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Fellows List

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D/MCHK NO.NameCollegeSpecialty (as in D/MCHK SR)Contact Fellow(s)
D01393CARTER, Eric Francis      DS Contact Fellow
D01757CASTELLUCCI, Carlo      DSEndodonticsContact Fellow
M10343CAVES, Natalie Dawn      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13012CHAI, Hei Lam Anita      蔡曦琳OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14862CHAI, Joyce      柴逸蘭OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
D02010CHAI, Yat Chiu John      DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M15507CHAI, Yu Ka      蔡汝嘉OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M11195CHAK, Hing Chung Eric      翟慶聰OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14873CHAK, Miu Yi      翟妙怡CM Contact Fellow
M15974CHAK, Pui Kwan      翟珮君PAPathologyContact Fellow
M09588CHAK, Wai Kwong      翟偉光PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08464CHAK, Wai Leung      翟偉良PHNephrologyContact Fellow
D02840CHAM, Kwong Man      覃光旻DSCommunity DentistryContact Fellow
M16129CHAM, Yin Kwan      覃燕筠AN Contact Fellow
M15835CHAN, Albert Kam Ming      陳錦明ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12267CHAN, Alfred      陳昊康EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14874CHAN, Amanda Chee Yun      陳慈欣PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M09746CHAN, Andrew Tin Lock      陳天樂RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15028CHAN, Angela Shuk Yan      陳淑恩FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08936CHAN, Baldwin      陳寳榮OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12702CHAN, Bik Wan      陳碧云PAPathologyContact Fellow
M05865CHAN, Boon Kin Peter      陳本堅ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13838CHAN, Bosco      陳欣永PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M07405CHAN, Chak Chung      陳澤宗RARadiologyContact Fellow
M07368CHAN, Chak Lam Alexander      陳澤林PAPathologyContact Fellow
M09160CHAN, Chau Shing Stephen      陳宙成EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M03809CHAN, Chau Sing      陳秋成OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M04358CHAN, Chee Bunn Gerald      陳志斌PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M04689CHAN, Chee Hung      陳熾鴻PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M04699CHAN, Chee Ka Patricia      陳志嘉PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M03743CHAN, Chee Wun Joyce      陳志雲PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M10230CHAN, Cheong Fai      陳暢輝PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M10303CHAN, Cheong Wai      陳昌煒PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15672CHAN, Cheuk Chi      陳卓姿PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M10452CHAN, Cheuk Hung Jonathan      陳焯鴻OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M02409CHAN, Cheuk Hung Raymond      陳焯雄PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M14373CHAN, Cheuk Ki      陳卓琪OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M06680CHAN, Cheung Wah      陳長華SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11838CHAN, Chi Chung      陳志驄PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M05812CHAN, Chi Fai Samson      陳智輝OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11311CHAN, Chi Fat      陳志發OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M16258CHAN, Chi Fung      陳志峰EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M07273CHAN, Chi Fung Godfrey      陳志峰PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15673CHAN, Chi Hey Heyson      陳智曦PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M16400CHAN, Chi Him Simon      陳知謙PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M15837CHAN, Chi Hin      陳志軒RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14374CHAN, Chi Ho      陳志豪EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
D02472CHAN, Chi Hong      DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M03665CHAN, Chi Hum Susan      陳慈欽RARadiologyContact Fellow
M01774CHAN, Chi Keung      陳志強ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M04479CHAN, Chi Keung      陳志強ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11299CHAN, Chi Keung      陳志強EMClinical ToxicologyContact Fellow
M12619CHAN, Chi Keung      陳志強FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M09589CHAN, Chi Kin      陳志堅PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M10837CHAN, Chi Kin      陳志健SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M07374CHAN, Chi Kin Hamish      陳志堅PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M05393CHAN, Chi King      陳子敬OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14694CHAN, Chi King      陳子敬SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M03742CHAN, Chi Kuen      陳志權PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M06327CHAN, Chi Kuen Alan      陳志權PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M08825CHAN, Chi Kwok      SUUrologyContact Fellow
D01895CHAN, Chi Kwong Tommy      DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
D02582CHAN, Chi Lap Samuel      陳自立DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M13989CHAN, Chi Man      陳智文PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M02836CHAN, Chi Ming      陳志明OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M06111CHAN, Chi Ming      陳智明RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11445CHAN, Chi Ming      陳子明EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M11994CHAN, Chi Moon Peter      陳志滿SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06934CHAN, Chi Mui Miranda      陳志梅SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15674CHAN, Chi Ngong      陳子昂PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15675CHAN, Chi Pan      陳智彬PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11930CHAN, Chi Pang      陳志鵬EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M12705CHAN, Chi Pun      陳智彬PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M05457CHAN, Chi Sang James      陳志生RARadiologyContact Fellow
M02404CHAN, Chi Sik      陳自適PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04753CHAN, Chi Wai      陳志偉OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12706CHAN, Chi Wai      陳智偉FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M06582CHAN, Chi Wai Angus      陳志偉SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10385CHAN, Chi Wai Carina      陳志慧OGReproductive MedicineContact Fellow
M07358CHAN, Chi Wai Kenny      陳志偉PHInfectious DiseaseContact Fellow
M13155CHAN, Chi Wai Rickjason      陳志偉PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
M15676CHAN, Chi Wang      陳志宏OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M00923CHAN, Chi Wing      陳智榮PA Contact Fellow
M13421CHAN, Chi Wing      陳智榮ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13839CHAN, Chi Wing      陳芷穎FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M09312CHAN, Chi Wo      陳志和PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M13732CHAN, Chi Yan Albert      陳智仁SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14375CHAN, Chi Yuen      陳志遠PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M13013CHAN, Chia Chieh Orlando      陳家傑OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M16259CHAN, Chin Ho      陳展浩PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13574CHAN, Chin Pang      陳展鵬PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M13154CHAN, Chin Pang Ian      陳展鵬PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M13840CHAN, Chin Ping      陳俊平FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M10188CHAN, Chin Wai      陳展威OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15346CHAN, Ching Ching      陳晶晶PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15345CHAN, Ching Ching      陳菁菁PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M10560CHAN, Ching Kit      陳正傑PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M13575CHAN, Ching Man Vivien      陳政文PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M03299CHAN, Ching Tat      陳程達OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09098CHAN, Ching Wai      陳清偉PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M15347CHAN, Ching Yan Noel      陳正欣OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M12703CHAN, Chio Ho      陳焯雄PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M11626CHAN, Chiu Chuen      陳照全EM Contact Fellow
M11626CHAN, Chiu Chuen      陳照全SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15508CHAN, Chiu Lung Richie      陳肖龍SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M15677CHAN, Chiu Yan      陳昭恩PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M06460CHAN, Cho Him Bobby      陳祖謙PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06755CHAN, Cho Kwan Edmund      陳祖鈞SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
D01327CHAN, Cho Yee Joseph      陳祖貽DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M08803CHAN, Cho Yin      陳祖賢RARadiologyContact Fellow
M06197CHAN, Cho Ying George      陳楚英PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M12618CHAN, Choi Hung      陳才雄ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M01983CHAN, Chok Wan      陳作耘PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M16261CHAN, Chong Ching      陳昶呈PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M10384CHAN, Chong Pun      陳創斌OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05959CHAN, Chor Man      陳楚文PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M16130CHAN, Chor San Alfred      陳楚燊ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M10319CHAN, Chun Chung      陳鎮中PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M16392CHAN, Chun Fung      陳振鋒OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15975CHAN, Chun Ki      陳焌圻SUUrologyContact Fellow
M13841CHAN, Chun Kong      陳振江PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M08895CHAN, Chun Kwong Jane      陳真光PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M11931CHAN, Chun Man      陳俊文EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M11446CHAN, Chun Man Jones      陳俊文PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M06175CHAN, Chun Ming      陳俊銘RARadiologyContact Fellow
M13842CHAN, Chun Ting      陳震霆PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M11248CHAN, Chun Wing      陳俊嶸PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M10591CHAN, Chun Wing      陳振榮PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13156CHAN, Chun Yin      陳俊賢SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14547CHAN, Chun Yin Johnny      陳俊彥PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M07062CHAN, Chun Yin Michael      陳俊賢PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M05166CHAN, Chung Mau      陳仲謀PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M05500CHAN, Chung Ngor Juliana      陳重娥PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M15509CHAN, Chung On      陳頌安PHPalliative MedicineContact Fellow
M05785CHAN, Chung Sum Sammy      陳從心OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M11508CHAN, Chung Yan      陳頌恩PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M16131CHAN, Chung Yan Grace      陳頌恩RARadiologyContact Fellow
M16262CHAN, Chung Yan Justin      陳頌恩SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11448CHAN, Chung Yuk Alvin      陳鍾煜FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M11891CHAN, Chung Yung      陳忠勇EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14863CHAN, Cynthia Yan-yan      陳欣欣PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M16403CHAN, Denise Che Ying      陳智盈EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M09282CHAN, Ding Nai      陳鼎鼐OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15838CHAN, Dominic Chun Wan      陳俊尹RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M04497CHAN, Edmund Bernard      陳邦石ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07406CHAN, Edwin      陳靄永OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M05033CHAN, Fai Pond Gabriel      陳飛鵬PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M13015CHAN, Fei      陳飛PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M15679CHAN, Fong Chun      陳芳俊PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15839CHAN, Fong Ting      陳方婷RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M10724CHAN, Fong Yeung Gloria      陳方揚PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
D01357CHAN, Fook Yee Franklin      陳伏夷DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M13157CHAN, Fu      陳虎PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14875CHAN, Fuk Woo Jasper      陳福和PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
M12246CHAN, Fung Ying      陳鳳英PDDevelopmental-Behavioural PaediatricsContact Fellow
M16659CHAN, Gary Chi Wang      陳志弘PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M13016CHAN, Gavin Jehim      陳慶釗PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M13017CHAN, Hau Ngai      陳厚毅PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M15510CHAN, Hau Ting      陳巧婷FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14876CHAN, Hau Yee      陳巧兒SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M03869CHAN, Hay Lap Philip      陳希立OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M13423CHAN, Hay Nun      陳希能PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M03088CHAN, Hei Ling Helen      PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09313CHAN, Hei Lun Helen      陳羲璘RARadiologyContact Fellow
M00496CHAN, Henry      陳亨利FP Contact Fellow
M12109CHAN, Henry      陳文敏OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M05394CHAN, Hin Biu      陳衍標PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M07948CHAN, Hin Lee Henry      陳衍里PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M14548CHAN, Hing Ling Betty      陳馨寧PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M12247CHAN, Hing Sang      陳慶生OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M07012CHAN, Hing Sing Eddie      陳慶成RARadiologyContact Fellow
M10694CHAN, Hing Tsuen      陳慶全ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13843CHAN, Hiu Fai      陳曉暉PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M13990CHAN, Hiu Lam      陳曉藍PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M15349CHAN, Hiu Mang      陳曉萌PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M13577CHAN, Hiu Yan      陳曉茵PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M02037CHAN, Ho      陳昊PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15350CHAN, Ho Fung      陳可鋒RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11196CHAN, Ho Ming      陳浩明PAChemical PathologyContact Fellow
M14877CHAN, Ho Yan      陳可恩SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13578CHAN, Ho Yan Howard      陳浩恩SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M13018CHAN, Ho Yin      陳浩然EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15351CHAN, Ho Yin      陳可妍OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M08586CHAN, Ho Yin David      OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15352CHAN, Hoi Chak      陳開澤SUUrologyContact Fellow
M11995CHAN, Hoi Ming Herman      陳凱鳴SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M08640CHAN, Hoi Shan Sophelia      PDPaediatric NeurologyContact Fellow
M13019CHAN, Hoi Wong      陳海煌PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M14549CHAN, Hoi Yan      陳凱恩PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M13158CHAN, Hoi Yee      陳凱怡OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M14697CHAN, Hoi Yee      陳愷怡PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14878CHAN, Hoi Yee      陳愷怡SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M05860CHAN, Hok Chin Eddy      陳學前SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12821CHAN, Hok Hang      陳學恒EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M05195CHAN, Hok Sum      陳學深PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M12439CHAN, Hon Keung      陳漢強CM Contact Fellow
M05205CHAN, Hon Wah Raymond      陳漢鏵PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M06798CHAN, Hon Wai Felix      陳漢威PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M06198CHAN, Hon Yee Constance      陳漢儀CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M14219CHAN, Hung      陳鴻PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
D03435CHAN, Hung Chiu      陳鴻釗DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M04463CHAN, Hung Chiu Peter      陳洪昭FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14220CHAN, Jaclyn Chi Lin      陳茝靈PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M17478CHAN, Jason Ying Kuen      陳英權OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M12924CHAN, John      陳昌輝OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M07777CHAN, Ka Cheong      陳家昌OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M14698CHAN, Ka Chi      陳嘉智RARadiologyContact Fellow
M13844CHAN, Ka Chun Alan      陳家俊PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M16405CHAN, Ka Chun Jonathan      陳嘉雋OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M04156CHAN, Ka Chun Julie      陳家珍FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M06535CHAN, Ka Fat      陳家發RARadiologyContact Fellow
