Message from the President, G. Tang, January 2008


Dear Fellows,


May I begin by wishing you and your families all the best in 2008!


In this issue, you will see a number of pictures of the Conferment Ceremony 2007. You will agree with me that the graduands and the prize winners deserve another round of congratulations and applause. The Conferment Ceremony must be one of the highlights in the medical career of our young Fellows. I would like to send them my best wishes for further highlights in their future. As an educator for over 3 decades, nothing gives me more pleasure and pride than to see our young doctors marching towards success.


I am very mindful that the foundation our predecessors have laid needs succession. Succession rests with our young Fellows. I am cognizant that our young Fellows have had their concentration focused on their training and examination. Now that they have become Fellows, I would like to urge them to take part in the activities of the Academy and its Colleges.


Learning about the business of the Academy and Colleges needs immersion. Not only do we have to take on the tasks that comply with the Academy Ordinance, we have to do the job well. We have to ensure that the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine is not only a local statutory body, but it also maintains its position nationally and internationally. Hong Kong is a small place and we must interact globally so that we can maintain an international standard and perspective in medical care. We must not be complacent with what we have achieved so far.


While I call on the young Fellows to participate in Academy affairs, I will also call on the Colleges to groom their young Fellows. I understand that some Colleges have trainees in their Councils. This is indeed an effective way to have input from young doctors, and to ease them into future key positions of the College, or even the Academy. I wish to let the young Fellows know that your time will be well spent in Academy and College affairs.


May I end by wishing everybody a very prosperous Year of the Rat.



With best wishes

Professor Grace Tang