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D/MCHK NO.NameCollegeSpecialty (as in D/MCHK SR)Contact Fellow(s)
M09811MA, Buig Yue Brigette      馬碧如PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M05350MA, Chan Chung      馬燦忠SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M09090MA, Che Kwan Louis      馬子軍PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04014MA, Cheuk Hong Kenneth      馬焯康PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M03381MA, Chi Min Effinie      馬智勉SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14458MA, Chi Ming      馬智明PHPalliative MedicineContact Fellow
M05453MA, Chi Nam Leo      馬志南OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M02644MA, Ching Hing Stanley      馬正興FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M10352MA, Ching Wan Ronald      馬青雲PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M07799MA, Ching Yee      馬靜怡OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M07382MA, Choi Ha      PA Contact Fellow
M12750MA, Chun Man      馬俊文OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14459MA, Chung Yee Arisina      馬仲儀PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M02599MA, Gordon      馬芳蔭SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M08784MA, Hing Man      馬慶文EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M03965MA, Hok Cheung      馬學章CM Contact Fellow
M03965MA, Hok Cheung      馬學章PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M07474MA, Hon Ming      馬漢明PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15108MA, Hon Ming      馬漢明PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M11216MA, Hon Sum      馬漢森PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M08384MA, Ka Fai Johnny      馬嘉輝RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15281MA, Ka Wing      馬家榮SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16870MA, Ka Yan      馬家恩PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M12675MA, Kai Yiu      馬繼耀PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M11280MA, Kam Hung      馬錦雄PDPaediatric NeurologyContact Fellow
M14634MA, Kam Man      馬錦文PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M00945MA, Kin Gay Michael      馬健基SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11551MA, Kin Kou      馬健球EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M00813MA, Kin Loong Francis      馬健隆OS Contact Fellow
M15109MA, King Hay Arthur      馬景熹OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15761MA, King Wing      馬景榮PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M14090MA, Kit Kwan      馬潔群PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M07765MA, Kwok Chiu      馬國超PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M05055MA, Kwok Fai Tony      馬國輝PAPathologyContact Fellow
M14967MA, Kwok Kuen      馬國權SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M05790MA, Kwok Man      馬國文RANuclear MedicineContact Fellow
M04015MA, Kwong Hon Raymond      馬光漢OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M14309MA, Lap Tak Alison      馬立德PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M07352MA, Ming Wai      馬明威PAPathologyContact Fellow
M14791MA, Ping Yuen      馬秉源PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M02483MA, Po Ling      馬寶寧CM Contact Fellow
M00216MA, Pui Han      馬佩嫻OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M11970MA, Pui Shan      馬珮珊PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
D01936MA, Sheung Sze Nelson      馬上士DS Contact Fellow
M11971MA, Shing Yan      馬承恩PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M06983MA, Shiu Kwan Edmond      馬紹鈞PAHaematologyContact Fellow
M12240MA, Shu Kai      馬書楷EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14968MA, Shuk Ting Christine      馬淑婷EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M11479MA, Siu Keung      馬紹強CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M16491MA, Siu Pang      馬少鵬PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M16328MA, Sze Ho      馬師浩PH Contact Fellow
M03483MA, Sze Joseph      馬思OG Contact Fellow
M04322MA, Tao Che John      馬道之PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M00523MA, Tin Ging Hector      馬天競RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14091MA, Tin Wei Ada      馬天慧PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M16108MA, Vinci      馬懷思PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13239MA, Wai Han      馬慧嫻RANuclear MedicineContact Fellow
M14460MA, Wai Kit      馬偉傑SUUrologyContact Fellow
M13928MA, Wai Sze Paulin      馬蕙思OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M10401MA, Wei Ling Teresa      馬慧玲OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M02273MA, Yat Tai Edward      馬一大RARadiologyContact Fellow
M13101MA, Yee Man      馬綺雯PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13659MA, Yin Ying      馬燕盈PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M12425MA, Yiu Keung      馬耀強PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M13660MA, Yuen Leung Elina      馬苑亮ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M00236MA CHUNG, Ho Kei      馬鍾可璣OG Contact Fellow
