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March 2018

Dear Fellows and colleagues,

Happy Lunar New Year! First of all, may I wish all of you good health and prosperity in the Year of the Dog!

“A year’s plan starts with spring”, but the Academy has started planning for our 25th anniversary celebration since last year. The first thing you may notice is our anniversary logo, highlighting the theme “Medical Excellence for a Healthy Future” (Chinese: “弘醫道.育專才.建未來”). Indeed, that was the first celebration activity that we engaged our Fellows in, as the logo was the winning design by one of our Fellows in the anniversary logo design competition held last year. The anniversary theme precisely conveys the Academy’s mission. Beyond our core mission to uphold medical professionalism, we will also continue to enhance engagement with Fellows and nurture young leaders for the sustainable development of our profession. To help achieve that, an array of celebratory and educational activities will soon be held after our kick-off ceremony on 26 February. One of our upcoming major events is the annual Medical Education Conference. This year’s theme is “Cultivating Professionalism and Research in Medical Education”. More details of our various events will come. Please stay tuned!

As just said, the Academy strives to engage Fellows in all of our activities. We would like to know your thoughts on issues related to the Academy. The most recently topical matter in the profession was probably the Government’s revised proposal on the composition of the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) announced last October. The latest plan proposes that there will be an addition of two seats who are our Fellows and who are nominated and elected by Fellows, in accordance with the regulations or procedures of the Academy. We attach great importance to your views and thus organised an open consultation forum on 30 November 2017 to collect opinions on the nomination and election mechanism of these two additional Academy seats in the MCHK. We also conducted a survey among all Fellows on this issue during December to January. The results revealed a majority of respondents agreed that no prerequisite requirements or conditions would be needed for the two seats from the Academy and that the two candidates should be nominated and elected by all Fellows. The Academy Council discussed the results and resolved to accept the views reflected by most of the respondents in the survey. Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you who participated in the consultation processes and helped us reach a consensus. We will continue to keep you informed of the progress and communicate with you on this issue in a timely manner.

Last but not least, I would like to say a few words about our Conferment Ceremony held last December. It was a very important event as that evening meant something more than a usual ceremony for admitting new Fellows, but a conclusion of our achievements in the year, particularly with that being my first year as the President. In my speech (reproduced on page 3), I talked about our commitment and also plans for the years to come. Specialist training is certainly our main focus and we aim to launch an e-portfolio system to facilitate training and assessment. During last year, we visited College Councils to understand their needs while we work out a plan to encourage inter-College recognition of specialist training. In addition, we will continue to collaborate with our counterparts in China and overseas to foster exchange of knowledge and best practices. Finally, your opinions, and participation in Academy events, are important to us. We will continue to improve our communication channels with all of you.

The December Conferment Ceremony was also a very special occasion for us because we missed our Founding President Prof Sir David Todd. Prof Todd had always attended the ceremony to encourage new Fellows and celebrate their successes. Apart from a tribute session to him, we also produced a memorial book that was distributed to participants that evening. As many of you may have been students of Prof Todd, I would like to remind you that we should follow his guidance — we must unite, be professional, and stand firm on our commitment to deliver the best of all that is in us to the community.

Professor CS Lau
March 2018

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