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D/MCHK NO.NameCollegeSpecialty (as in D/MCHK SR)Contact Fellow(s)
M11460FAN, Chi Ho Jason      范智豪OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08127FAN, Chi Ming Edward      OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M06331FAN, Chi Wai      樊志偉SUUrologyContact Fellow
M15541FAN, Ching Yim      范靖琰OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M14406FAN, Chun Yin      范駿賢ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15385FAN, Hiu Lan      范曉蘭OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14263FAN, Hoi      范愷OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M09318FAN, Hon Cheung      范漢祥PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15710FAN, Ka Yuk      樊家玉OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11845FAN, Kin Ping      樊建平EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M12643FAN, King Man Joe      樊敬文SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11180FAN, Kit Ling Karen      樊潔玲EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15542FAN, Man Wai Mandy      范文慧EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M10242FAN, Ning      范寧SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M00090FAN, Pui Cheong      范沛鏘PH Contact Fellow
M03144FAN, Sheung Tat      范上達SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10254FAN, Shu Ping Dorothy      范舒屏OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M01809FAN, Sik Man      樊錫文SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M15711FAN, Sin Ying      樊倩英PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M07114FAN, Tak Chung      OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M06106FAN, Tak Wing      范德穎PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M09575FAN, Tak Yan Lawrence      樊德仁ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13049FAN, Tam Ting      范探亭PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M07424FAN, Tsz Wo      RARadiologyContact Fellow
M08128FAN, Wai Chau      RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14020FAN, Wai Man Anita      范慧敏FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M06557FAN, Wing Cheong      范榮昌PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M05948FAN, Yiu Wah      范耀華SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M08432FAN, Yue Yan Katherine      范瑜茵PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M08677FAN, Yuen Man Cecilia      FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13050FAN, Yuen Shan Patricia      范婉珊PA Contact Fellow
M14264FANG, Christian Xinshuo      方欣碩OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M02710FANG, David      方津生OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M04678FANG, Hang Sang Anne      方幸生OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M02534FANG, Hing Sang Frank      方慶生PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
D02280FANG, Tak Sang Daniel      方德生DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M15228FANG, Xin Hao Benjamin      方欣顥RARadiologyContact Fellow
M02931FENN, Benjamin      范健SUUrologyContact Fellow
M02658FENN, John      范強SUUrologyContact Fellow
M09410FERGUSON, Sally Anne      OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14408FOK, Chung Tin Andrew      霍頌天OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M13051FOK, Ka Lung      霍家龍SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M03848FOK, Ka Pun      PH Contact Fellow
M07104FOK, Kam Fuk      霍錦福SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M07471FOK, Kam Oi      霍金愛PA Contact Fellow
M02591FOK, Kin Chung Jones      霍建中PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08000FOK, King Tak Douglas      霍敬德ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07598FOK, King Yi Kenneth      霍敬義ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M02120FOK, Lai Ling Nancy      霍麗玲OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05898FOK, Lai Sing      霍禮成PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12892FOK, Man Chun Juliana      霍曼真PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M05163FOK, Manson      霍文遜SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14409FOK, Oi Ling Annie      霍愛玲PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13881FOK, Peter Anthony      霍靖FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M00975FOK, Po Kai      霍寶楷PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M12243FOK, Pui Chu Joan      霍佩珠CM Contact Fellow
M12243FOK, Pui Chu Joan      霍佩珠PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M02770FOK, Tai Fai      霍泰輝PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13607FOK, Wai Ming      霍偉明OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11044FOK, Wai Ming Joshua      霍偉明PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M05346FOK, Wei Guen Gwen      霍慧涓ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15544FOK, Wing Shan Elaine      霍泳珊RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11461FOK, Wing Yee      霍詠儀OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M13397FOK, Woon Man Margaret      霍奐雯OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M10355FONG, Bik Ki      方碧琪ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09994FONG, Cheuk Ming      方卓明PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11950FONG, Cheuk Ying Cherry      方卓瑩ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M03648FONG, Chi Hung      方志雄PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M12833FONG, Chi Ming      方子明OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M02595FONG, Chin Wan      方展雲SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M13191FONG, Ching Han      方靜嫺PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M15713FONG, Ching Man      方靜雯ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14523FONG, Chun Yan      方俊仁RARadiologyContact Fellow
