Message from the President, G. Tang, February  2005


Dear Fellows,           

          As the New Year is unfolding, I wish to take this opportunity to wish you and your family Health, Happiness and Success. 

          The Academy Council has delineated its tasks for the coming years. First, it will enter into deeper collaboration with Mainland China. Such collaboration involves academic exchange, development and implementation of CME/CPD and the expansion of training opportunities outside Hong Kong, not only for trainees but also for new Fellows in their immediate post-fellowship period. Training opportunities outside Hong Kong will provide young doctors wider exposure in the scope of medical practice. 

          Second, the Academy has established a Working Group on Training in Private Hospitals, for it is essential that training resources be found outside the Hospital Authority in order to assist young doctors to complete their training program and to gain experience. I am encouraged by the favorable response from the private sector and I am truly grateful to their goodwill. You can be rest assured that the standard of training will not be in anyway different from that carried out in the existing training centers. 

          The third important task of the Academy and its Colleges is in manpower planning of doctors and specialists. The Academy should be the institution that decides on the medical manpower need of the Community. It should also be the institution that decides on the number of trainees for various Specialties. The Officers of the Academy will be in close dialogue with the relevant Bureaus, particularly the Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food, Dr York Chow. I am certain that our input is crucial in the optimal planning. 

          Success in the work of the Academy depends on your input and support. I am looking forward to your ideas and views. At the moment, I am visiting the Colleges and meeting their Council Members. Fellows are most welcome to write to me and the Academy. 

          Finally I would like to thank all the Fellows who have donated their time and money in the tsunami disaster. Their good deeds will always be treasured by those assisted. 

          I would like to close this message by sending you good wishes again for the Year of the Rooster.  


Yours sincerely,

Professor Grace Tang