Message from the President, C.H. Leong, February  2002


Speech at the Inaugural Dedicated CME for the Medical Council CME Programme on 3 February 2002

Dr Yeoh, Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I on behalf of the Academy welcome you to this Inauguration of the Dedicated CME programme organized by the Academy for all doctors. We are most grateful to have the Secretary of Health and Welfare officiating the inauguration for us.

When the Hong Kong Medical Council decided that structured CME programme should be available to all practicing doctors, the Academy felt that we should respond positively and actively participate in the programme. With the years of organizing CME programme for Fellows of the Academy, we are confident that we have the experience to organize a programme for all doctors. We were delighted that the Academy was chosen as one of the institutes not only a provider of the programme but also as an accreditator.

A subcommittee was thus set up under the Education and Accreditation Committee to take up the task. The aim was to structure a programme which will be contributed by all the 15 Colleges under the Academy, so that it will be comprehensive yet dedicated to suit the needs of all doctors, generalists and specialists alike. The programme which starts today is thus the efforts of all the 15 Colleges coordinated by the President of the College of Family Physicians tapping on the expertise of that College. This programme will consist of lectures, interactive learning through responding to specific questions arising from designated papers in the Hong Kong Medical Journal, session of ¡§Meeting the Experts¡¨. Some of the programme will be conducted in Chinese. At the end of the programmes, certificates will be issued to you either from the Academy alone or in conjunction with the relevant College if you join this programme through the College, recording the summary of your participation.

Recording of accumulation of education points (­p¤À) is a vital exercise for all CME programmes. The Academy would like to make this as user friendly as possible. In a couple of months we will come up with a Membership Learning and Management System whereby you will be issue a card which will act as a tool to record your attendance and thus accumulation of points. It is hope that this card will also allow you access to other facilities provided by the Academy now and the future.

CME is more than accumulating credit points, it is also for self education to improve our practise and to be equipped with the advancement of medical development. This dedicated programme is therefore structure in such a way that there will be education material on the day to day medical problems we face, intersperse with topics on the cutting edge of medical science. We feel that the Academy of Medical with the expertise for all the 15 Colleges comprising all the medical specialties will be unique. Needless to say, you are all welcome to attend the other CME activities organized by the 15 Colleges of the Academy. Some of the details and time table are in your information folder.

The Academy is embarking on such a programme for the first time. We expect teething problems, we want to improve them and make the programme perfect. Your tolerance and your feed back is therefore essential and we welcome any construction criticisms. Finally if you consider the programme we provide to be acceptable, spread the news to your friends. We hope that through the interaction of CME, the whole profession can come together as our big family.



C.H. Leong