Academy News


December 2004


Establishment of a CME/CPD Office

At the November Council meeting, the Academy Council discussed and decided to establish a CME/CPD Office for the following reasons: 

1.   One of the objectives of the Academy is to foster the development of postgraduate medical education and continuing medical education [HKAM Ordinance section 4(b)(i)]. Moreover, all Fellows are required to comply with the CME requirements of the Academy.  The Academy therefore has a duty to facilitate its Fellows’ CME/CPD so that they can fulfil the requirements set by the Academy.   

2.   The Academy is tasked by the MRO to vet/maintain the Specialist Register, and in time to come, mandatory CME for renewal of practising certificate, there is a need to expand the Academy’s current role in CME/CPD, hence the need for an office. 

3.   A supporting team would be necessary to achieve the above aims.  Many overseas colleges have a CME/CPD office with full-time staff dedicated to the development of CME/CPD activities for their members. 

The functions of this CME/CPD Office are: 

a)       To assist the Academy via the Education Committee to develop CME/CPD policies and plans;

b)       To source and produce suitable CME/CPD materials for Academy Fellows;

c)       To assist the Academy to comply with the request of the Medical Council/Dental Council in the provision of CME/CPD and related matters;

d)       To develop the MLMS* to realize its full potential, with local, national and international connections;

e)       To monitor/research CME/CPD activities;

f)         To assist in accreditation of CME/CPD materials and activities.

* Membership & Learning Management System (a web-based online CMECPD system developed by the Academy) 

The Academy is now looking for a new Director of CME/CPD.  Interested Fellows can click the recruitment advertisement below for details. 




11th Annual General Meeting

The 11th AGM of the Academy will be held on 17 December 2004 (Friday) at 5:30 pm at the Lim Por Yen Lecture Theatre.  The David Todd Oration, Fellowship conferment ceremony, Annual Dinner and presentations of the Best Original Research by Trainees competition will be held on the same day.   Prof. Rosie Young will be this year’s orator for the David Todd Oration, she will speak on “A reflection on SARS – one year on”.  Please click below for details of CME accreditation for the David Todd Oration and booking form for the Annual Dinner.


2004 David Todd Oration and Annual Dinner



Academy Policy on Reduced Subscription Rates

Fellows are requested to note that reduced rates (retired, overseas) will be effective from the next subscription year after submission of an application.  Eligible Fellows should therefore submit their applications before 31 December 2004 if they wish to enjoy the reduced rates in year 2005.   Details of the policy can be found in the Fellows Area of the Academy website.



Quotable Appointments

The Academy would like to draw Fellows’ attention to the following (extracted from Medical Council’s newsletter (issue No. 4). 

Doctors please note that only those appointments falling within the following criteria are quotable in the course of the professional practice: 

·         It should be a bona-fide, current, full-time and paid appointment offered by an approved public medical institution or private hospital in Hong Kong; and 

·         Honorary appointment will not be quotable.



X'mas Ginger Bread Baking Class

A Christmas ginger bread baking class will be organized at the Academy Lounge.  The class is for kids aged 6 to 12.  According to previous experience, interest classes for kids are usually fully booked very soon.  Please register your place as quick as possible.  Please click below for details.

X’mas Ginger Bread Class



Merry Christmas

The Academy Secretariat will be closed at 1:pm on: 

21st December 2004 (winter solstice);

24th December 2004 (Christmas eve);

31st December 2004 (New Year eve). 

The Academy wishes all Fellows a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.