M13845CHAN, Ka Hing Jacky      陳家興PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M03969CHAN, Ka Ho Johnny      陳嘉何PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M16263CHAN, Ka Kit      陳家傑ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M10321CHAN, Ka Lai      陳嘉麗ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07659CHAN, Ka Leung Francis      陳家亮PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M12476CHAN, Ka Leung Karen      陳嘉亮SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11510CHAN, Ka Lok Carroll      陳家樂FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13424CHAN, Ka Man      陳嘉敏PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M12336CHAN, Ka Man      陳嘉敏FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15353CHAN, Ka Man      陳嘉雯EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14864CHAN, Ka Man Carmen      陳嘉敏ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M16133CHAN, Ka Man Fiona      陳嘉汶SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12622CHAN, Ka Moon      陳家滿EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M16264CHAN, Ka Pang      陳嘉鵬PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M05279CHAN, Ka Po      陳家寶OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15029CHAN, Ka Po      陳嘉寶PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M05485CHAN, Ka Soon Belinda      陳家馴PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11893CHAN, Ka Wa      陳嘉華PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M09991CHAN, Ka Wah      陳嘉華OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11511CHAN, Ka Wai      陳家偉FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07655CHAN, Ka Wing Joseph      陳嘉榮PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M11573CHAN, Ka Yan Helen      陳嘉恩PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M15977CHAN, Ka Yee      陳嘉怡PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M04216CHAN, Ka Yiu Richard      陳家耀FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M04742CHAN, Ka Yuen      陳家遠ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13993CHAN, Kai Man      陳啓文ANIntensive CareContact Fellow
M02824CHAN, Kai Ming      陳啟明OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09744CHAN, Kai Ming      陳啓明PHInfectious DiseaseContact Fellow
M11451CHAN, Kai Tai      陳啓泰PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M16265CHAN, Kai Wing      陳啟榮ANIntensive CareContact Fellow
M10320CHAN, Kam Hoi      陳金海PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M08726CHAN, Kam Hon      陳錦漢PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M08722CHAN, Kam Keung      陳錦強PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M02743CHAN, Kam Mang Dominic      陳金孟OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M03087CHAN, Kam Ping      陳錦平EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M06230CHAN, Kam Tim      陳鑑添PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M08849CHAN, Kam Tim Michael      PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M11727CHAN, Kam Tong Tony      陳甘棠SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M11321CHAN, Kam Wai      陳錦偉RARadiologyContact Fellow
M01558CHAN, Kam Yue      陳錦裕PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08817CHAN, Kang Chung William      陳鏡聰SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13425CHAN, Kar Ki Katherine      陳家琪RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15197CHAN, Kar Li Kelly      陳嘉莉PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M10636CHAN, Kar Loen Karen      陳嘉倫OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12169CHAN, Kar Mun Carmen      陳嘉敏OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M16134CHAN, Kar Vin      陳家穎SU Contact Fellow
M07398CHAN, Kay Sheung Paul      陳基湘PAPathologyContact Fellow
M01692CHAN, Keeng Wai      陳健慧PAPathologyContact Fellow
M12621CHAN, Keung Kit      陳強杰PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14222CHAN, Ki Wan Kelvin      陳麒尹PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M01637CHAN, Ki Wing Patrick      陳紀永SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12137CHAN, Kim Man      陳劍文OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08571CHAN, Kin Cheong Simon      陳建昌ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11016CHAN, Kin Chun      陳健進SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10304CHAN, Kin Fai      陳建輝EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M03744CHAN, Kin Hing      陳建慶PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M03847CHAN, Kin Ling      陳健靈FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M11312CHAN, Kin Ling      陳建凌EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M12268CHAN, Kin Ming      陳鍵明OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M04691CHAN, Kin Sang      陳健生PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M06511CHAN, Kin Wah      陳健華PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M14700CHAN, Kin Wah Akin      陳健華SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11175CHAN, Kin Wai      陳健威ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11702CHAN, Kin Wai      陳建偉FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M12822CHAN, Kin Wai Edwin      陳健維SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M05507CHAN, Kin Wing      陳健榮PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M09161CHAN, Kin Wing      陳建榮SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10725CHAN, Kin Yin      陳堅燕PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M06954CHAN, Kin Yip      陳建業PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M10238CHAN, King Chung      陳勁松PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M09660CHAN, King Chung Kenny      陳勁松ANIntensive CareContact Fellow
M06897CHAN, King Hong      陳景康CM Contact Fellow
M06897CHAN, King Hong      陳景康FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M10248CHAN, King Man      陳景文OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14701CHAN, King On Canon      陳敬安SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M00479CHAN, King Pan      陳瓊攀OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13427CHAN, Kit      陳杰PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M02547CHAN, Kit Chi Kitty      陳潔芝FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07463CHAN, Kit Sheung      OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M13022CHAN, Kit Wa      陳喆燁PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M09101CHAN, Kit Yan Selina      陳潔茵PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
D03619CHAN, Kit Ying      陳潔盈DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M15978CHAN, Kit Ying      陳潔瑩SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M09100CHAN, Koon Ho      陳灌豪PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M04172CHAN, Koon Hung Kenneth      陳冠鴻OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15840CHAN, Koon Ming      陳冠明PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M02112CHAN, Kow Tak      陳求德OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12620CHAN, Kuen      陳娟RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M06121CHAN, Kuen Ting      陳權鼎OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M10218CHAN, Kuen Yi Miranda      陳娟儀SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08414CHAN, Kui Fai      RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11197CHAN, Kui Fat      陳鉅發PAPathologyContact Fellow
M07734CHAN, Kung Ngai      陳功毅OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M13757CHAN, Kwai Yeung      陳貴楊PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07408CHAN, Kwai Yu Winnie      陳桂如PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11509CHAN, Kwan Chee      陳君賜PAChemical PathologyContact Fellow
M05752CHAN, Kwan Hon      陳君漢SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M15512CHAN, Kwan Kit      陳君傑SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15198CHAN, Kwan Nap Quinney      陳君訥PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13161CHAN, Kwan Yee Constance      陳君怡PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M09590CHAN, Kwok Bill      陳國彪OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13159CHAN, Kwok Bun      陳國斌ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11449CHAN, Kwok Cheung      陳國祥OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M04704CHAN, Kwok Cheung John      陳國璋PAPathologyContact Fellow
M06243CHAN, Kwok Chiu      陳國超PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M02834CHAN, Kwok Hei      陳國禧EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M02833CHAN, Kwok Hing Alex      陳國興PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08284CHAN, Kwok Hung      陳國雄CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M07407CHAN, Kwok Keung      陳國強PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M06549CHAN, Kwok Keung Sammy      陳國強SUUrologyContact Fellow
M08659CHAN, Kwok Ki      陳國基SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M01359CHAN, Kwok Kuen      陳國權PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11450CHAN, Kwok Lap      陳國立PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M07186CHAN, Kwok Ling Phyllis      陳國齡PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M05209CHAN, Kwok Mei May      陳國美PAPathologyContact Fellow
M08930CHAN, Kwok Ning      陳國寧PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04694CHAN, Kwok Pui      陳國培OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11839CHAN, Kwok Tim      陳國添CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M10817CHAN, Kwok Tung      陳國棟PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M03653CHAN, Kwok Wah      陳國華PAPathologyContact Fellow
M02784CHAN, Kwok Wai      陳國維FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07843CHAN, Kwok Wing Fredriech      陳國榮PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M03698CHAN, Kwok Yin      陳國燕PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12139CHAN, Kwok Ying      陳國瑛PHPalliative MedicineContact Fellow
M02250CHAN, Kwong Fai Laurence      陳光輝PH Contact Fellow
M03697CHAN, Kwong Leung      陳廣亮SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M09380CHAN, Kwong Man      陳廣民SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14550CHAN, Kwong Shun      陳廣迅SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13846CHAN, Kwong Tat      陳廣達PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08776CHAN, Kwong Yau      陳廣有SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M15513CHAN, Kwun Wai      陳冠衞SUUrologyContact Fellow
M11894CHAN, Laam      陳嵐FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M03378CHAN, Lai Har Grace      陳麗霞PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15199CHAN, Lai Ling      陳麗玲OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M09515CHAN, Lai Lok      陳禮樂OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08035CHAN, Lai Man Raymond      陳禮文RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14378CHAN, Lai Mei      陳麗薇ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12936CHAN, Lai Wah Connie      陳麗華PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M03397CHAN, Lai Yin Ophelia      陳麗燕OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M13023CHAN, Lam      陳林PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M13847CHAN, Lap Kei      陳立基PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07778CHAN, Lap Ki      陳立基OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M04038CHAN, Lap Kin      陳立堅RARadiologyContact Fellow
D02113CHAN, Lap Shun Clement      陳立信DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M07829CHAN, Lap Wa      陳立華EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M08322CHAN, Lau Kuen      OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M10364CHAN, Lee Veronica      陳利PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M12602CHAN, Leo Ho Fung      陳可風CMAdministrative MedicineContact Fellow
M12211CHAN, Leung Cho      陳亮祖RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M13848CHAN, Leung Kwai      陳良貴PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M02745CHAN, Leung Kwok Clement      陳亮國OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M01873CHAN, Leung Leo      陳亮PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09661CHAN, Lik Man      陳力文PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09102CHAN, Lik Yuen      陳力元PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M10665CHAN, Lim Sun Derek      陳念新ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11452CHAN, Lin Wai Daniel      陳連偉OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M11840CHAN, Lina      陳年娜ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11017CHAN, Lip Kiong      陳力強PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M13849CHAN, Lit Ping      陳列萍FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M06765CHAN, Loi Yuen      陳來源PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M15355CHAN, Lok Lam      陳洛琳SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12440CHAN, LOK MAN      陳諾文PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M10504CHAN, Lok Yan      陳樂恩PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M09854CHAN, Lok Yiu Eric      陳樂耀PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M14880CHAN, Lucia Lo Ka      陳露加OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12513CHAN, Lung Tat Andrew      陳龍達PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M06584CHAN, Lung Wai      陳龍威SUUrologyContact Fellow
M01377CHAN, Malcolm      陳溈杰SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13025CHAN, Man Chak      陳文澤PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M01614CHAN, Man Cheung      陳文長PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14223CHAN, Man Chi      陳敏芝OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14551CHAN, Man Chun      陳文俊PHInfectious DiseaseContact Fellow
D01929CHAN, Man Denis      陳文DS Contact Fellow
M12707CHAN, Man Hong      陳敏航PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M14702CHAN, Man Hung      陳文鴻FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15841CHAN, Man Ka Diana      陳文珈OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M02180CHAN, Man Kam      陳文岩PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M07779CHAN, Man Kwong      陳文光RARadiologyContact Fellow
M12305CHAN, Man Li      陳萬里FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M11895CHAN, Man Lui      陳蔓蕾PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15842CHAN, Man Pan      陳文彬SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15681CHAN, Man Sum      陳文心PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M10561CHAN, Man Yee      陳敏儀OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15200CHAN, Man Yi      陳敏兒SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14881CHAN, Mei Ching      陳美貞PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15201CHAN, Mei Tak      陳美德FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14703CHAN, Mei Yun      陳美茵OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M04816CHAN, Ming Houng      陳銘洪PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M07713CHAN, Ming Wai      陳銘偉FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15030CHAN, Ming Yin      陳銘賢EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M08421CHAN, Miu Han Anne      陳妙嫺ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08369CHAN, Miu Lan      陳妙蘭PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15843CHAN, Miu Yee      陳妙儀SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15844CHAN, Mo Kit      陳慕潔PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M01714CHAN, Moon Cheung David      PD Contact Fellow
M09377CHAN, Moon Tong Robert      PH Contact Fellow
M08328CHAN, Mui Tong      SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14882CHAN, Myles      陳普來PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11663CHAN, Ngai Ho Tony      陳毅灝PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M14883CHAN, Ngai Man      陳藝敏PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15202CHAN, Ngai Ping      陳毅冰FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M09381CHAN, Ngai Yin      陳藝賢PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M13026CHAN, Ngan Fei Judy      陳雁飛PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M11932CHAN, Ngar Yu      陳雅語PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M13428CHAN, Ngo Lun Allan      陳傲麟EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M13428CHAN, Ngo Lun Allan      陳傲麟SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M12110CHAN, Ngot Htain Alice      陳玉清PAPathologyContact Fellow
M03263CHAN, Nik Hang Vincent      陳力行OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M05492CHAN, Nim Chung Gerard      陳念聰OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M14704CHAN, Ning Hong      陳寧康SUUrologyContact Fellow
M08952CHAN, Nor Norman      陳諾PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M15682CHAN, Oliver      陳炤佑PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13162CHAN, On Kei Angel      陳安琪PAChemical PathologyContact Fellow
