Message from the President, Prof. Raymond Liang, September 2012


Dear Fellows,

The Academy is celebrating its 20th Anniversary next year. A period of twenty years is not a very long time. Compared with our sister Academies and Colleges around the world, we are still very young and have a lot to learn. In the past two decades, we have succeeded in building a credible system for medical specialist training as well as a robust CME/CPD scheme. The former aims to provide the best training to our future specialists, and the latter ensures continuous updating of knowledge and skills by our Fellows. The Academy has the duty to ensure that we have a continuously improving system to serve our purpose in the years to come. We must always be prepared to face future challenges.

Medical science and technology have been making great advances in the past decades and are continuing to progress rapidly. While we are keen to translate these new medical advances into routine clinical services to benefit our patients, it is extremely important that this is done safely and effectively, with the best interest of those we serve in our hearts. The Academy needs to work closely with public and private hospitals, to ensure that Fellows who are responsible for these new clinical services have the necessary skills and experience in operating them. This requires good training and proper credentialing, and is going to be a long-term continuous task. In this respect, the Academy has an important role to play. Accordingly, we should assist our Fellows to gain access to the required training so that they can acquire the necessary skills. This is going to be a great challenge for all of us.


Professor Raymond Liang