Message from the President, C.H. Leong, July 2001


Dear Fellows,

Amongst the many recent issues that the medical profession are concerned with, the Council of the Academy has paid special attention to two areas:-

(I)       Labelling of Genetically Modified Food

In conjunction with the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine, the Academy Council has come forth with firm stand and some proposals for the Government and the public to consider.

We believe that before any long term studies and the possible side effects are made known, GM food should be monitored closely especially in relation to their effect on health. Before that, labelling of such food and products should be made compulsory.

Fellows are advised to study the report in the Academys website and express their views.

(II)         Reform of the Medical Council

This is a major issue that will have a long term effect on the profession. The Academy, therefore, considers it our responsibility to take an active role in the process in two directions:-

(1)  Active participation in the 5 Functional Groups formed under the Working Group of the Medical Council to study areas of reform.

The Academy has nominated members to sit on these Functional Groups. They are:

(a)     Consultation with the public

P     Dr. Lilian Leong

P     Dr. Yu Yuk-ling 


(b)     Consultation with the profession

P     Prof. Chan Tai-kwong

P     Dr. Chu Kin-wah 

(c)     Review the functions of related professional organizations locally and abroad

P     Prof. Urban Hägg

P     Dr. Pamela Leung


(d)     Review of administrative procedures of Medical Council

P     Dr. Chan Chok-wan

P     Dr. Wong Kwok-kee


(e)     Amendment to the MRO

P     Dr. Lilian Leong   

P     Prof. Joseph Sung

P     Dr Richard Yu

(2)     The Council of the Academy will produce an initial draft position paper on the Reform to consult our own Fellows.

Up to now, the Academy is of the opinion that any reform should be an overall one and not just limit to the complaint handling and discipline sections. 

Furthermore, the Academy has already stood firm on two areas that needs to be reformed:- 

(a)     The Academy should have more direct representation in the Medical Council (currently we have only two representatives). 

(b)     That mandatory Continuing Medical Education (CME) should be a pre-requisite for renewal of registration to practise medicine. 

In this message, I have attempted to include my personal initial views of some aspects of reform of the Medical Council. Fellows are urged to express your views. 

C.H. Leong