M15979CHAN, On Ki      陳安棋ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09745CHAN, On On Annie      陳安安PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M16268CHAN, On Yee      陳安怡OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14379CHAN, On Yi      陳安兒ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14224CHAN, Pak Hei      陳栢羲PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14884CHAN, Pak Hin      陳伯顯OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M10376CHAN, Pak Ho Andrew      陳百浩OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15356CHAN, Pak Hong      陳栢康PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14885CHAN, Pak Tat      陳柏達SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14886CHAN, Pak To      陳柏滔PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M08953CHAN, Pak To Gordon      陳百濤PAPathologyContact Fellow
M00472CHAN, Pak Yung      陳伯勇SU Contact Fellow
M12441CHAN, Pang Fai      陳鵬飛FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13027CHAN, Pierre      陳沛然PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M09214CHAN, Pik Kei Osburga      陳碧姬PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M12709CHAN, Pik Yan      陳碧恩ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15515CHAN, Pik Yan Tanya      陳碧欣ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09103CHAN, Ping Hon Johnny      陳秉漢SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M13029CHAN, Ping Keung      陳秉強OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15845CHAN, Ping Kwan      陳秉君PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M03613CHAN, Ping Man Edwin      陳炳文PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09162CHAN, Ping Tak      陳平德OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M03264CHAN, Po Chun Pauline      陳寶珍OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15846CHAN, Po Chung      陳普中RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M08917CHAN, Po Man Kathy      PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M11198CHAN, Po Nin David      陳寶年RARadiologyContact Fellow
M09464CHAN, Po Tak      陳寶德PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M11306CHAN, Pui Ha Natalie      陳佩霞PAHaematologyContact Fellow
M16408CHAN, Pui Kan      陳沛勤OS Contact Fellow
M13030CHAN, Pui Kwan      陳佩君SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M04371CHAN, Pui Kwong      陳培光CMCommunity MedicineContact Fellow
M08641CHAN, Pui Lan Rowena      陳佩蘭ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15203CHAN, Pui Man Poemen      陳培文OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15031CHAN, Pui San      陳沛珊OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M12783CHAN, Pui Shan Julia      陳珮珊PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M14226CHAN, Pui Wai      陳佩慧FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M00657CHAN, Pui Wai David      陳培偉PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M03084CHAN, Pui Wing Lawrence      陳沛榮PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M12887CHAN, Pui Yiu Nicola      陳珮瑤PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M07188CHAN, Sai Keung      陳世強OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
D01930CHAN, Sai Kwing      陳世烱DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M08030CHAN, Sai Lock Patrick      OGReproductive MedicineContact Fellow
M06672CHAN, Sai Yin      陳世賢PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M01655CHAN, Sai Yu Michael      陳世餘RA Contact Fellow
M08922CHAN, Sau Fan      陳秀芬PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M11996CHAN, Sau Man Sandra      陳秀雯PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14227CHAN, Sau Wai Verena      陳秀慧RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15204CHAN, Sau Yan Thomas      陳守仁PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M11300CHAN, See Ching      陳詩正SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13759CHAN, Shan Ching      陳山正FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15684CHAN, Shannon Melissa      陳詩瓏SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M05838CHAN, Shek Chi      陳碩志PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06164CHAN, Shek Kin      陳碩健PH Contact Fellow
M15032CHAN, Sheung Chun      陳上俊PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14380CHAN, Sheung Hey Thomas      陳上熙PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M15980CHAN, Sheung Yan      陳商殷PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15516CHAN, Shing Chau      陳承就ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M10818CHAN, Shing Chee Symphorosa      陳丞智OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
NILCHAN, Shiu Chick      陳紹勣PH Contact Fellow
M00903CHAN, Shiu Lun      陳兆麟PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15517CHAN, Shiu Wai      陳少偉OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09339CHAN, Shiu Yee Cynthia      陳兆儀FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07588CHAN, Shu Fat      陳樹發ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M01732CHAN, Shu Kai      陳樹楷OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M07891CHAN, Shu Mo      OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12337CHAN, Shu Yan      陳樹仁PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12451CHAN, Shu Yin Eddie      陳樹賢SUUrologyContact Fellow
M04465CHAN, Shu Yu      陳樹餘PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M10190CHAN, Shueng Wai Gavin      陳雙煒PAPathologyContact Fellow
M13584CHAN, Shui Ling      陳瑞玲FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M06348CHAN, Shui Ning Rebecca      陳瑞甯ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13585CHAN, Shuk Fan      陳淑芬PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M15686CHAN, Shuk Ying      陳淑櫻PHInfectious DiseaseContact Fellow
M13430CHAN, Shun      陳晨SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M03699CHAN, Shun Hung Andrew      陳舜鴻ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09591CHAN, Shun Kit      陳迅傑OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M16136CHAN, Shun Yan      陳信恩SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16137CHAN, Shung Kay Samuel      陳崇基PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M13163CHAN, Shut Wah      陳述華CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M12386CHAN, Sik Nga      陳式雅PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M13431CHAN, Sin Hang June      陳善珩PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04087CHAN, Sio Pan      陳少斌FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13586CHAN, Siu Hong      陳少康RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M14382CHAN, Siu Ki      陳紹騏PAPathologyContact Fellow
M13432CHAN, Siu Kim      陳小劍PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M03700CHAN, Siu Kwong      陳韶光PA Contact Fellow
M07410CHAN, Siu Man Bernard      陳小敏PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11628CHAN, Siu Man Simon      陳肇文ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08415CHAN, Siu Mui Tina      陳少梅CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M06265CHAN, Siu Wa Stewart      陳兆華EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M12270CHAN, Siu Yin      陳小燕SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12072CHAN, Siu Yu      陳少儒PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06947CHAN, Siu Yuen      陳笑園PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13850CHAN, So Ching Sarah      陳素貞OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M03351CHAN, Sui Yum      陳瑞鑫PAPathologyContact Fellow
M11292CHAN, Suk Har      陳淑霞SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M11372CHAN, Suk Man Anne      陳淑雯OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M10250CHAN, Suk Yee      陳淑儀PD Contact Fellow
M09041CHAN, Suk Yin      陳淑燕FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M16410CHAN, Sum Yee      陳心怡OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15205CHAN, Sum Yin      陳心妍RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M08013CHAN, Sze Luen David      陳仕鑾FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M10120CHAN, Sze Man Monica      陳詩敏RARadiologyContact Fellow
M04464CHAN, Sze Man Vincent      陳仕文PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M03300CHAN, Sze Tong      陳思堂SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M11297CHAN, Sze Wah      陳思華SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13995CHAN, Sze Wun Winnie      陳施媛RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15687CHAN, Sze Yan      陳思欣OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M00604CHAN, Tai Kwong      陳棣光PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M13433CHAN, Tai Leung Daniel      陳泰良SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M08429CHAN, Tak Cheung Anthony      陳德章PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M08208CHAN, Tak Hin      陳德顯PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
D02196CHAN, Tak Kam      陳德錦DSEndodonticsContact Fellow
M14706CHAN, Tak Kuen      陳德權EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M08498CHAN, Tak Man      陳德文RARadiologyContact Fellow
M06199CHAN, Tak Mao Daniel      陳德茂PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M05594CHAN, Tak Ming John      陳德銘SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M07484CHAN, Tak Ming Paddy      陳德明RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M05046CHAN, Tak Shing Jimmy      陳德勝EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M05046CHAN, Tak Shing Jimmy      陳德勝SU Contact Fellow
M08038CHAN, Tak Vai      陳德威ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08928CHAN, Tak Yan Norman      PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08767CHAN, Tak Yeung      陳德揚PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M11266CHAN, Tang Tat      陳騰達PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11638CHAN, Tao      陳濤RARadiologyContact Fellow
M03038CHAN, Tat Eddie      陳達FP Contact Fellow
M03038CHAN, Tat Eddie      陳達PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09382CHAN, Tat Ming      陳達明OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M11249CHAN, Tat Ming      陳達明SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M15518CHAN, Tim Wai      陳添偉RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M10305CHAN, Tin Chee      陳天慈PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M12925CHAN, Tin Sang Augustine      覃天笙RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15357CHAN, Tin Yan Christina      陳天欣SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M09163CHAN, Tin Yau Teddy      陳天佑PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15688CHAN, Ting      陳婷PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M13851CHAN, Ting Bong      陳定邦FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M09768CHAN, To Man      陳道文OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15519CHAN, Tommy Chung Yan      陳頌恩OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M08683CHAN, Tsan Fai      PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14842CHAN, Tsang Tung      陳增東OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14554CHAN, Tsun Bong Simon      陳俊邦EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M08227CHAN, Tsun Fai Ferdinand      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12824CHAN, Tsz Mim Jasmine      陳子勉PHPalliative MedicineContact Fellow
M08202CHAN, Tsz Pang      PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M09073CHAN, Tsz Tong Raymond      陳子棠RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M09215CHAN, Tsz Wang Louis      PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M07411CHAN, Tsz Yeung      陳子揚ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14555CHAN, Tsz Yeung      陳子揚SUUrologyContact Fellow
M14556CHAN, Tuen Ching      陳端正PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M11707CHAN, Tun Kut      陳沌吉OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13434CHAN, Tung Ching      陳冬青PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M10714CHAN, Tung Fei Tony      陳東飛SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12338CHAN, Tung Ning      陳東寧EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15358CHAN, Tze Ho      陳子豪EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M07570CHAN, Tze Mun      陳子敏RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M16140CHAN, Tze Wang      陳子弘OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M06076CHAN, Wah Fat      陳華發PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M01982CHAN, Wai Chee Kenneth      陳慰慈SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08901CHAN, Wai Chi      陳偉智PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M03181CHAN, Wai Chiu      陳蔚超OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M09283CHAN, Wai Chong      陳慧莊SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15034CHAN, Wai Chung      陳偉聰PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M14887CHAN, Wai Chung      陳慧聰OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M03266CHAN, Wai Chung Vincent      陳慧忠PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M11267CHAN, Wai Fan      陳偉勲SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11199CHAN, Wai Fu      陳威虎OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M02563CHAN, Wai Han Hilda      陳慧嫻PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M09240CHAN, Wai Hee      SUUrologyContact Fellow
M15847CHAN, Wai Hei Arthur      陳瑋稀SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M07502CHAN, Wai Ho      OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M08684CHAN, Wai Hong      陳偉康PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M15981CHAN, Wai Hong      陳維康SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12339CHAN, Wai Hong Charles      陳偉康PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M09662CHAN, Wai Hung      陳偉雄PDPaediatric Immunology & Infectious DiseasesContact Fellow
M11664CHAN, Wai Keung      陳偉強SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12387CHAN, Wai Kit      陳維傑OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M16141CHAN, Wai Kit Jacky      陳偉傑ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08619CHAN, Wai Kong      陳維剛PAPathologyContact Fellow
M05826CHAN, Wai Kuen Edith      陳惠娟SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
D02600CHAN, Wai Kwok Alex      陳維國DSEndodonticsContact Fellow
M06279CHAN, Wai Kwong      陳偉光PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11575CHAN, Wai Lam      陳偉霖OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M10251CHAN, Wai Ling      陳惠玲PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14856CHAN, Wai Lun Larry      陳偉麟PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M02838CHAN, Wai Man      陳慧敏CM Contact Fellow
M08285CHAN, Wai Man      陳偉民OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M10219CHAN, Wai Man      陳偉文PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M15207CHAN, Wai Man      陳慧雯PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08173CHAN, Wai Man Johnny      PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M07683CHAN, Wai Man Wilson      陳惠文PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M07413CHAN, Wai Ming      陳惠明PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M12825CHAN, Wai Ming      陳偉明PDPaediatric Immunology & Infectious DiseasesContact Fellow
M15035CHAN, Wai Ming      陳偉明OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14888CHAN, Wai Naam Wales      陳瑋枬ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M04705CHAN, Wai Nang Clement      陳偉能OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M06585CHAN, Wai Sing      陳惠成OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13852CHAN, Wai Sze      陳慧詩PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M09747CHAN, Wai Tat      陳偉達SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15359CHAN, Wai To Total      陳偉韜EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15690CHAN, Wai Tuen      陳慧端PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15691CHAN, Wai Yee Lydia      陳慧儀RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11933CHAN, Wai Yee Winnie      陳慧儀ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14708CHAN, Wai Yin      陳偉賢PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15036CHAN, Wan Chi      陳允芝RARadiologyContact Fellow
M12711CHAN, Wan Kin      陳允健CMAdministrative MedicineContact Fellow
M08768CHAN, Wan Pang      OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12625CHAN, Wan Wai      陳蘊慧FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08407CHAN, Wan Yee Winnie      FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M11574CHAN, Wen      陳弘PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M11773CHAN, Weng Kwun Arthur      陳宏鈞PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M09104CHAN, Wing Bun      陳穎斌PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M08416CHAN, Wing Cheong      陳永昌SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
D00750CHAN, Wing Ho      陳永浩DS Contact Fellow
D03674CHAN, Wing Ho Boris      陳永豪DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M15360CHAN, Wing Hong      陳永康SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13996CHAN, Wing Hung Anthony      陳永鴻PAPathologyContact Fellow
M04664CHAN, Wing Kay Rick      陳永基RARadiologyContact Fellow
M16143CHAN, Wing Ki      陳永祺PD Contact Fellow
