Message from the President, G. Tang, December 2008


Dear Fellows,

A Time to Remember


It seems like yesterday that I began writing my first President’s Message in Focus 2005. Four years have passed and I am glad to report to you that your Academy has thrived and grown.


In my message in the 15th Anniversary celebration publication, I have alluded to the foundation, consolidation and growth of your Academy. Of all the statutory and academic organizations that I have served, the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine gives me the greatest sense of achievement. I have asked myself why and I have concluded that it is because of the Academy’s clear objectives and goals – training, accreditation, and maintenance of standard of medical practice. We can therefore be very focused in our work, and are able to keep refining our tasks. Hence, we have done well not only in Hong Kong, but also have the status of the Academy elevated nationally and internationally. We realise that we may be young and small when compared with our sister Academies and Colleges, but we can move fast because we do not have much baggage to carry. We do not have to reinvent the wheels. We are a statutory body.


What is even more an important factor in our growth is the solidarity we have had within the Academy. Each Specialty College has its uniqueness, and yet, under the umbrella of the Academy, we agree on policies and guidelines, and we observe them. This is the key factor of our success. I have seen so many Fellows serving the Academy and Colleges with their heart and fervent dedication. I shall always be grateful to them, for they have made my Presidency most memorable. They have made the Academy an exemplary organisation for postgraduate medical education and training.


Organisations do well because they have dedicated and hard-working staff. The Academy is fortunate to be one of such organisations. The Staff of the Academy and Colleges is the backbone support of all the activities that goes on day in and day out. Their role is crucial in sustaining the work of the Academy and Colleges. I shall remember how hard they have to work to get the jobs done.


It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as the President of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. These four years leave me with treasures of memory. At this moment of bidding farewell, I pledge that I shall remain a loyal Fellow of the Academy with the mission to keep the Academy flag flying high at all times. I believe each and everyone of you will do the same.



With Best Wishes to you and your families,

Professor Grace Tang