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Hong Kong College of Otorhinolaryngologists

Correspondence Address

College Secretariat
Room 806, 8/F, HKAM Jockey Club Building
99 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Tel: +(852) 2871 8733
Fax: +(852) 2904 5035

Website: http://www.hkcorl.org.hk/main.php

Email: info@hkcorl.org.hk


The Hong Kong College of Otorhinolaryngologists was incorporated in February 1995 and admitted by the Academy in October 1995 and held its Inaugural Ceremony in November 1996. It main objectives are:

(1) to promote, for the public benefit, the  advancement of knowledge in the field of otorhinolaryngolgy and its associated  subjects (hereinafter called ‘Otorhinolaryngology’)

(2) to act as an authoritative body for the  purpose of consultation in matters of educational or public interest  concerning Otorhinolaryngology

(3) to promote training and research in  Otorhinolaryngology

(4) to co-ordinate and represent the view of  practitioners in Hong Kong in the field of Otorhinolaryngology and to bring  together periodically such practitioners for scientific discussion and  practical demonstration of the subjects of Otorhinolaryngology

Membership of the College consists of Fellows (including Honorary Fellows) and Ordinary Members.

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