M12712CHAN, Wing Kwan      陳穎鈞OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M11997CHAN, Wing Leung      陳永亮OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15208CHAN, Wing Lok      陳穎樂RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M14228CHAN, Wing Lun      陳穎麟EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M07514CHAN, Wing Sang      陳穎生ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M16413CHAN, Wing Shan      陳穎姍PD Contact Fellow
M11313CHAN, Wing Sze      PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M12340CHAN, Wing Wai      陳穎懷SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13032CHAN, Wing Yan      陳穎欣FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15361CHAN, Wing Yan Joey      陳詠欣PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M02412CHAN, Wing Yee Anna      陳穎儀PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M06181CHAN, Wing Yee Winnie      陳頴宜PA Contact Fellow
M13439CHAN, Wing Yin      陳穎賢OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M07099CHAN, Woon Ming      陳煥明OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M02742CHAN, Woon Tong Joseph      陳煥堂OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15848CHAN, Wun Cheung Samuel      陳煥章RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11268CHAN, Yam Lai Thomas      陳欽勵FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M11408CHAN, Yan Fat Alfred      陳恩發PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M05537CHAN, Yan Keung Thomas      陳恩強PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M07101CHAN, Yan Kwong Eric      陳恩廣FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M04513CHAN, Yan Wo      陳恩和PAPathologyContact Fellow
M12248CHAN, Yap Joseph      陳熠OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M08685CHAN, Yat Fai      陳日輝OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09383CHAN, Yat Sun Joseph      陳日新PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11934CHAN, Yat Tung Eric      陳日東PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M16414CHAN, Yau Ki Wilson      陳祐祈PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12249CHAN, Yau Ng Puisy      陳幼吾EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M01405CHAN, Yau Tung      陳友冬SUUrologyContact Fellow
M09285CHAN, Yau Wai      陳友偉ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14889CHAN, Yee Joyce      陳怡PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M11456CHAN, Yee Ki      PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M03301CHAN, Yee Shing Alvin      陳以誠PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13034CHAN, Yeuk Kei      陳若琪FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14710CHAN, Yick Chun      陳亦俊PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15209CHAN, Yien Ching      陳燕晴OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M08382CHAN, Yik Ming      陳奕明OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M11376CHAN, Yik Si Louis      陳億仕OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14711CHAN, Yin Cheung Phillip      陳彥璋PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M13033CHAN, Yin Chiu      陳彥超FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M12713CHAN, Yin Hang      陳彥衡FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15692CHAN, Yin Ho      陳彥豪RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14229CHAN, Yin Pui      陳延珮PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14383CHAN, Yin Yan Anne      陳然欣PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M12626CHAN, Ying Ho      陳英豪FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13998CHAN, Ying Ho      陳英豪FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08863CHAN, Ying Kei      OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14890CHAN, Ying Ting Purdy      陳英婷PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15521CHAN, Ying Tze Viola      陳嫈紫OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15982CHAN, Ying Wing Jessie      陳盈穎SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14526CHAN, Ying Yang Emily      陳英凝CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M08804CHAN, Yip Fai      陳業輝RARadiologyContact Fellow
M01773CHAN, Yiu Cheung      陳耀昌RA Contact Fellow
M10191CHAN, Yiu Cheung      陳耀祥EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M09399CHAN, Yiu Han      陳耀恒PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M10354CHAN, Yiu Hoi      陳耀海PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M04706CHAN, Yiu Kay      陳耀奇PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M04212CHAN, Yiu Kuen Dennis      陳耀權PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M15362CHAN, Yiu Man Olivia      陳耀敏OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15850CHAN, Yu Hin      陳宇軒PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13853CHAN, Yu Ho      陳裕豪PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M15851CHAN, Yu Hong      陳宇康PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M04055CHAN, Yu Kwan      陳宇鈞PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M05113CHAN, Yu Leung      陳宇亮RARadiologyContact Fellow
M06517CHAN, Yu Pak      陳如栢PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M07026CHAN, Yu Wai      陳如維PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M12341CHAN, Yu Wai      陳汝威SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M05105CHAN, Yuen Fai Anita      陳婉輝OG Contact Fellow
M03302CHAN, Yuen Fu      陳遠虎PA Contact Fellow
M11416CHAN, Yuen Mei      陳婉媚OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12271CHAN, Yuen Sze      陳婉思PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M13344CHAN, Yuen Yan      陳遠欣FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13165CHAN, Yui Kin Jonathan      陳銳堅PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M09873CHAN, Yuk Chun      陳玉珍FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14712CHAN, Yuk Kit      陳玉潔PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M04056CHAN, Yuk May May      陳玉媚OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M03267CHAN, Yuk Ng Patrick      陳育寤PD Contact Fellow
M05867CHAN, Yuk Tat Eric      陳育達PAImmunologyContact Fellow
M03625CHAN, Yuk Wah Severinus      陳育華PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M04088CHAN, Yum Seung      陳蔭湘PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M01942CHAN, Yun Lam      陳潤霖SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M07354CHAN, Yun Yee Ronee      陳潤兒RA Contact Fellow
M11812CHAN, Yung      陳勇SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M13760CHAN, Yung      陳湧PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
D01600CHAN CHENG, Yuk Hing D.      陳鄭玉卿DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M15600CHAN LOK, Zara Lin Zau      陳駱靈岫OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M00669CHAN YEUNG, Mo Wah Moira      陳慕華PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15363CHANG, Carlin      張嘉琳PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M03626CHANG, Chee My Paul      張茲勱PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M03008CHANG, Chee Siu David      張茲劭PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M12784CHANG, Chi Lok      鄭志樂PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M01287CHANG, Fuk To      張福滔OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M11269CHANG, Hang Kwok       鄭恒國ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14713CHANG, Hsi Tse Joseph Jeremy      張熙澤OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12627CHANG, Ka Fai      鄭家輝FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08705CHANG, Kai On      PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04840CHANG, Kan Jane      張勤PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12342CHANG, Kit      張傑PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08660CHANG, Kwok Chiu      鄭國釗PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15037CHANG, Li Li      張莉莉PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M14384CHANG, Mee      張苗PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M04039CHANG, Shao      張劭OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13854CHANG, Shek Kwan      張錫坤PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M08398CHANG, Shyh Jye      張世傑SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08354CHANG, So Min John      張叔銘OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M13855CHANG, Tien Yee Amy      張天怡RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M03009CHANG, Wai Julian      張維OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15983CHANG, Wai Tsz      張慧子OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M00918CHANG, Wai Wah Wilson      張偉華FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13772CHANG, Wai Yin James      張蔚然EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M13999CHANG, Wing Chung      張頴宗PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M05851CHANG, Yu Lin      張煜麟PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M10121CHANG, Yui      張銳PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M04040CHANG, Yun Po Robert      張運波OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08805CHANG KWONG, Kuifa      鄭桂花PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M11679CHAO, Sih Yin Nicholas      趙式言SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M07581CHAO, Vai Kiong David      周偉強FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14230CHAU, Cheuk Wai Jeffrey      周卓威EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M03667CHAU, Chi Chiu      周志超PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M14714CHAU, Chi Hong      周志康PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M07780CHAU, Chi Hung      周志雄PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M12785CHAU, Chi Wai      周志偉EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M11270CHAU, Chin Man      周展聞ANIntensive CareContact Fellow
M10477CHAU, Ching Ping      仇靜萍ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14385CHAU, Chuen Tak      鄒傳德PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M08090CHAU, Chun Han      SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13036CHAU, Hin Lysander      鄒衍SUUrologyContact Fellow
M15364CHAU, Hiu Wai      周曉慧EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M16269CHAU, Hoi Ki Samantha      鄒凱琪FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M10306CHAU, Hoi Lun      周海倫RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15693CHAU, Hung Pan      周雄斌EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04422CHAU, Ka Foon      周嘉歡PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M09593CHAU, Ka Vai      周家偉CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M14231CHAU, Ka Yee      周嘉宜PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
M13327CHAU, Kai Man      周啟文FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M05120CHAU, Kai Tung Adolphus      周啟東PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06583CHAU, Kai Yin      鄒啟賢PA Contact Fellow
M08661CHAU, Kin Wai      周建偉PDPaediatric Respiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M13167CHAU, Kwok Fung Tony      周國峰PAPathologyContact Fellow
M08654CHAU, Kwok Kwan      周國鈞RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M06751CHAU, Kwok On Gordon      周國安OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M08742CHAU, Luen Fai      周聯輝RARadiologyContact Fellow
M03082CHAU, Ming Tak      周明德RARadiologyContact Fellow
M07682CHAU, Mo Chee Elaine      周慕慈PHCardiologyContact Fellow
D01235CHAU, Ngai Ying      周毅英DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M10726CHAU, Oi Lam      周愛琳PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07014CHAU, On Wah Peter      PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M14233CHAU, Shuk Kuen      周淑娟PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11936CHAU, Shuk Yi Lucia      周淑儀PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M15038CHAU, Suet Ming      周雪明PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M08201CHAU, Tai Nin      周泰年PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M01679CHAU, Vincent      周榮PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15852CHAU, Wai Ho      周偉浩PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M08962CHAU, Wai Keung      周偉強RARadiologyContact Fellow
M10727CHAU, Wai Ming      周偉明PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M14557CHAU, Wai Suen Madeleine      周慧璇PAPathologyContact Fellow
M05839CHAU, Wan Yeung      周允揚PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M00785CHAU, Wing      周永OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05583CHAU, Wing Shun      周永信SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M06216CHAU, Yat Sang      周日生OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13856CHAU, Yau Ming      鄒有銘EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15499CHAU, Yee Man Jackie      周綺文OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11665CHAU, Yuk Ping      周玉屏PA Contact Fellow
M13857CHE, Ka Seng      謝家勝FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15984CHE, Kit I      謝結儀PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15694CHE, Pey Sze Patricia      車珮詩PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M01844CHE, Yee Ming      車一民PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11937CHEANG, Si Ngai      鄭斯毅ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14558CHEE, Anne      奚安妮CM Contact Fellow
M09241CHEE, Pay Yun Peter      池丕恩EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M08578CHEE, Yee Eot      徐宇玉ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14234CHEE, Yuet Yee      池月兒PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
D03726CHEN, Annie      陳曉穎DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M04217CHEN, Char Nie      陳佳鼐PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13440CHEN, Chi Kin      陳志健OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M02119CHEN, Chia Lu Sylvia      陳嘉璐PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M03435CHEN, Chung I Raymond      陳崇一CMCommunity MedicineContact Fellow
M12193CHEN, Cynthia      陳佩雯PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M08233CHEN, Erh Heng Enoch      陳爾亨OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13858CHEN, Hay Son Robin      陳羲舜PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09165CHEN, Hong      陳虹CM Contact Fellow
M09165CHEN, Hong      陳虹PDPaediatric Immunology & Infectious DiseasesContact Fellow
M00102CHEN, Meng Hua      陳萌華PA Contact Fellow
M07009CHEN, Ngan      曾雁OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M14235CHEN, Pak Lam Sammy      陳栢林PAPathologyContact Fellow
M07130CHEN, Phoon Ping      曾煥彬ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13169CHEN, Siu Wai Ivo      陳少慧OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08579CHEN, Teck Meng      陳德明PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M12389CHEN, Tzu Hsin Clement      陳梓欣SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10839CHEN, Wai      陳慧PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M02141CHEN, Wai Chee Walter      陳維智PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M07830CHEN, Wai Hong      PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11841CHEN, Wai Tsan      陳煒嬋PHPalliative MedicineContact Fellow
M14212CHEN, Xiao Rui Catherine      陳曉瑞FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08225CHEN, Yi Tin      PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M09360CHEN, Yu Hai Eric      陳友凱PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M08174CHEN, Yuk Lun Ronald      陳玉麟PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07999CHENG, Ai Yu      鄭愛瑜ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M06940CHENG, Beatrice      鄭信恩CM Contact Fellow
M11728CHENG, Chak Kwan Arthur      鄭澤鈞OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M08199CHENG, Che Chung      鄭志翀EM Contact Fellow
M12959CHENG, Cheuk Hong      鄭灼康FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14559CHENG, Cheung Hing      鄭長興SUUrologyContact Fellow
M09384CHENG, Cheung Wah Boron      鄭長華PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M10323CHENG, Chi Chung Vincent      鄭智聰PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
D01695CHENG, Chi Fung Jason      鄭子豐DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M10819CHENG, Chi Hung      鄭志雄EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M12250CHENG, Chi Kai Michael      鄭智佳PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M07048CHENG, Chi Kin Ashley      鄭志堅RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M13037CHENG, Chi On Andy      鄭智安OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M04363CHENG, Chi Sing      鄭志成RARadiologyContact Fellow
M08728CHENG, Chi Wai      SUUrologyContact Fellow
M09166CHENG, Chi Wai      鄭志威PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M00712CHENG, Chi Yan Frank      鄭志仁SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M01597CHENG, Choong Boon A.      鄭從本OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M03081CHENG, Chun Fai      鄭俊輝PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M02580CHENG, Chun Ho      鄭俊豪PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M06231CHENG, Chun Kwong      鄭鎮光OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M11513CHENG, Chun Pong      鄭振邦ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14891CHENG, Chun Sing David      鄭俊昇FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M03099CHENG, Chun Yiu Jack      鄭振耀OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