M08747FONG, Chung Yan Gardian      方頌恩PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M14021FONG, Ho Ching      方浩澄CM Contact Fellow
M15874FONG, Ho Fai Daniel      方晧暉PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14917FONG, Hon Chi Angie      方瀚芝OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15714FONG, Ka Leuk      房嘉略PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M11847FONG, Ka Wing      方嘉頴PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M06558FONG, Ka Yeung      方嘉揚PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M08447FONG, Kin Lee Garry      鄺建理FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M09600FONG, Kwok Wah      方國華PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15715FONG, Kwong Wai      方廣偉SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15716FONG, Man Chi      方敏枝PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M15229FONG, Man Kei      方文麒PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M06740FONG, Mun Ho      方敏豪OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08807FONG, Nai Chung      PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15545FONG, Pik Lau      方碧鎏OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05167FONG, Ping Ching      方平正PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14574FONG, Sau Yee      方秀儀OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08241FONG, Sin Tak Benjamin      方善德OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12347FONG, Siu Yan      方兆寅ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15717FONG, Ting      方婷FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M04132FONG, To Sang Dawson      方道生SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M16001FONG, Wai Yi      方蕙儀ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09602FONG, Wing Chi      方榮志PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M12102FONG, Wing Ngai      方永毅SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M09961FONG, Yat Yuk Samson      方日旭PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14022FONG, Yeuk Kwan      方若君PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15875FONG, Yuen Ki      方婉琪SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M05372FONG, Yuk Fai Ben      方玉輝CMCommunity MedicineContact Fellow
M13882FOO, Chi Chung      傅志聰SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14918FOO, Ka Chung      傅家聰PAForensic PathologyContact Fellow
M01091FOO, Kam So Stephen      傅鑑蘇FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M03691FOO, William      傅惠霖RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M08723FOSTER, Jonathan Charles      FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08888FOSTER, William David Avory      AN Contact Fellow
M13608FU, Chi Kin Jackie      傅子健PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M09673FU, Chi Wing      傅志榮OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M11848FU, Chiu Lai      符朝麗PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M15386FU, Chun Cheung      傅振祥PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15876FU, Chun Him Henry      傅俊謙OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13883FU, Chun Ho      傅俊豪PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12723FU, Kam Fung Kenneth      傅錦峯SUUrologyContact Fellow
M04695FU, Kin Hang      傅健行PAPathologyContact Fellow
M01952FU, Kuo Tai Louis      扈國泰OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12274FU, Sau Nga      傅秀雅FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14865FU, Siu Saap Michelle      符小颯FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07425FU, Wai Kee      傅偉基OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09601FU, Wing Kai      傅榮楷PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M09219FU, Yat Pang Michael      傅溢鵬PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M14024FU, Yim Ting      傅艷婷ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M05824FU, Yiu Tung      傅耀彤RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M13053FU, Yu Ming      符儒明PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12004FU, Yuk Ching Alex      傅玉清CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M16002FUNG, Anson      馮堯煇SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11422FUNG, Bun Hey      馮斌熙PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M15718FUNG, Cheuk Man      馮卓文PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M10841FUNG, Cheuk Wing      馮卓穎PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13054FUNG, Chi Sum Winnie      馮治心ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M05914FUNG, Chi Wing      馮志榮PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M11785FUNG, Chi Yan Raymond      馮子恩PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M03660FUNG, Ching Fai      馮正輝SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M06957FUNG, Chiu Fai      馮照輝ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07123FUNG, Hin Kwok      馮憲國OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M08596FUNG, Hin Tat      馮顯達EMClinical ToxicologyContact Fellow
M05019FUNG, Ho Chuen Alec      馮浩泉PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M05247FUNG, Ho Lau Patrick      馮浩鎏PH Contact Fellow
D03412FUNG, Ho Tak Marcus      馮浩德DSCommunity DentistryContact Fellow
M13454FUNG, Hoi Tik      馮凱滴FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13609FUNG, Hon Shing      馮漢盛RARadiologyContact Fellow
M04711FUNG, Hong      馮康CMAdministrative MedicineContact Fellow
M04711FUNG, Hong      馮康SU Contact Fellow
