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Hong Kong College of Radiologists

Correspondence Address

Honorary Secretary
Room 909, 9/F, HKAM Jockey Club Building
99 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Tel: +(852) 2871 8788
Fax: +(852) 2554 0739

Email: enquiries@hkcr.org
Website: http://www.hkcr.org



The Hong Kong College of Radiologists was incorporated in September 1991. Its objects are:

(1) to encourage the study and advancement of  the science and practice of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology in Hong Kong

(2) to develop and maintain the good practice  of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology by ensuring the highest professional  standards of competence and ethical integrity.

The word ‘radiologist’ means a medically qualified person professionally engaged in the use of radiations (both ionizing and non-ionizing) or associated techniques in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of disease. The word ‘radiology’ is to be construed accordingly.

There are four categories of membership of the College, namely, Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Members, Associate Members and Trainee Members.

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