Academy News


March 2005


New Officers

Prof. Raymond Liang, Vice-President (General Affairs)

Prof Liang graduated from the University of Hong Kong where he is now the SH Ho Chair Professor of Haematology and Oncology. He is also the Deputy Head of the Department of Medicine, and an Associate Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. With the Hong Kong College of Physicians, he is a Council Member and the Chair of the Examination Committee.





Dr. C.T. Hung, Vice-President (Education & Examinations)  

Dr Hung became an Ex-officio Council Member of this Academy in 1995 when he was President of the College of Anaesthesiologists . He was the Chair of the Membership Committee, and the Academy representative on the Education and Accreditation Committee of Medical Council. He also served the Council as an elected member. Currently, Dr Hung works as Hospital Chief Executive of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital .




Dr. Stephen Foo, Honorary Treasurer  

A medical graduate of the University of Hong Kong , Dr Foo has been in private general practice for 35 years. He was involved in the establishment in 1977 of the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP), with which he remains an active Council Member. He has been a Council Member of this Academy for 8 years, 6 years of which as an Ex-officio Member (President of HKCFP), and 2 years as an Elected Member.





Dr. Richard Kay, Editor  

Dr Kay graduated from the University of Cambridge where he founded a student broadsheet which lasted for over 10 years. A former professor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong , he has served the Editorial Board of the Hong Kong Medical Journal since 1998. Currently, Dr Kay works as a neurologist in private practice.







Establishment of a Past Presidents Advisory Group (PPAG)

The Academy has been established for over a decade now, and the Academy Council believes it is time to form a Past Presidents Advisory Group (PPAG) comprising past presidents of the Academy and Colleges who are familiar with affairs of the Academy, understand the rationale behind certain policies decided in the past, and are able to offer advice to the Academy and Colleges on important issues or major policies.  Council has appointed Dr. C.H. Leong and Prof. Richard Yu as interim convenors of the PPAG.  Past presidents of the Academy and Colleges will be invited to join the PPAG.



Seminar on Legal Aspects of Consent to Treatment

A legal seminar entitled: “Consent to medical treatment for adults, children and MIP and risk disclosure: an update on the law” will be held at the Academy on 28th April 2005 (Thursday).   The speaker is Dr Athena Liu, who is an Associate Professor of the Law Department of University of Hong Kong .  Dr. Liu specializes in Family Law and Medico-legal Issues.    Please click below for registration , CME accreditation and seminar details.

April legal seminar




Easter Egg Making Class

An Easter egg making class will be organized on 25 March 2005 (Friday) at the Academy Lounge.  The class is for kids aged 6 to 12.  According to previous experience, interest classes for kids are usually fully booked very soon.  Please register your place as quick as possible.  Please click below for details. 


Preparing and Painting Easter Egg




Antique Chinese Calligraphy Couplet

Dr. William YIP Po Tin, a Fellow of the Academy, has presented a 100-year old Chinese calligraphy couplet to the Academy.  The couplet is now displayed prominantly at the Academy library on 3/F.



2004 David Todd Oration

Prof. Rosie Young delivered the oration entitled “A reflection on SARS – one year on” on 17 December 2004.  Fellows who have not attended can click below to listen to the Oration.

A reflection on SARS – one year on




2005 Annual Subscriptions


Fellows are reminded that their 2005 Annual Subscriptions are due on 1 January 2005.  Fellows should receive a demand note from either the Academy or their College.  Please be reminded that it is Council’s policy that subscriptions received by the Academy after 30 June will be subject to a surcharge of 5% on the subscription amount.  Please settle your subscription as soon as possible.