M06277FUNG, Hung Lewis      馮振雄PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M11825FUNG, James Yan Yue      馮恩裕PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M04001FUNG, Ka Lok Albert      馮家樂PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M01963FUNG, Ka Piu Charles      馮家驃OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M07197FUNG, Ka Shun Samuel      馮加信PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M07785FUNG, Ka Yi      馮家儀ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M01388FUNG, Kai Bun      馮啟賓OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M03045FUNG, Kai Cheung Henry      馮啟祥SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M02892FUNG, Kai Chiu      馮啟釗FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M03270FUNG, Kai Hung      馮啟雄RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15231FUNG, Kai Pong Vincent      馮啟邦RARadiologyContact Fellow
M02848FUNG, Kam Pui      馮錦培PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12005FUNG, Kin Chor      馮健礎FP Contact Fellow
M05510FUNG, Kin Kong James      馮建剛OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M03079FUNG, Kin Kong William      馮健港PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M05853FUNG, Kin Wah      馮健華SU Contact Fellow
D02739FUNG, Kin Yue      馮建裕DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M01404FUNG, King Hay Eric      馮景禧OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M11273FUNG, King Yuen      馮景源EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04002FUNG, Kwai Yau      馮貴游OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M00936FUNG, Kwok Hay      馮國禧FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07320FUNG, Kwok Keung Boris      馮國強OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08178FUNG, Lai Ming      馮麗明PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M09674FUNG, Lai Wah Eva      馮麗華PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M16162FUNG, Man Yuen Arthur      馮文遠SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10367FUNG, Ming Kit Terence      馮明杰SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13055FUNG, Nga Yin      馮雅賢ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08499FUNG, Ngai Sheung      馮藝嫦PAPathologyContact Fellow
M15878FUNG, On Yee Connie      馮安兒CM Contact Fellow
M14025FUNG, Pak Kei      馮柏基FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M09081FUNG, Po Gee Genevieve      馮寶姿PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06994FUNG, Po Leung      馮寶樑PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M12063FUNG, Po Yan Eliza      馮寶恩RARadiologyContact Fellow
M08771FUNG, Pui Man      馮佩雯PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M07893FUNG, Sau Chun Kitty      馮秀珍PAPathologyContact Fellow
M03704FUNG, Sau Ying      馮秀英OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M09675FUNG, Shing Hoi      馮成海PAPathologyContact Fellow
M01826FUNG, Shiu Kee      馮紹基OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M08080FUNG, Shu Ming Eric      OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M06800FUNG, Shu Yan Anthony      馮樹仁SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16434FUNG, Shui Wing      馮遂榮AN Contact Fellow
M01916FUNG, Shun Sun Desmond      馮順燊PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M16004FUNG, Sin Yue Cindy      馮倩如RA Contact Fellow
M13056FUNG, Siu Cheung Colman      馮兆璋FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
D02141FUNG, Siu Chung      馮少聰DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M08332FUNG, Siu Leung      馮少良PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M05829FUNG, Siu Ling Amy      馮小玲RARadiologyContact Fellow
M10386FUNG, Suk Yee      馮淑儀OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12244FUNG, Sze Chun Albert      馮思進EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M10696FUNG, Sze Yuen Frederick      馮思遠PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M14411FUNG, Tai Hang Thomas      馮泰恒OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M14265FUNG, Tak Kwan James      馮德焜SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16163FUNG, Tak Lit Derek      馮得烈SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M07316FUNG, Tak Yuen      馮德源OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M10243FUNG, Tang Tat Konrad      馮騰達PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M11669FUNG, Tat Chow Berry      馮達洲SUUrologyContact Fellow
M09786FUNG, Ting Pong      馮定邦SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13330FUNG, Tsui Hang Sharon      馮翠姮PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09289FUNG, Tze Man Mimi      馮子敏OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M09603FUNG, Wai Ching      馮偉正PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09676FUNG, Wai Choy Richard      馮威才PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
D03515FUNG, Wai Ki      馮偉祈DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M08358FUNG, Wai Kit Joseph      馮偉傑PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M11528FUNG, Wai Kwan Barbara      馮惠君CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M15719FUNG, Wen Ying Linda      馮韻瑩OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08668FUNG, Wing Hong      PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M02445FUNG, Wing Pong      馮榮邦SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08333FUNG, Wing Tak      馮榮德RARadiologyContact Fellow
M03371FUNG, Yee Leung Wilson      馮宜亮PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09226FUNG, Yee Pong Adrian      馮貽邦PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M08198FUNG, Yeuk Mei      馮若薇EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M05103FUNG, Yin Kai Edgar      馮賢楷OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M11640FUNG, Ying      封螢CM Contact Fellow
M03649FUNG, Yiu Wah      馮耀華EM Contact Fellow
M08281FUNG, Yu Kei Anne      馮宇琪CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M02379FUNG, Yuk Kwan      馮旭焜FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
Total Count: 219
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