Message from the President, G. Tang, July 2007


Dear Fellows,

The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine was established by statute in 1993. Other than the Founding Fellows, perhaps the newer Fellows may not know how the Academy can have its unique building, the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Building, much to the envy of many other professional groups.


The Academy was given a piece of land by the government and a donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Credit must go to the preparatory committee and the First Academy Council. Many of the Founding Fellows also took part in the fund-raising activities for which some of us had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in Chinese opera. It was for all these concerted efforts that we today have our own building standing tall in Wong Chuk Hang that facilitates many postgraduate educational activities. It is a place that brings Fellows together both for business and for leisure—enjoying a chat at the Fellows’ Lounge, a quiet moment in the library, or a workout in the gymnasium.


Entry into the Academy Fellowship is not merely by the payment of subscriptions, but also through passing the exit examination and maintaining the continuing medical education (CME) and continuous professional development (CPD). The initial subscriptions were inadequate for the running of the Academy which had been in the red. Thanks to the prudent management of the funds of the Academy by the Finance and Investment Committee (FIC), we have some surplus in 2006-2007.


The Academy Council has discussed on how best the surplus can be used for the development of the Academy, the Colleges, and the Fellows. The FIC has been asked to examine the finance with the understanding that the Academy cannot be in the red. The FIC has come back with several recommendations which the Council has agreed. I am happy to let you know that:

1. For the occasion of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Academy, subscription for 2008 will be reduced by 50%;

2. All College-led activities such as scientific meetings, examinations, conferment ceremonies, the rental charge for venues will be reduced by 50%;

3. The food and beverage charge for College-led activities will be reduced by 15%.


There are other activities which the Academy will support. These include some central secretarial assistance to Colleges particularly during examination time, the development of CME/CPD and web management, the public relation and education programmes to promote the profile of Colleges and Academy, and the “Think Tank” which will study one to two health-related issues in the community of Hong Kong . Some of the activities like the collaboration with the Ministry of Health will continue, as well as the establishment of Training Scholarships for Young Fellows to work in Mainland and for Mainland doctors to work in Hong Kong . Lastly, the Academy building is almost 10 years old. A substantial amount of sinking fund needs to be reserved for its maintenance.


The Academy Council is doing its best to ensure that funds from Fellows will be best used for Fellows, either directly or through their Colleges. Collectively, we shall see to it that the Academy and its constituent Colleges will grow from strength to strength.



With best wishes for a pleasant summer,

Professor Grace Tang