong Kong people living in the Greater Bay Area with quality medical services and may allow Hong Kong trainees exposure of clinical cases in China.

The quality of health services relies on a sustainable supply of manpower. Our city is currently facing a serious shortage of healthcare manpower, so we welcome any measures which can help improve the situation. We are pleased that the Medical Council of Hong Kong has decided to exempt the internship requirement for non–locally trained specialists. This is a bold step forward and the Academy will support further initiatives that can address the shortage.

Lastly, every year the Academy organises the Prize for Best Original Research by Trainees to recognise excellence in research by trainees and it is now open for application. In addition to this, a new award, Prize for Best Original Research by Young Fellows, has recently been launched and is now open for submissions. Trainees and young Fellows who have conducted outstanding research should not miss the chance to have your work recognised!

Prof CS Lau

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