Message from the President, G. Tang, June 2008


Dear Fellows,

Medical and Dental Practice in a World of Change


The first half of 2008 sees the threat of influenza in human and in chickens, and the diverse views on the consultation paper on health-care financing.


These issues have in their centre the pivotal role played by the medical experts who give opinions which will determine the ways these issues are managed, or are going to be managed. I believe these medical experts form opinions in good faith underpinned by evidence, and give views to the best of their abilities. The whole Hong Kong Community, Government and People, look upon them for guidance as well as protection. I cannot help marvelling at the intensity of the work of these medical experts who are Fellows of our Academy. The dedication, as well as the passion, they exhibit in their work deserves the greatest respect. I also notice that there is a diversity of views. This should come as no surprise to us in the medical field, for medicine is not just science but also art, the art of compiling evidences to make an educated comment, suggestion or decision. What I find disturbing is the kind of comments which are made rather sensationally, and at times, wise after the event. The Public cannot help but feeling lost and disturbed. We must ask ourselves the question: are we helping the Public? There are going to be a lot of changes


There are going to be a lot of changes occurring in the near future in medical/dental practice. I am not referring to the changes in medical/dental science or technology. I am referring to the system changes like working hours, shift duties, manpower planning, intake of students, public-private interface, health-care delivery model and financing, soaring practice premium etc. The list is not exhaustive. Whilst the Academy is primarily concerned with postgraduate training and accreditation, and the maintenance of the standard of medical and dental practices, it cannot isolate itself from all the changes currently going on. I believe the Academy, through its Fellows, has the obligation to have input into all these changes to make them better. Such input must be made objectively, rationally, and without a tint of politics.


We must never forget that our duty of care is to our patients. We must ensure that our practice in this World of Change is to make the changes better.


Yours Sincerely,

Professor Grace Tang