Message from the President, Prof. Raymond Liang, October 2011


Dear Fellows,

While we are moving towards the end of 2011, we are seeing quite a number of elections in the pipeline. We shall be electing a new Vice-President (Education & Exams) for our Academy in our next Annual Meeting. Dr CT Hung has served in the Academy Council for 16 years and he is retiring from the Council according to our Constitution and By-laws. I would like to thank him sincerely for his great contribution to the Academy. At the same time, we shall also be electing five elected members to the Academy Council, and I am glad to see that many capable candidates have been nominated. With your help and support, I am confident that we shall continue to have a very able new Council to serve our Academy in the coming years.

The Medical Council of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine are the only two statutory bodies of our medical profession. There will also be an upcoming Medical Council election, for which I am very pleased to know that our Academy and College fellows are willing to contribute their time. Please make sure that you cast your very important votes. Electing the best people to serve will enable our Medical Council to operate in the best interest of our profession and the community.

Furthermore, there will be two important elections next year in Hong Kong. We will be electing our next Chief Executive and a new Legislative Council. It is important for us to support these elections, and regard participation in the process as our duty and responsibility.


Professor Raymond Liang