NILMA TUNG, Lily      馬童麗麗PA Contact Fellow
M07445MAH, Soo Fan Ida      馬素芬SUUrologyContact Fellow
M16201MAHBOOBANI, Neeraj Ramesh      馬承志RARadiologyContact Fellow
M08560MAINLAND, Phoebe Anne      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13240MAK, Chak Fong      麥澤芳SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16329MAK, Chi Chuen Clarence      麥智全SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M00850MAK, Chi Hang      麥志恆PH Contact Fellow
M15432MAK, Chi Keung      麥志強OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M16202MAK, Chi Yeung Henry      麥子揚ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12751MAK, Chin Ho      麥展豪PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M06486MAK, Chin Sing      麥展聲FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M16203MAK, Chong Yin      麥仲寅OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15762MAK, Chu Kay      麥柱基OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M03321MAK, Chun Kee      麥振基PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M16492MAK, Chung Kiu Joanna      麥頌嶠SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13753MAK, Chung Wai      麥中慧PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13241MAK, Dun Ping      麥敦平PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M02759MAK, Hai Ling Rose      麥希齡PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08945MAK, Ho Kwong Peter      麥濠光AN Contact Fellow
M09198MAK, Ho Leung Jimmy      麥浩樑OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M01771MAK, Hoi Hung Michael      麥海雄PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15603MAK, Hoi Kwan Calvin      麥凱鈞SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M02781MAK, Hon Kwong Robert      PD Contact Fellow
M08033MAK, Ka Fung Henry      麥嘉豐RARadiologyContact Fellow
M09780MAK, Ka Lok      麥嘉樂OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M16604MAK, Ka Pui      麥嘉珮PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M14310MAK, Kai Lok      麥棨諾PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M08774MAK, Kam Har      麥錦霞PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M03065MAK, Kan Hing      麥勤興OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M02581MAK, Ki Yan Daniel      麥基恩PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M12802MAK, Kin Cheung      麥建章OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M05256MAK, Kin On      麥健安RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15110MAK, Kin Yan      麥健欣PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M03719MAK, Kit Che      麥潔慈OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M04719MAK, Kong Ling      麥江寧PAPathologyContact Fellow
M15764MAK, Kwok Chu Joseph      麥國柱OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M05407MAK, Kwok Hang      麥國恒CM Contact Fellow
D02351MAK, Kwok Kwong Gilbert      DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M15604MAK, Kwok Shing      麥國成PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M12426MAK, Kwong Lin      麥廣年SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M01913MAK, Lai Wo      麥禮和PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M15111MAK, Lai Yee      麥麗儀PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M16755MAK, Lung Yi      麥龍兒PH Contact Fellow
M05792MAK, Man Lai      麥文麗PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M06252MAK, Mang Tsun Manson      麥孟津PD Contact Fellow
M12803MAK, Miu      麥苗PAChemical PathologyContact Fellow
M14635MAK, Nin Tai Sammy      麥年泰OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15433MAK, Oi Sze      麥皚思SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15282MAK, On Li Ann      麥安莉ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M10231MAK, Pui Yee Pauline      麥佩儀PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M01671MAK, Sheung      麥湘OP Contact Fellow
M15112MAK, Shiu Ting      麥兆婷OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M14636MAK, Shui Lam      麥瑞琳OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M16045MAK, Shun Chi Mercedes      麥舜芝PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M02841MAK, Sin Ping      麥倩屏CMCommunity MedicineContact Fellow
M06658MAK, Siu Ka      麥肇嘉PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M07848MAK, Siu Keung      PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M12367MAK, Siu King      麥肇敬SUUrologyContact Fellow
M11480MAK, Siu Kuen      麥兆娟CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M13661MAK, Siu Ming      麥兆銘PAPathologyContact Fellow
M15765MAK, Sze Man      麥思敏OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05833MAK, Sze Yuen Anthony      麥思源SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M13102MAK, Wai Han Maria      麥慧嫻PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M13500MAK, Wai Kit      麥偉傑SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M12465MAK, Wai Lai      麥懷禮CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M12677MAK, Wai Man Vivien      麥慧敏PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M02511MAK, Wai Ping      麥衛炳PAPathologyContact Fellow
