Academy News

January 2003


CME and the Practising Certificate

Fellows may be aware that the Medical Council resolved in March 2002 that CME would be made a requirement for all practising doctors, starting from January 2005 (please refer to the May and July 2002 issues of the Medical Council Newsletter).

It is anticipated that a 3-year practising certificate would replace the existing 1-year certificate effective from January 2005 and that the specialist CME would be accepted for renewal of Practising Certificate. As such, the Academy Council has decided to synchronize the CME cycles with the duration of the practising certificate. The Academy Council agreed that all CME cycles for existing Fellows shall start afresh from 1 January 2005. In order to achieve this end, CME cycles started within 3 years before 1 January 2005 will have to be counted on a pro-rata basis. This means that if a Fellow's CME cycle length before 1 January 2005 is 1.5 years, the Fellow shall need to gain 45 CME points before 1 January 2005. 

Fellows are advised to take note of this arrangement, and plan their CME activities accordingly if they are not taking CME in an even manner during their CME cycles. The Academy will keep Fellows informed when more details are available.



David Todd Oration

Dr. Bernard Langer, Past President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, delivered his lecture on 13 December 2002 at the Academy.  The topic of his lecture is “Continuous Professional Development – Good for Patients and for Doctors”.  Fellows can download the full text of his speech.




Best Original Research by Trainee (BORT)

The results of the second BORT was announced during the Conferment Ceremony on 13 December and the medals were presented to the three winners.  The Gold Medal winner will also get a cash reward of HK$15,000.  The Academy would like to thank the Panel of Judges for their time and works.  The Panel consists of Prof. Tony Chung (Panel Chairman), Dr. Kam Chak Wah; Prof. Raymond Liang; Prof. Leung Kwok Sui; Prof. Lo Chung Mau and Prof. Grace Tang.  The Academy would also like to thank the trainees who have submitted their papers for this competition. 

Gold Medal

Dr. Ng Kwok Chai, Kelvin

Biophysical Characteristics of Hepatic Radiofrequency Ablation in an Animal Model

Silver Medal

Dr. Chow Kai Ming

Risk Factors of Thiazide-induced Hyponatremia

Bronze Medal

Dr. Hui Ki Ling

A Prospective Randomized Comparative Study of Co-administration of Alfentanil-Propofol versus Fentanyl-Propofol for Laryngeal Mask Airway Insertion



2002 Golf Day 

Around 100 Fellows and alumni members participated in the tournament on 20 December. Congratulations to Dr. Lam Ching Choi who won the HKAM President Cup this year. Winners of the HKU Medical Alumni Cup and CUHK Medical Alumni Cup are Dr. Yu Ka Fai and Dr. Leung Tat Chi respectively. Dr. Kelvin Inge won the Best Gross prize.

Dr. Kelvin Inge received the Best Gross prize from Dr. David Fang

Winners for "Closest to Pin"
Hole 2: Dr. Lau Bo Yee
Hole 5: Dr. Daniel Wu
Hole 9: Dr. Kelvin Inge
Hole 12: Dr. Yeung Yiu Wah
Hole 15: Dr. Ip Yan Ming
Hole 17: Dr. Leung to Wai

Winners for "Longest Drive"
Hole 4: Dr. Ho Ho Pak Henry
Hole 16: Dr. Patrick SL Chan

The Academy would like to thank the Organizing Committee, Dr. David Fang (Chairman), Dr. Chiu Sin Chak, Dr. George Choa, Dr. Laurence Hou, Dr. Hung Se Fong, Dr. Dicky Lam, Dr. Law Chi Lim, and Dr. Milton Leung who have contributed their time and effort to make this event successful. The Academy would also like to thank the Manhattan Card Co. Ltd and Central Golf Company for their generous sponsorship for this event.



2003 Annual Subscriptions

Fellows are reminded that their 2003 Annual Subscriptions are due on 1 January 2003. Fellows should receive a demand note from either the Academy or their College. Please be reminded that it is Council's policy that subscriptions received by the Academy after 30 June 2003 will be subject to a surcharge of 5% on the subscription amount. Please settle your subscription as soon as possible.