D02823CHENG, Chung Ki      鄭松基DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M06298CHENG, Chung Kit James      鄭仲傑OS Contact Fellow
M04041CHENG, Chung Lun      鄭鐘麟OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M04372CHENG, Chung Ping      鄭鐘平PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M17940CHENG, Elaine Yee-lan      鄭綺蘭PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M02664CHENG, Fan Fanny      鄭帆PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M13442CHENG, Frances      鄭欣怡PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M03644CHENG, Fun Bun Augustine      鄭勳斌PA Contact Fellow
M07376CHENG, Fung Yip      鄭鳳葉PAPathologyContact Fellow
M14386CHENG, Ghar Yee Judy      鄭嘉怡FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07596CHENG, Hang Cheong      鄭亨昌OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M16418CHENG, Hei Shun      鄭熹信PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M14387CHENG, Hei Wan      鄭曦雲FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13171CHENG, Hi Shan      鄭喜珊OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M02828CHENG, Hing Fai Albert      鄭慶輝SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M07363CHENG, Hing Ming      鄭慶明PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M15853CHENG, Hiu Yee Heidi      鄭曉怡OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14892CHENG, Ho Yi      鄭浩怡ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08662CHENG, Hoi Ching      鄭海清RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M12826CHENG, Hon Kuen      鄭漢權PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M12786CHENG, Hon Wai      鄭漢威PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M14893CHENG, Hon Wai Benjamin      程康偉PHPalliative MedicineContact Fellow
M15366CHENG, Hua Yin Naomi      鄭華昕PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
M01414CHENG, Hung Fai David      鄭雄暉OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M06551CHENG, Hung Kai      鄭鴻佳ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11928CHENG, Hung On      鄭鴻安OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
D03274CHENG, Hung Wai Ronald      鄭雄威DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M15039CHENG, Jen Ngai      鄭戩毅PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M05126CHENG, Jennie      鄭珍妮OG Contact Fellow
M15985CHENG, Ka King      鄭加勁RARadiologyContact Fellow
M07955CHENG, Ka Leung Danny      鄭嘉樑OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15040CHENG, Ka Lok      鄭家樂EM Contact Fellow
M16544CHENG, Ka Ning Katherine      鄭嘉寧OG Contact Fellow
M14236CHENG, Ka Shing      鄭加成PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M13038CHENG, Kai Chi      鄭繼志SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08642CHENG, Kam Chau      鄭金洲RANuclear MedicineContact Fellow
M11019CHENG, Kam Wah      鄭錦華ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M10820CHENG, Kin Hung William      鄭建鴻OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M07697CHENG, Kin Ming      鄭建明SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M09286CHENG, Kin Shing      鄭建成PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15210CHENG, King Fai      鄭璟暉SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M14237CHENG, King Lik      鄭經歷ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09064CHENG, Kit Wing      鄭傑榮FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M10122CHENG, Koi Man      鄭蓋民PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M02535CHENG, Kum Po Ignatius      鄭鑑波PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M01212CHENG, Kwan Shing Arthur      鄭君成OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M16272CHENG, Kwun Chung      鄭冠中SUUrologyContact Fellow
M14715CHENG, Kwun Yue Yvonne      鄭昆瑜OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M07957CHENG, Lik Cheung      鄭力翔SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M11457CHENG, Lik Fai      鄭力暉RARadiologyContact Fellow
M13589CHENG, Ling Ling      鄭玲玲PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15523CHENG, Lok Yan Eunice      鄭樂恩EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M11577CHENG, Lu Lulu      鄭路OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M11200CHENG, Man Tung Tony      鄭文通ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M02835CHENG, Man Yung      鄭文容PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14895CHENG, Mei Chi      鄭美芝OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15524CHENG, Mina      鄭敏樂SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M05418CHENG, Ming Chuen Peter      鄭明銓RARadiologyContact Fellow
M08793CHENG, Ming Kin      莊明健PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M06170CHENG, Ming Lai Mary      鄭明麗OG Contact Fellow
M09341CHENG, Ming Shiaw      鄭明孝SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M12787CHENG, Ngai Shing      鄭毅誠OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M05248CHENG, Ning Man Paul      鄭寧民PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M13590CHENG, Oi Ling Edith      鄭愛玲OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M03228CHENG, On Cheong      鄭安昌RARadiologyContact Fellow
M07416CHENG, Pak Man George      鄭柏文OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15525CHENG, Pak Wing      鄭柏榮PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14238CHENG, Pik Lam Agnes      鄭壁琳ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09663CHENG, Pik Shun      鄭碧純PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11515CHENG, Pui Gee Bonnie      鄭佩芝ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09748CHENG, Pui Kwan Lisa      鄭佩君FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13591CHENG, Pui Lam      鄭沛霖OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14716CHENG, Pui Sum Cupid      鄭沛森FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07583CHENG, Pui Wai      鄭培偉RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11940CHENG, Pui Yan      鄭佩欣CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M02661CHENG, Sai Cheong      鄭世昌PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M13859CHENG, Sai Yip Ronald      鄭世業FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M02821CHENG, Sau Ling Christina      鄭秀玲PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M08234CHENG, Sau Yi Kimberly      鄭秀儀PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M15526CHENG, Shan Shan      鄭珊珊RA Contact Fellow
M14717CHENG, Shuk Yee      鄭淑儀PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M00430CHENG, Sian Chun      莊善春FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13592CHENG, Suet Lai      鄭雪麗PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M12272CHENG, Sze Chung      鄭思宗OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09242CHENG, Sze Ting Stella      鄭思婷EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15696CHENG, Sze Wing      鄭斯穎PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11842CHENG, Tat Sun      鄭達燊PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M09427CHENG, Tin Sik      鄭天錫PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M12148CHENG, Tsang Dawn      鄭竫ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15527CHENG, Tsz Ling Chris      鄭紫翎SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
D00908CHENG, Wai Cheong Warren      鄭偉昌DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M08686CHENG, Wai Fun Anna      PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15855CHENG, Wai Hui      鄭慧栩ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12254CHENG, Wai Tsoi Frankie      鄭偉才PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08831CHENG, Wai Wai      鄭蕙蕙PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06544CHENG, Wei      鄭偉SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M13328CHENG, Wendy      鄭菲蓮EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15986CHENG, Wing Ho Stephen      鄭永豪PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M08717CHENG, Wing Keung      鄭永強PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M05756CHENG, Wing Keung Stephen      鄭永強SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06958CHENG, Woon Ming Agnes      鄭煥明ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11201CHENG, Yan Wah      鄭恩華PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11799CHENG, Yat Hung      鄭日洪ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14153CHENG, Yik Hon      鄭翊侃PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M07740CHENG, Yin Chi      鄭燕姿ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12952CHENG, Yue      程越PAPathologyContact Fellow
M15528CHENG, Yuet Wong      鄭月旺PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14560CHENG, Yuh Meei      鄭裕美SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M07662CHENG, Yuk Lun      鄭玉麟PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M06980CHEON, Willy Cecilia      張偉麗OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
D02971CHEONG, Hung Lei Celine      張虹莉DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M16421CHEONG, Kai Ning      鍾凱甯PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08081CHEONG, Peng Meng      張炳明OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14142CHEONG, Renee Constance Yue-kew      張裕翹PAPathologyContact Fellow
M16116CHEONG, Yan Yue Adrian Piers      張仁宇PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M06441CHERK, Wan Wah Sharon      卓蘊樺PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11250CHEUK, Au      卓鷗PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M12716CHEUK, Cheung Yan Edmond      卓長仁SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13860CHEUK, Christina      卓嘉雯FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
D03343CHEUK, Chun Yu Godwin      卓振宇DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M12343CHEUK, Ka Leung Daniel      卓家良PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15987CHEUK, Kwan Yee      卓君頤SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14002CHEUK, Kwan Yiu      卓筠嬈OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14388CHEUK, Ming Yan      卓明恩PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M01016CHEUK, Shu Kwan      卓樹鈞RA Contact Fellow
M15988CHEUK, Tin Yan      卓天欣PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M04042CHEUK, Tsan      卓贊CM Contact Fellow
M04042CHEUK, Tsan      卓贊SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11418CHEUK, Wah      卓華PAPathologyContact Fellow
D02659CHEUK, Wan Ping Penny      卓蘊萍DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M14718CHEUK, Wing Ngar      卓頴雅FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14240CHEUK, Yuen Yi      卓元怡RARadiologyContact Fellow
M13443CHEUNG, Amy Sonya Cheuk-See      張卓思OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
D01887CHEUNG, Big Chu Gloria      張碧珠DS Contact Fellow
M05396CHEUNG, Cheuk Yuen C.      張灼源OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M07493CHEUNG, Chi Chung Luke      張智聰EM Contact Fellow
M06628CHEUNG, Chi Hang      張志恆SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15530CHEUNG, Chi Hong David      張志康FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M06719CHEUNG, Chi Hung      張志雄PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
D02841CHEUNG, Chi Kai      張志佳DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M15369CHEUNG, Chi Kin Arthur      張志鍵EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M16273CHEUNG, Chi Kwan      張志鈞PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M16547CHEUNG, Chi Nok      張智諾OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12536CHEUNG, Chi Peter      張智OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
D03012CHEUNG, Chi Tung      張志桐DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M12117CHEUNG, Chi Wai      張志偉ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09244CHEUNG, Chi Wai Stephen      張志偉RARadiologyContact Fellow
M13174CHEUNG, Chi Yan      張智欣RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11646CHEUNG, Chi Yeung      張志揚PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M15370CHEUNG, Chi Ying Genevieve      張智瑩SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10220CHEUNG, Chi Yuen Simon      張志遠PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M07963CHEUNG, Chin Cheung      張展翔SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12632CHEUNG, Chin Pang      張展鵬EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15857CHEUNG, Ching Ping      張正平PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07025CHEUNG, Chiu Ping James      張釗平PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14003CHEUNG, Chuen Ho      張傳灝ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
D01686CHEUNG, Chui Wah Edwin      張趣華DS Contact Fellow
M09243CHEUNG, Chun Fong Jane      章俊芳PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M08214CHEUNG, Chun Ming      張春明PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M12390CHEUNG, Chun Wai      張春惠OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M13861CHEUNG, Chun Yu      張振宇PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M16145CHEUNG, Chung Yeung      張宗揚SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08235CHEUNG, Foon Yiu      張寬耀RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M05704CHEUNG, Fu Keung      張富強SUUrologyContact Fellow
M11176CHEUNG, Fu Keung      張富強PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M10221CHEUNG, Fuk Chi Eric      張復熾PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07544CHEUNG, Fung Ching      張豐青SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M11578CHEUNG, Hard King      張刻勁FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14514CHEUNG, Hay Lok      張喜樂EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14896CHEUNG, Hay Man      張稀雯SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11941CHEUNG, Heung Yan      張香忍PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04043CHEUNG, Hing Chuen Henry      張慶全SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M16422CHEUNG, Hing Fong      張馨芳SU Contact Fellow
M07868CHEUNG, Ho Man      章浩敏OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
D03463CHEUNG, Ho Ming Lisa      張皓明DSEndodonticsContact Fellow
M08329CHEUNG, Ho Yin Michael      SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10366CHEUNG, Ho Yuen      張皓琬SUUrologyContact Fellow
M16146CHEUNG, Hoi Ching      張凱晴OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M11020CHEUNG, Hon Kee      張漢奇PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M06887CHEUNG, Hon Ming      張漢明PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M09385CHEUNG, Hon Ming      張漢明PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M02009CHEUNG, Hung Kin      張鴻堅PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07756CHEUNG, Hung Leong      張鴻亮SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M15697CHEUNG, Ingrid Yu Ying      張宇媖PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
M15531CHEUNG, Janice Jing Chee      張瀞之OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15532CHEUNG, Jason Pui Yin      鍾培言OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11516CHEUNG, Ka Chun      張嘉俊PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M08330CHEUNG, Ka Kin      OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M10307CHEUNG, Ka Ming      張嘉明PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15858CHEUNG, Ka Shing      張嘉盛PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M15533CHEUNG, Ka Wai Alice      張嘉慧RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M15212CHEUNG, Ka Wang      張嘉宏OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12391CHEUNG, Ka Yin      張嘉姸SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13175CHEUNG, Ka Yin      張家彥PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M03995CHEUNG, Kai Bun      張啟斌OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M04385CHEUNG, Kai Shuen      張啟旋ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09665CHEUNG, Kai Yin      張啟然OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M05216CHEUNG, Kam Lau      張錦流PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M16147CHEUNG, Kenneth Kai Yat      張棨壹RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14897CHEUNG, Kent Shek      張健碩EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M09167CHEUNG, Kim Wai      張劍偉OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M07289CHEUNG, Kin Leung Ben      張建良PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M04754CHEUNG, Kin Ming      張建明RARadiologyContact Fellow
M09245CHEUNG, Kin Wing      張堅穎OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M00933CHEUNG, King Loong      張敬瓏PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M02967CHEUNG, King On      張敬安PH Contact Fellow