M02840MAK, Wai Poh      麥偉波PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M10131MAK, Wai Yau Daniel      麥偉猷PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14792MAK, Wai Yin      麥偉研OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15283MAK, Wai Yin      麥慧姸ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M05896MAK, Wang Cheong A.      麥宏昌PD Contact Fellow
M07818MAK, Windsor      麥煒和PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M12324MAK, Wing Chit      麥永接PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07126MAK, Wing Lai Tony      麥永禮PAPathologyContact Fellow
M15435MAK, Wing San      麥穎珊PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M14311MAK, Wing Sze      麥詠詩RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15923MAK, Wing Yan      麥詠欣PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M11255MAK, Yan Kit      麥仁傑OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14092MAK, Yan Wah Josephine      麥忻華SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M05206MAK, Yat Lun Max      麥日倫SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16204MAK, Yin Fung Ingrid      麥彥豐PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M08301MAK, Ying Fai      麥英輝PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M11913MAK, Ying Leung Elvis      麥應良EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
D03128MAK, Yiu Fai      麥耀輝DSEndodonticsContact Fellow
M07826MAK, Yiu Kei Antony      麥耀基EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M07303MAK, Yiu Kwong      麥耀光PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M05078MAK, Yiu Kwong Gary      麥耀光PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M08563MAK, Yuen Fun      PAPathologyContact Fellow
D02034MAK, Yun Lok Raymond      麥潤樂DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M13103MAN, Bik Ling      文碧玲PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M16205MAN, Chi Mei Vivian      文芷薇SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13929MAN, Chi Ning      文智寧ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M04728MAN, Chi Wai      文志衛SUUrologyContact Fellow
M06596MAN, Chi Yin      文志賢EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M16206MAN, Chun Hin Tommy      文俊軒SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15284MAN, Elim      文爾琳PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15605MAN, Fung Yi      文鳳兒FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14637MAN, Hiu Kwan Jannifer      文曉君ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15924MAN, Ho Yin      文浩然OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13104MAN, Ka Ki      文嘉祺EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M10177MAN, King Hung      萬景雄EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M11029MAN, King Yuen      文敬遠ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12062MAN, Kwan Yin      文群賢ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M16756MAN, Lok Pong      文樂邦OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14461MAN, Man Wai      萬民偉RARadiologyContact Fellow
M16330MAN, Po Ning Adeline      文普寧ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M10264MAN, Shin Yan      萬善仁EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14969MAN, Shiu Piu      文兆彪PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M09302MAN, Shui Wah      文瑞華OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09222MAN, Siu Yee      文小怡PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M15766MAN, Sze Shun      文思淳PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14214MAN, Wai Ki Rachel      文瑋琦ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M02574MAN, Wing Ki David      文詠基SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M15113MAN, Yu Hon      文宇漢PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M02878MAO, Kenneth      毛匡珽OGReproductive MedicineContact Fellow
M18297MARCET, Marcus Mitchell      OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M13930MARK, Hor Kee Bonita      麥可琪SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13105MARK, Sze Man Maxime      麥思敏EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15606MATSUZONO, Tomoko      松園知子OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08838MAW, Kit Chee Christina      繆潔芝CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M07766MENG, Chia Shing William      蒙家興SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M05736MENON, Manavelil R Bhaskar      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07657MIAO, Yin King      苗延瓊PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07035MIDDLETON, Robert      梅道登PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M01734MILES, Peter Hunt      PH Contact Fellow
