Academy News


October 2003


Election of Council Members

At the close of nominations on 10 September 2003, the following nominations were received.  Fellows will receive the ballot papers in early October and should return the same to the Secretariat by 17 November 2003, 5:00 pm.  Fellow may vote for ANY BUT NOT MORE THAN FIVE candidates.    

CHAN Chok Wan   Paediatricians LEONG Che Hung LEUNG Nai Kong
CHAN Tai Kwong  Physicians LEONG Che Hung YU Yue Hong, Richard
FOO Kam So  Family Physicians LEONG Che Hung LI Kwok Tung, Donald
HUNG Chi Tim  Anaesthesiologists LEONG Che Hung CHU Kin Wah
LAW Chi Lim   Obstetricians and Gynaecologists LEE Kin Hung WOO Sai Kit, Joseph
YIP Wai Chun  Surgeons LEONG Che Hung CHU Kin Wah


10th Anniversary Congress – New Challenges in Healthcare

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Academy.  To celebrate this occasion, a 10th anniversary congress entitled “New Challenges in Healthcare” will be held from 28 to 30 of November.  Plenary speakers include Prof. Carol Black, President, Royal College of Physicians, Prof. Sir David Todd, Founding President of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Prof. Zhu Chen, Director of Chinese National Human Genome Centre at Shanghai, Prof. Nick Wright, London Research Institute, Prof. Arthur Li, Secretary for Education and Manpower, HKSAR, Prof. Richard Scheffler, Director of Petris Centre for Research Health Policy, USA.  Symposia topics cover Breast and Colonic Cancer: New Challenges in Asia; Life-style Diseases; Medico Legal; Emerging Strategies in Cancer Screening; Transitional Care: Adolescence to Adulthood; Emerging ENT Problems, Sudden Cardiac Death and Arrhythmia; Financing Health Care: A Global Challenge; Poisoning – New Perspectives; Traditional Chinese Medicine, Molecular Biology in Modern Medicine; Mental Health in the 21st Century; Vascular Diseases; New Challenges in Dental and Oral Health; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Looking into the Future; Osteoporosis and Fractures; Emerging Infectious Diseases; and Psycho-social Health.  Both Academies of Medicine in Malaysia and Singapore will also take part in this congress.   Please check out more details from the Academy website:



HKAM Golf Tournament 2003

The HKAM Golf Tournament 2003 has been scheduled for 26 November 2003 (Wednesday).  The tournament will be held at the Eden Course of the Hong Kong Golf Club.  Please click the link below for event and registration details.



Tai Chi and Putonghua Classes at the Academy Lounge

New Tai-chi and Putonghua classes will be organised at the Academy Lounge.  Interested Fellows please click below for class schedules and enrollment details.  Registration will be on first-come-first-serve basis.



Academy Policy on Reduced Rate Subscriptions

The Academy last revised its policy on reduced rate subscriptions in 2000.  Detailed policy can be found in the Fellows Area in the HKAM website.  Fellows are requested to note that reduced rates will be effective from the next subscription year after submission of application.  Fellows should therefore submit their applications before 31 December 2003 if they are eligible for and wish to enjoy the reduced rates in year 2004.