M01072CHEUNG, King Wai      張經緯RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15371CHEUNG, Kit Ting Kitty      張潔婷PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M14241CHEUNG, Kit Yan      張潔欣PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M12207CHEUNG, Kit Ying      張潔瑩PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M02202CHEUNG, Kit Ying Andy      張潔影FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13595CHEUNG, Koon Ho      張冠豪EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M13862CHEUNG, Kwan Ling      張君令OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M11517CHEUNG, Kwok Fai      張國輝SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M01953CHEUNG, Kwok King Rosemary      張國琼OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M03303CHEUNG, Kwok Kwong      張國光OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M04806CHEUNG, Kwok Leung      張國良OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M06927CHEUNG, Kwok Leung      張國良SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11458CHEUNG, Kwok Leung      張國良FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
D02798CHEUNG, Kwok Po      張國寶DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M07757CHEUNG, Lai Ping      張麗冰OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14843CHEUNG, Lai Ying Grace      張麗影PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M14719CHEUNG, Lap      張嵐PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M14242CHEUNG, Lap Kei      張立基PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15372CHEUNG, Lap Woon      張立援EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14720CHEUNG, Li Li      張莉莉PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M06094CHEUNG, Lik Ching David      張力正SU Contact Fellow
D01726CHEUNG, Lim Kwong      張念光DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M13445CHEUNG, Ling Ling      張玲玲PHCardiologyContact Fellow
D02337CHEUNG, Loi Ming      張來明DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M03468CHEUNG, Luen Yin      張鑾賢ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07118CHEUNG, Man Chee Kenneth      張文智OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08663CHEUNG, Man Chiu      SUUrologyContact Fellow
M03339CHEUNG, Man Fung Florence      張文鳳PAPathologyContact Fellow
M14243CHEUNG, Man Ha      張嫚霞FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15213CHEUNG, Man Hong      張文康OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15373CHEUNG, Man Hung      張文虹SUUrologyContact Fellow
M12345CHEUNG, Man Kuen      張文娟FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M00176CHEUNG, Man Tai Edmund      張文泰SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M07781CHEUNG, Man Tat      張文達PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M07119CHEUNG, Man Yung Bernard      張文勇PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M15991CHEUNG, Mei Ki      張美琪OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M14244CHEUNG, Mei Ling      張美玲OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14721CHEUNG, Mei Yee      張美儀FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M06138CHEUNG, Ming Chee Michael      張明智RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M04423CHEUNG, Ming Kuen Paul      張明權OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M04424CHEUNG, Moon Tong      張滿棠SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06139CHEUNG, Mun Fong Clara      張敏芳OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M06153CHEUNG, Mun Wah      張敏華PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08664CHEUNG, Nai Kwong      張乃光EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
D03253CHEUNG, Nga Yi Rhonda      張雅怡DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M06226CHEUNG, Nga Yin Annie      張雅賢PAPathologyContact Fellow
M12393CHEUNG, Ngai Fung      張毅鋒FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M12392CHEUNG, Ning      張寧ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
D01058CHEUNG, Ning Hoi      張寧海DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M09832CHEUNG, Oi Yee      張靄怡PAPathologyContact Fellow
M12717CHEUNG, Pak Chiu      張百昭OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M05041CHEUNG, Peter      張必達PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M14561CHEUNG, Philip      張浩然OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13176CHEUNG, Pik Shan      張碧珊PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M04827CHEUNG, Pik To      張璧濤PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M00949CHEUNG, Ping Sheung Albert      張炳常SU Contact Fellow
M07417CHEUNG, Po Wa      張寶華ANIntensive CareContact Fellow
M06195CHEUNG, Po Yin      張寶賢PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M01814CHEUNG, Sai Ping      張世平PD Contact Fellow
M15182CHEUNG, Sai Wah      張世華PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M15041CHEUNG, Sai Yin      張世彥PAPathologyContact Fellow
M08067CHEUNG, Sek Hong      張錫康OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M14391CHEUNG, Shek Kei      張石基EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M13863CHEUNG, Shing Him      張誠謙PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M09769CHEUNG, Shing Kee William      張盛基RANuclear MedicineContact Fellow
M14722CHEUNG, Shui Yee Phoebe      張瑞宜EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
D01894CHEUNG, Shun Pan Gary      張順彬DSEndodonticsContact Fellow
M13596CHEUNG, Sing Tak      張承德SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M07998CHEUNG, Siu Fai      張兆輝PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M14563CHEUNG, Suk Kwan      張淑君ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12829CHEUNG, Suk Yan Olivia      張淑欣ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M03425CHEUNG, Suk Yee Polly      張淑儀SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13597CHEUNG, Sze Man      張思敏FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15214CHEUNG, Sze Yan Charleen      張士恩OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M09031CHEUNG, Tak Cheong      PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M07063CHEUNG, Tak Fai Raymond      張德輝PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M04641CHEUNG, Tak Fai Thomas      張德輝OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M05535CHEUNG, Tak Hong      張德康OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08576CHEUNG, Tak Yan      張德仁SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15534CHEUNG, Tammy Wing Yee      張頴頤PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12633CHEUNG, Tan To      張丹圖SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16149CHEUNG, Tin Yan Elaine      張天恩PAPathologyContact Fellow
M11393CHEUNG, Ting Kin      張鼎堅PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M15183CHEUNG, Tony Pui Pong      張沛邦SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13864CHEUNG, Tsang Tommy      張錚PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M09667CHEUNG, Tsz Fung Ian      張子峰EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M05446CHEUNG, Tze On Benson      張子安OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M06553CHEUNG, Wa      張華RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11177CHEUNG, Wai      張慧OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05038CHEUNG, Wai Cheung      張偉祥PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M12000CHEUNG, Wai Ching      張偉政PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M09596CHEUNG, Wai Him      張偉謙PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M06124CHEUNG, Wai Keung Paul      張偉強FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M05477CHEUNG, Wai Lam      張偉林SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M04722CHEUNG, Wai Lun      張偉麟CM Contact Fellow
M04722CHEUNG, Wai Lun      張偉麟EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04722CHEUNG, Wai Lun      張偉麟SU Contact Fellow
M10324CHEUNG, Wai Man      張偉文PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M16150CHEUNG, Wai Man Lilian      張慧文RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M05262CHEUNG, Wai Man Patrick      張偉文PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M10404CHEUNG, Wai Shing      張偉成PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M10064CHEUNG, Wai Yan Grace      張惠恩OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M13177CHEUNG, Wai Yee      張慧儀EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14005CHEUNG, Wai Yin      張慧賢PHPalliative MedicineContact Fellow
M11942CHEUNG, Wai Yin Eddie      張蔚賢PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11271CHEUNG, Wai Yuen      張偉源OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09169CHEUNG, Wang Yan Warren      張宏恩OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12119CHEUNG, Wing Hang      張頴恒EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M13447CHEUNG, Wing I      張穎儀PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M12124CHEUNG, Wing Kin      張榮堅PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M13865CHEUNG, Wing Lin Kent      張頴年PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M16424CHEUNG, Wing Lum      張穎琳PD Contact Fellow
M04743CHEUNG, Wing Lun Blase      張榮麟ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15698CHEUNG, Wing Sze Emily      張詠詩PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M11519CHEUNG, Wing Wai Rochelle      張頴慧ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12964CHEUNG, Wing Wai Winnie      張永慧PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M14564CHEUNG, Wing Wo      張永和FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07735CHEUNG, Wing Yung      張永融SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M06701CHEUNG, Yan Kit      張人傑EM Contact Fellow
M14245CHEUNG, Yat Wo Eric      張逸和PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M16276CHEUNG, Yau Fung      張又丰SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14006CHEUNG, Yau Kar Rachel      張優嘉OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M02406CHEUNG, Yau King      張佑敬PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M05128CHEUNG, Yau Ling Florence      張意靈FP Contact Fellow
M07997CHEUNG, Yee Nin Vivian      張綺年ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M02978CHEUNG, Yee Wan Margaret      張怡雲OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M16151CHEUNG, Yim Ling Amy      張炎鈴OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M10193CHEUNG, Yiu Cheong      張耀昌OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08373CHEUNG, Yiu Fai      張耀輝PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11843CHEUNG, Yu      張宇FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08666CHEUNG, Yu Keung      張裕強RARadiologyContact Fellow
M13598CHEUNG, Yue Sun      張宇新SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08331CHEUNG, Yuen Cheong      張遠昌PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
D03499CHEUNG, Yuen Man      張婉雯DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M09170CHEUNG, Yuet Chow Gloria      張月秋PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M09317CHEUNG, Yuk Fai      張煜暉PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M04045CHEUNG, Yuk Ling James      張毓靈RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15863CHEUNG, Yuk Man      張旭漫PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M05508CHEUNG, Yuk Tong      張煜棠OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M08236CHEUNG, Yun Ning Elaine      張欣寧PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M11520CHEUNG, Yung Yan Terence      張勇仁CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M11391CHEUNG WONG, Michelle Man Ying      黃敏瑩FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M03248CHI, Chung Chai      池中齊OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15864CHI, Man Sum      池敏森PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M08175CHIA, Nam Hung      賈南雄SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M04833CHIA, Si Chau Margaret      賈士秋RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14723CHIANG, Chi Leung      蔣子樑RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M04795CHIANG, Chung Seung      蔣忠想PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M16152CHIANG, Jeanie Betsy      蔣碧茜RARadiologyContact Fellow
M07464CHIANG, Kwok Shing Alan      蔣國誠PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14007CHIANG, Pui King      蔣珮琼PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04057CHIANG, Si Chung Arthur      蔣詩聰OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14246CHIANG, Sing Hoi      蔣丞海ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13042CHIANG, Tin Po      蔣天寶PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M11900CHIAO, Wing Fu      高永富PAForensic PathologyContact Fellow
M08287CHICK, Wai Keung      SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M05071CHIEN, Ping Eric      錢平OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M00985CHIEN, Yu      錢渝AN Contact Fellow
D02013CHIK, Fu Fai      DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M11943CHIK, Hsia Ying Barbara      戚夏穎SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15535CHIK, Janice Dan Wai      戚丹慧PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14008CHIK, Kar Ki      戚嘉琪PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
M14008CHIK, Kar Ki      戚嘉琪PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M07513CHIK, Ki Wai      戚其威PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M02972CHIK, Poon Yin      戚本賢OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05592CHIK, Wai Chi      戚韋智CM Contact Fellow
M15865CHIK, Yin Kwan      戚彥君RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M06554CHIM, Chor Sang      詹楚生PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M14009CHIM, Pak Wing      詹柏榮CM Contact Fellow
M09106CHIM, Stella      詹愷怡PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M10728CHIM, Wai Ying      詹慧英PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M01966CHIN, Chu Wah      錢柱華SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08356CHIN, Chun Wei Angus      RARadiologyContact Fellow
M02694CHIN, Chung Yuen      陳中元SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M02837CHIN, Kien Howe Robert      陳健浩OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M02520CHIN, Kim Fai      錢劍輝CM Contact Fellow
M02520CHIN, Kim Fai      錢劍輝PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M06107CHIN, Ping Hong Raymond      錢炳航OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15215CHIN, Pui Man Queenie      錢佩雯PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
D03623CHIN, Shan Shan Alice      戰姍珊DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M05868CHING, Cheuk Tuen Regina      程卓端CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M06555CHING, Chi Keung      程志強PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M09010CHING, Chi Kong      程自剛PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M07418CHING, Chin Pang Elvin      程展鵬OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M14724CHING, Chor Kwan      程楚君PAPathologyContact Fellow
M11202CHING, Hok Ying Ruby      秦學瑩OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M07606CHING, Kam Wing      程錦榮FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08237CHING, Sik Chung Alex      程錫忠RARadiologyContact Fellow
M13866CHING, Tak Kwan Joyce      程德君FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M06861CHING, Wai Kit Gordon      PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M08706CHING, Wai Kuen      程偉權CM Contact Fellow
M08706CHING, Wai Kuen      程偉權PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M10821CHING, Wei Ming      程慧明EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M13043CHIO, Io Meng      趙曉明OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M09670CHIU, Alexander      邱家駿PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M02590CHIU, Cheung Shing Daniel      趙長成PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M11521CHIU, Chi Fai      趙志輝FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M12344CHIU, Chi Kit      招智傑OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M06946CHIU, Chi Suen      趙志旋PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14725CHIU, Ching Pik Candy      趙澄碧ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09246CHIU, Chui Yin Vivian      趙趣然RARadiologyContact Fellow
M08417CHIU, Chun Keung      趙鎮強PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M07783CHIU, Chun Wai Roman      趙振煒PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M04506CHIU, Fung Kum Helen      趙鳳琴PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07307CHIU, Ha Ying      趙夏瀛PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M16548CHIU, Hiu Fung Jennifer      趙曉風SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08288CHIU, Hok Man      趙學民PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M05982CHIU, Hok Ming      趙鶴鳴SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M08643CHIU, Hon Shing      趙漢成EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M06603CHIU, Hong Sing Ronald      趙康誠OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M10563CHIU, John Jong Hoh      趙宗浩PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M09513CHIU, Ka Chun Patrick      趙嘉俊PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M15375CHIU, Ka Fung Peter      趙家鋒SUUrologyContact Fellow
M15866CHIU, Ka Ho      趙嘉豪PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