M08302MIU, Ka Ying Doris      PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M11972MIU, Kin Man Raymond      繆建文PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11914MIU, Pui Ling Flora      繆佩玲PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M06961MIU, Ting Yat      繆定逸PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08338MIU, Yin Shun Andrew      苗延舜OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M06567MO, Ka Keung Loar      巫家強PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M07547MO, Ka Leung Stephen      毛家亮PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M01066MO, Kam Chuen      巫錦銓FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M12030MO, Kit Wah      毛傑華PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12879MO, Kwok Kee      巫國基EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M10000MO, Siu Chee Liza      巫少慈OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M16109MO, Wan Leong      巫文亮SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M12427MO, Yi Man Flora      巫綺文PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13931MOHAMED, Shaheeda      杜曉華OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M08272MOK, Chi Chiu      莫志超PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M10178MOK, Chi Fung Geoffrey      莫子楓PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15925MOK, Chui Yuk      莫翠玉OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M06160MOK, Chun Keung Francis      莫俊強PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M06232MOK, Chun On      莫鎮安SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M09345MOK, Chung Tong Vincent      莫仲棠PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M06269MOK, Chung Wai      莫仲威OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
D03444MOK, Chung Wai      莫重偉DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M14312MOK, Fung Shan      莫鳳山EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
D02035MOK, Ho Yuen      莫浩源DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M16331MOK, Jason Churk Yan      莫卓恩OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11031MOK, Ka Leung      莫家良EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04381MOK, Ka Ming Charles      莫嘉明OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14462MOK, Ka Wai Alice      莫家慧PHPalliative MedicineContact Fellow
M16607MOK, Ka Yee      莫家怡FP Contact Fellow
M00866MOK, Kam Hung Tony      莫錦洪OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M06249MOK, Kin Ying Boniface      莫健英PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M07992MOK, Kwok Wing Simon      莫國榮PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15285MOK, Ming Yee      莫明兒PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M09303MOK, Mo Yin      莫慕賢PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M06918MOK, Ngai Shing      莫毅成PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M04396MOK, Pik Tim Francis      莫碧添SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15286MOK, Sau Lan      莫秀蘭OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M11375MOK, Shan Shan      莫珊珊PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
ML00250MOK, Shu Kam Tony      莫樹錦PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M02566MOK, Shuk Dai      莫叔棣SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14970MOK, Siu Ting      莫小婷RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M09711MOK, Siu Wai Johnny      莫兆偉OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M09200MOK, Tina      莫天娜CM Contact Fellow
M07487MOK, Tse Chi Archie      莫子慈PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13501MOK, Vivian Way Kay      莫蔚淇SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M04870MOK, Wah Hong Daniel      OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M10361MOK, Wing Yee Winnie      莫穎儀PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M09864MOK, Wing Yuk      莫永旭OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12554MOK, Yee May      莫漪薇OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M16207MOK, Yin Kwan      莫燕君OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14971MOK, Yin To      莫賢滔EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04397MOK, Ying Hung      莫應雄ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15768MOK, Yue Hong Louis      莫如康ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13502MOK, Yuen Fan Jennifer      莫苑芬FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M05516MOK, Yun Wing Thomas      莫恩榮PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M01989MONG, Hoi Keung      蒙海強PAForensic PathologyContact Fellow
M14463MOU, Wai Cheung      繆蔚章SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M05777MOY, Man Cho      梅文藻EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M05777MOY, Man Cho      梅文藻SU Contact Fellow
M06297MUCHHAL, Kamal Kishore      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14313MUI, Chun Yue      梅震宇PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M02194MUI, Chung Wo      梅中和PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
NILMUI, Chung Yuan      梅中元PD Contact Fellow
M11481MUI, Lik Man Wilfred      梅力文SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06029MUI, Sing Yun      梅承恩AN Contact Fellow
M08753MUI, Tsz Kuen      梅子權EM Contact Fellow
M14972MUI, Wing Ho      梅永豪RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
NILMULLINS, Lewis      OG Contact Fellow
M09124MYINT, Ma Wai Wai Jennifer      邱慧慧PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
Total Count: 261
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