Message from the President, G. Tang, June 2005


Dear Fellows,           

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Colleges, respective Presidents and representatives for their participation in the recent Academy delegationís visit to Beijing in April 2005. After years of attempts at establishing networking with the Mainland, I believe our work has come to fruition. I am truly grateful to my predecessors and all those who have assisted.


In the coming months, the Academy and its Colleges shall be participating in the setting up of training, accreditation and registration for specialists on the Mainland. We would like to share our experience as well as to contribute our efforts for a very worthwhile cause.


I am particularly keen on the exchange of training for the young doctors. Hong Kong is a small place with limited resources, both in terms of capital and expertise. It is necessary to expand the opportunities for training and work outside Hong Kong . I believe the Mainland can offer a lot of such opportunities, and Colleges must try to find what can be done to help their trainees. I know a number of Colleges have already started dialogue with their counterparts. The present climate is right for a deeper collaboration with institutions on the Mainland.


Continuous professional development and education is another area that the Academy continues to review and refine. It is necessary to know that at the end of our learning, there is knowledge translation into practice, an improved practice. The CPD/CME office with its new Executive officer and new Associate Directors will certainly rise to this challenge. We would like to have more activities carried out through electronic means, and the starting point should be the recording of CPD/CME activities and scores. For the latter, it should be possible for every Fellow to know his/her scores through the Membership and Learning Management System (MLMS).


The Academy has started these new initiatives and I am calling on every Fellow to participate. I shall keep you informed. Together we will have a vibrant future for the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Grace Tang