D02189CHIU, Kai Chung Gordon      趙啟聰DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M07195CHIU, Kai Ming Leo      趙啟明SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06893CHIU, Kai Yue Wallace      趙繼裕ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M03980CHIU, Kin Man      趙建民OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05024CHIU, Kin Wah Edmond      趙健華PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M05909CHIU, Kit Yee Sherlianne      趙潔儀OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M03668CHIU, Kun Ming      趙根銘PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M05488CHIU, Kwok Hing      趙國慶OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08374CHIU, Kwok Sun Sunny      趙國燊PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06629CHIU, Kwok Wing Samuel      招國榮RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M07003CHIU, Kwong Yuen Peter      曲廣運OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M03365CHIU, Lai Hong Simon      趙禮航EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M03365CHIU, Lai Hong Simon      趙禮航PH Contact Fellow
M13180CHIU, Lai Shan      趙麗珊PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M04373CHIU, Lai Wah      趙麗華PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04755CHIU, Ling      趙玲PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07483CHIU, Long Fung Jeffrey      趙朗峰RARadiologyContact Fellow
M02496CHIU, Man Chun      趙孟準PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08029CHIU, Mei Chi Ann      趙美姿OP Contact Fellow
D02448CHIU, Mei Ling Bonnie      趙美玲DSEndodonticsContact Fellow
M16153CHIU, Men Ming Bonnie      趙敏明PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M11203CHIU, Ming Chee      趙明智PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M12926CHIU, Ming Yu      趙名宇OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15700CHIU, Nga King      趙雅琼SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15042CHIU, On Pong      趙安邦PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M05139CHIU, Pak Wang Leo      趙伯宏PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15376CHIU, Pui Hing      邱珮馨PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M08205CHIU, Pui Yin      趙佩燕CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M12789CHIU, Pui Yu Cindy      趙珮瑜PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M12830CHIU, Sau Hin Sonny      趙修軒RARadiologyContact Fellow
M00202CHIU, Shin Chak      趙善策PH Contact Fellow
M10239CHIU, Shin Yeung      趙善揚OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M01331CHIU, Shing Ping James      趙承平SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
ML00070CHIU, Shui Seng Susan      招瑞生PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04386CHIU, Shui Wah      趙瑞華SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M02093CHIU, Shung Chou      趙崇就PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M00788CHIU, Sien Cheong Edward      趙善昌OT Contact Fellow
M05421CHIU, Sik Chung      招錫中OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M05398CHIU, Sik Ho      PH Contact Fellow
M12395CHIU, Sin Chuen      趙善存PAPathologyContact Fellow
M07378CHIU, Siu Ning      趙少寧PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15536CHIU, Suet Wai      趙雪維ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07285CHIU, Sui Kwan Becky      趙瑞君PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08025CHIU, Suk I      趙淑義OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M09465CHIU, Tak On Albert      趙德安ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15483CHIU, Tor Wo      趙多和SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M07870CHIU, Wa Keung      趙華強PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
D02806CHIU, Wai Kuen      趙偉權DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M12114CHIU, Wai Kwun Rossa      趙慧君PAChemical PathologyContact Fellow
M10453CHIU, Wai Yan Philip      趙偉仁SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M08238CHIU, Wai Yip      趙偉業SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16278CHIU, Wan Kam      趙韻琴OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14900CHIU, Wang Kei      趙竑機OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09065CHIU, Wing Fat      趙榮發OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M07102CHIU, Wing Richard      趙永PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M16425CHIU, Wing Yan      趙穎欣PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14565CHIU, Wing Yan Joanne      趙頴欣PHMedical OncologyContact Fellow
M10308CHIU, Yee Hang Thomas      趙懿行OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15043CHIU, Yi      趙宜SUUrologyContact Fellow
M07515CHIU, Ying Wah      SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16550CHIU, Yu Koon      趙汝冠EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14726CHO, Chak Lam      曹澤霖SUUrologyContact Fellow
M14566CHO, Chi Min Carmen      曹子文RARadiologyContact Fellow
M12122CHO, Hing Yan Danny      曹慶恩RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15701CHO, Hung Wai      曹洪偉OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M16551CHO, Kam Wah      曹錦華SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14901CHO, Kwan Yin      曹君彥RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14248CHO, Lai Yin      曹麗賢OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05086CHO, Mun Wai Amy      曹敏慧ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
D02585CHO, Shiu Yin      曹紹賢DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M15377CHO, Wing Keung      曹永強ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M16154CHO, Yin Fan      曹燕芬FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M05257CHOA, Brian Hormus George      蔡偉達PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M08352CHOI, Cheung Hei      PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M07470CHOI, Cheung Lung Paul      蔡祥龍PAPathologyContact Fellow
M12075CHOI, Chi Yee      蔡自怡SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12634CHOI, Chi Yin      蔡智賢RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M14567CHOI, Chuen Ming Clarence      蔡傳明FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M11736CHOI, Chun Hung      蔡鎮雄PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M04120CHOI, Chung Ho Andrew      蔡宗灝PA Contact Fellow
M10470CHOI, Gordon Yuk Sang      蔡玉生ANIntensive CareContact Fellow
M09216CHOI, Hiu Yeung      蔡曉陽CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M03204CHOI, Ho Keung Peter      蔡浩強RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M08842CHOI, Hok Kwok      蔡學國SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M10194CHOI, Humphrey      蔡柏霖OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14249CHOI, Ka Man      蔡嘉敏OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M09023CHOI, Kai Yiu Alexander      OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M04115CHOI, Kam Yee Samuel      蔡錦怡SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M02162CHOI, Kin Gabriel      蔡堅FP Contact Fellow
M02162CHOI, Kin Gabriel      蔡堅PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M12875CHOI, Kin Kei      崔健基EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M06786CHOI, Kin Lam      蔡建霖PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M15992CHOI, Kin Man      蔡健文EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M10525CHOI, Kin Wing      蔡健榮PHInfectious DiseaseContact Fellow
M05813CHOI, Koon Shing Andrew      蔡冠誠PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M13181CHOI, Kwok Keung Calvin      蔡國強RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M12635CHOI, Lai Yin Catherine      蔡麗賢SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11901CHOI, Man Chun      蔡文俊PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M07930CHOI, Man Yan Teresa      蔡敏欣CMAdministrative MedicineContact Fellow
M08239CHOI, Mei Yee      蔡美儀CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M10252CHOI, Mui Sum      蔡梅心PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M08176CHOI, Pak Tat Frankie      蔡柏達RANuclear MedicineContact Fellow
M13867CHOI, Patricia Ellen      蔡穎怡PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M14727CHOI, Ping Shu      蔡秉書OG Contact Fellow
M09668CHOI, Shing Hing      蔡盛慶OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M02345CHOI, Si Hung      蔡士雄PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
D03730CHOI, Sik Kai      蔡錫佳DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M07278CHOI, Sik Ling Simon      PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M09669CHOI, Sing Yim      蔡星艷EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M11419CHOI, Siu Tong      蔡兆堂OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M06617CHOI, Sum Hung      蔡森洪OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15378CHOI, Sze Ngar Sylvia      蔡詩雅OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M16426CHOI, Sze Yi      蔡思懿EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M10222CHOI, Tat Fai Richard      蔡達暉SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15993CHOI, Tsz Lung      蔡子龍OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M12226CHOI, Wai Lap      蔡偉立PAHaematologyContact Fellow
M16155CHOI, Wai Lok      蔡偉樂PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M11944CHOI, Wing Kee      蔡永基SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M12515CHOI, Wing Kin      蔡永健FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M10744CHOI, Wing Kit      蔡永傑PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
D03464CHOI, Wing Shan      蔡穎珊DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M11526CHOI, Wing Yee Regina      蔡頴怡ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M16552CHOI, Yan Yin      蔡欣賢PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13868CHOI, Yim Ping      蔡艷萍EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M11021CHOI, Yu Fai      蔡宇暉EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14010CHOI, Yue Kwan      蔡宇均FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M02405CHOI, Yuen Choi      蔡炫材PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M12636CHOK, Siu Ho      竺兆豪SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14395CHONG, Ching Ning      莊清寧SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12638CHONG, Chun Yin      莊俊賢PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15379CHONG, Hoi Man Deon      莊凱雯SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06912CHONG, Hou Ming      莊厚明OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M15380CHONG, Ka Hei      莊嘉熙ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13184CHONG, Kam Lung      莊金隆OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M04181CHONG, Kin Ki Clarence      莊堅琪SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14011CHONG, King Yee      莊勁怡PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
D02875CHONG, Lai Hung Douglas      莊禮雄DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M03997CHONG, Lai Yin      莊禮賢PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M04796CHONG, Lap Chun      莊立村SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
D03731CHONG, Mei Man      臧薇敏DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M08100CHONG, Ngai Hang Victor      OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M11527CHONG, Shing Kan Patrick      莊承謹CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M13346CHONG, Shing Lok      莊承樂EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15217CHONG, Shiu Yin Catherine      莊紹賢PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13870CHONG, Shuk Ching      莊淑貞PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06310CHONG, Sui Fan Anida      莊瑞芬RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11179CHONG, Wan Yip      莊雲葉PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M16279CHONG, Wang Lam      莊泓琳PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M09597CHONG, Yee Hung      莊義雄OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M15867CHONG, Yeow Kuan      張耀君PAChemical PathologyContact Fellow
M10059CHONG, Yew Chuan David      莊友全ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08224CHOO, Kah Lin      PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15382CHOR, Chung Ming      左仲明OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12489CHOR, Sin Yee      左倩儀CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M13185CHOU, CHUN WING STEPHEN      周俊永FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M13871CHOU, Qi Hua Sandas      鄒起華RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14251CHOW, Alex Sheung Yan      周尚仁FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M10176CHOW, Bing Fai      周炳輝PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M11522CHOW, Chee Wung      周志宏PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M12442CHOW, Chee Yuen      周志源ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M05913CHOW, Cheuk Fai      周卓輝PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M09217CHOW, Chi Kai      周志佳PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M15218CHOW, Chi Kwan Jasmine      周芷君PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M06244CHOW, Chi Ping Alex      周志平PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M15868CHOW, Chi Wai Kelvin      周慈偉OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M14902CHOW, Chi Wing      周志榮PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M14903CHOW, Chi Yan Lorraine      周芷茵SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11068CHOW, Chi Ying      周芷瑩PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
M08707CHOW, Chik Cheung Vincent      周植長PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M13872CHOW, Chin Pang      周展鵬PDDevelopmental-Behavioural PaediatricsContact Fellow
M15703CHOW, Chin Ying      周展盈PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M16427CHOW, Chit Kwong      周哲光PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14396CHOW, Chong Kwan      周壯群FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M09108CHOW, Chor Yiu      周楚耀CMOccupational MedicineContact Fellow
M02611CHOW, Chun Bong      周鎮邦PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M05422CHOW, Chun Chung Francis      周振中PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M04291CHOW, Chun Hing Stephanie      周俊卿OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M02559CHOW, Chun Hung      周震雄SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M09107CHOW, Chun Kuen      周振權OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M04046CHOW, Chun Kwan John      周振軍PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12719CHOW, Chung Mo      周中武PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M09171CHOW, David Alan      周文輝PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M13873CHOW, Esther Ching San      周靜珊OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M07739CHOW, Fu Loi      PHCritical Care MedicineContact Fellow
M06862CHOW, Fung Mei Bernadette      周鳳美ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M06474CHOW, George      周佐治OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M01580CHOW, Hing Ping      周慶平SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14397CHOW, Ho Ying      周可瑩PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M14904CHOW, Hoi Fan Danny      鄒凱勳PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M01042CHOW, Huk Ying Edmund      周克礽PH Contact Fellow
M14252CHOW, Hung Lit      仇鴻烈RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11421CHOW, Hung Tsan      周鴻燦OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M16156CHOW, Ka Ying      周嘉盈ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08289CHOW, Ka Yuen      周家源PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M13600CHOW, Kai Lai      周佳禮PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M14728CHOW, Kai Lim      周啟亷FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M11043CHOW, Kai Ming      周啟明PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M09218CHOW, Kai Pun      周啟斌OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M13874CHOW, Kam Fai      周錦輝FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M03998CHOW, Kam Ming Raymond      周鑑明OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15704CHOW, Kei Man      周寄雯OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M90081CHOW, Ki Kit      周基傑OG Contact Fellow
M07103CHOW, Ki Yau      鄒其佑RARadiologyContact Fellow
D01931CHOW, Kiang Cheong      周烱昌DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M00751CHOW, Kim You Edward      曹錦祐RA Contact Fellow
M08769CHOW, King Ho      周景浩PH Contact Fellow
M12311CHOW, Kit Wan Kavin      周潔雲PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M02760CHOW, Kit Wun Olivia      鄒潔雲PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15705CHOW, Kwan Ho      周君浩SU Contact Fellow
M01229CHOW, Kwok Chi Charles      周國治OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M01591CHOW, Kwok Ching      周國澄OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
D02302CHOW, Kwok Fai      周國輝DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M05417CHOW, Kwok Hung      周國雄PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M12612CHOW, Lai Yin      周禮賢PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M04797CHOW, Liang Simon      周亮PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14905CHOW, Ling Yu Velda      周令宇SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M08806CHOW, Lok Yee      周樂怡PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
