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The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists

Correspondence Address

College Secretariat
Room 906, HKAM Jockey Club Building
99 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Tel: +(852) 2871 8777
Fax: +(852)
2870 1391

E-mail: hkcpsych@hkam.org.hk



The forerunner of The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists was the Hong Kong Psychiatric Association. The College was founded in September 1990 with the following objectives:

(1) To promote the study and advancement of the science and practice of psychiatry and ancillary sciences and branches of medicine

(2) To contribute to the improvement of mental  health care for Hong Kong citizens through the provision of specially trained  psychiatrists

(3) To ensure the highest professional standard  of competence and ethical integrity in Psychiatry


The members of the College consist of Fellows (including Honorary and Foundation Fellows), Members, Inceptors and Affiliates.

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