D03194CHOW, Lop Keung Raymond      周立強DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
M07420CHOW, Man Kei Anita      周敏姬OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12492CHOW, Man Ming      周敏明OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M14906CHOW, Man Po      周文寶SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13601CHOW, Man Wai      周文威OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M06469CHOW, Mei Sin      周美仙OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15869CHOW, Mei Yee Mai      周美兒OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
D03014CHOW, Ming Chung      周明忠DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M11749CHOW, Mun Yun Gloria      鄒敏茵PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M11022CHOW, Pak Cheong      周百昌PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M03262CHOW, Pak Chin      周伯展OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M13875CHOW, Po Ling Paulina      周寶鈴PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M09042CHOW, Pok Yu      周博裕PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14398CHOW, Sheung Ming      周尚明SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M01471CHOW, Shew Ping      周肇平OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M10253CHOW, Shiu Cheung      周兆章PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M05140CHOW, Shu Lap      周樹立PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M03442CHOW, Shun Kit      周順傑OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M02860CHOW, Sik Kuen      鄒錫權SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M06989CHOW, Sin Ming      周倩明RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M06165CHOW, Siu Fan Susan      周少芬OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M09247CHOW, Siu Lun Eddie      鄒兆麟PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M07871CHOW, Siu Ngan      周笑顏PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M13449CHOW, Siu Wah Jennifer      周苕華OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M15044CHOW, Suet Yan      周雪欣PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M04374CHOW, Sui Ping Alice      周笑平ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M16428CHOW, Sui Yi      周穗怡ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08039CHOW, Sung Nin Samuel Nicholas      鄒崇年EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M03028CHOW, Sze Fu Joseph      周斯富PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M04137CHOW, Tak Hau Cyrus      周德豪PHCardiologyContact Fellow
D01893CHOW, Tak Kun      鄒德根DSOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryContact Fellow
D01108CHOW, Tak Wah      周德華DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M09386CHOW, Tak Wai      周德偉SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M01323CHOW, Tak Yam      周德欽SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M07361CHOW, Tam Lin      周譚連SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M16157CHOW, Tin Wai      周天蕙PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15219CHOW, Tin Yan      周天欣OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15537CHOW, Tin Yat Anthony      周天溢EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14907CHOW, Ting Ho      周廷浩EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04767CHOW, Tsun Cheung      周俊昌PAAnatomical PathologyContact Fellow
M09043CHOW, Wai Cheong      周偉昌PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M06319CHOW, Wai Ho Charles      周偉豪PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M07229CHOW, Wai Hung      周偉洪PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M07084CHOW, Wai Man Patrick      周偉民SUUrologyContact Fellow
M16105CHOW, Wan Lung      周雲龍PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M08357CHOW, Wang      OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M03702CHOW, William      周允濂OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09817CHOW, Wing Cheong      周榮昌PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M05847CHOW, Wing Cheong Louis      周永昌SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M03304CHOW, Wing Cho      周榮祖PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M04425CHOW, Wing Hing      周榮興PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11523CHOW, Wing Man      周詠文FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15173CHOW, Wing See Vanissa      周穎思OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M09017CHOW, Wing Sun      周榮新PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M01812CHOW, Wun Chung Stephen      周允中OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M14253CHOW, Yat      周一PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M01294CHOW, Yat Biu      周一彪PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M02002CHOW, Yat Ngok York      周一嶽OS Contact Fellow
M07020CHOW, Yiu Ming      周耀明EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M08770CHOW, Yiu Tong      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M06971CHOW, Yu De Eudora      周于德PAPathologyContact Fellow
M07064CHOW, Yu Fat      周雨發ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09770CHOW, Yuen Hon Francis      周源瀚OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11946CHOW, Yuet Wah      周月華CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M05783CHOW, Yuk Yin      周育賢OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M11594CHOW LEE, Shu Ngar Donna      周李舒雅RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M06176CHOY, Bo Ying Cindy      蔡寶英PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M09967CHOY, Chi Chung Stephen      蔡致中PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14568CHOY, Chi Fung      蔡志峯PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M12255CHOY, Ching Him      蔡正謙EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14254CHOY, Chung Ming Eric      蔡中銘ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08950CHOY, Ka Leung Dominic      蔡嘉良PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M09328CHOY, Khai Meng      蔡啟明CM Contact Fellow
M09139CHOY, Lai Chun      蔡麗珍FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M03268CHOY, Lai Keung Alice      蔡麗強ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12130CHOY, Lam Wai      蔡林煒PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M15220CHOY, Nga Kwan      蔡雅君OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M12639CHOY, Pui Sang Ignatius      蔡沛生FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M15706CHOY, Shin Man      蔡倩雯PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M15870CHOY, Siu Man      蔡紹雯EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M05497CHOY, Tak Kai Alexander      蔡德佳OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M01451CHOY, Tak Kong Damon      蔡德江RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M02140CHOY, Tak Wai David      蔡德偉ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M09109CHOY, Tim Shing      蔡添成RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M09387CHOY, Wing Ho      蔡榮豪PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14908CHOY, Wing Yee Lillian      蔡穎怡ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M01813CHOY, Yuk Lun Frederick      蔡玉麟FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14909CHU, Alvin Po Ngai      朱圃毅OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M13602CHU, Cheuk Man      朱卓文RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14730CHU, Cheuk Yan Elsa      朱灼欣PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M13450CHU, Chi Ho Alberto      朱志豪SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M14910CHU, Chi Yeung      朱志揚RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15707CHU, Chik Wah      朱䓎華SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M09671CHU, Chiu Wing Winnie      朱昭穎RARadiologyContact Fellow
D03016CHU, Cho Shun Frederick      朱祖順DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M03269CHU, Chor Lup      朱初立PHCardiologyContact Fellow
D02476CHU, Chun Hung      朱振雄DSFamily DentistryContact Fellow
M10240CHU, Chun Kwok Angus      朱振國PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M06970CHU, Chung Ming      朱頌明PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M14014CHU, Chung Yin      朱仲賢ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13603CHU, Chung Yin      朱仲賢OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M11307CHU, Gar Man      朱家文OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M09172CHU, Gary      朱嘉理EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M07938CHU, Henson      朱國慶FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14399CHU, Hiu Man      朱曉曼ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15871CHU, Ho Cheung      朱灝璋EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14256CHU, Ka Lai      朱嘉麗ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14731CHU, Ka Man      朱嘉敏RARadiologyContact Fellow
M15538CHU, Ka Wan      朱嘉運SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06935CHU, Kent Man      朱建民SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M09896CHU, Kin Chiu Francis      朱建昭EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04387CHU, Kin Wah      朱建華SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06556CHU, King Sun      RANuclear MedicineContact Fellow
M03703CHU, Kuen Kwok      朱權國OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M05495CHU, Kwan Ling      朱君令OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M09598CHU, Kwok Hong      朱國康PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M14400CHU, Kwok Keung      朱國強EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M05214CHU, Kwok Wah      朱國華ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M06171CHU, Lai Chun Peggy      朱麗珍EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15046CHU, Lai Shan      朱麗珊FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07052CHU, Lap Sun      朱立新PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M04047CHU, Leung Wing      朱亮榮PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M12640CHU, Leysia      朱蕾霞RARadiologyContact Fellow
M05049CHU, Man Kai      朱文楷SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M13045CHU, Man Yee      朱敏兒PHInfectious DiseaseContact Fellow
M14569CHU, Man Yee      朱敏儀OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M09173CHU, Ming Chi      朱銘知ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15047CHU, Ming Leong      朱銘亮SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13604CHU, Ngan Hung      朱雁鴻EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M07694CHU, Ping Wing Christopher      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15996CHU, Ping Yung      朱炳容RARadiologyContact Fellow
M14257CHU, Pui Shan Jenny      朱珮珊PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M15997CHU, Sai Lok      朱世洛SUNeurosurgeryContact Fellow
M07421CHU, Sai Man Simon      朱世文SUUrologyContact Fellow
M07065CHU, Sau Kwan      朱秀群SUUrologyContact Fellow
M06325CHU, Shiu Kay Ferdinand      朱兆麒RARadiologyContact Fellow
M11682CHU, Shun Him Colin      朱信謙SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M14911CHU, Simon      儲碩文SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M06586CHU, Siu Man Kitty      朱小雯ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M16283CHU, Stephanie Shui Kwan      朱瑞羣PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M12398CHU, Suk Yi      朱淑儀ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M13188CHU, Tin Yu      朱天儒SUUrologyContact Fellow
M08177CHU, Tsun Cheong      朱進昌OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M14258CHU, Tsun Kit      朱晉傑FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14732CHU, Tung Hang Byron      朱東恒OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M13046CHU, Tung Ki Aaron      朱東麒OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M08503CHU, Wa      朱華SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14912CHU, Wai Ho Colin      朱偉豪SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13876CHU, Wai Ming      朱偉明PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M09287CHU, Wai Po      朱蔚波PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14733CHU, Wai Pong      朱惠邦RARadiologyContact Fellow
M05973CHU, Wai Sing Daniel      朱偉星FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M03745CHU, Wai Sun      朱維新SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14570CHU, Wai Ting Becky      朱慧婷FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M01390CHU, Wai Yee      朱偉怡OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M14015CHU, Wai Yin      朱偉賢SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M15383CHU, Wai Ying      朱尉瑩PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M04709CHU, Wan Raymond      朱雲PAHaematologyContact Fellow
M08931CHU, Wing Chuen Paul      朱永全PH Contact Fellow
M14401CHU, Wing Hong      朱永康SUUrologyContact Fellow
M15222CHU, Wing Sze Dorothy      朱詩PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M15048CHU, Wing Yan      朱詠茵PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
D03111CHU, Wing Yee Vanessa      朱詠意DSPaediatric DentistryContact Fellow
M04058CHU, Yat Cho      朱日初CM Contact Fellow
M15539CHU, Yim Pui      朱炎培PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M09842CHU, Yin Yiu Stephanie      朱彥瑤PHRespiratory MedicineContact Fellow
M08263CHU, Yip Sun      朱業新OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M14016CHU, Yiu Ching Tiffany      朱曉青RARadiologyContact Fellow
M03999CHU, Yuk Chun      朱玉珍PHHaematology & Haematological OncologyContact Fellow
M07394CHUA, Ka Peng David      蔡家秉ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M08375CHUA, Kam Ling      蔡金陵FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08695CHUA, Kien Han John      蔡敬翰OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M13877CHUA, Shui Ching      蔡瑞晶PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M10214CHUA, Siew Eng      PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M10576CHUA, Swee Kim      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07758CHUA, Tsin Tien Daniel      蔡清淟RAClinical OncologyContact Fellow
M07743CHUAH, Jin Chong      蔡仁鍾ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11309CHUANG, Hsiu Min Sammy      莊秀民SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M12312CHUANG, Lai      莊麗PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M08794CHUANG, Shuk Kwan      張竹君CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M12790CHUANG, Wai Man Vivien      莊慧敏PAClinical Microbiology & InfectionContact Fellow
M14849CHUANG, Yuk Shan      莊旭珊FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M08676CHUH, An Tung Antonio      許晏冬FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M06300CHUI, Ka Keung Albert      徐家強SUUrologyContact Fellow
M13047CHUI, Ka Lun Kellen      崔家倫SUUrologyContact Fellow
M14402CHUI, Ka Lung      徐家龍PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M11272CHUI, Kai Yeung      徐繼陽ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15708CHUI, King Him      徐敬謙OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08290CHUI, Kit Man Kitty      徐潔文PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14571CHUI, Lap Bun      徐立斌SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M09599CHUI, Mo Ching Eileena      徐慕菁PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M05340CHUI, Po Tong      徐寶堂ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M12076CHUI, Pui Yuk      徐佩玉PHGeriatric MedicineContact Fellow
M14403CHUI, Shing Fung      徐城烽PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M07916CHUI, Siu Hang Billy      FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14018CHUI, Sze Wing      徐思永AN Contact Fellow
M04817CHUI, Tak Yi      徐德義PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M09236CHUI, Wai May Amy      徐慧美CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M13451CHUI, Wing Ho William      崔永豪PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M09288CHUI, Wing Hung      崔永雄SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M05852CHUM, Pak Ying Norman      覃伯英OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12212CHUN, King Kong      秦競剛PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M16159CHUN, Man Wai      秦文偉ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M00424CHUN, Mo Lin Maureen      秦慕蓮OP Contact Fellow
M02179CHUN, Siu Yeung      秦肇陽OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M14259CHUNG, Chak Cheong      鍾澤鏘FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
D01643CHUNG, Chee Keung Peter      鍾志強DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M07964CHUNG, Chi Chiu Cliff      鍾志超SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M09672CHUNG, Chi Kin      鍾志堅SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M07907CHUNG, Chi Ping      鍾志平PHGastroenterology & HepatologyContact Fellow
M08291CHUNG, Chi Sum Clive      鍾志森EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M15540CHUNG, Chi Tung      鍾志東PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M08591CHUNG, Chi Wai David      張志偉ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11378CHUNG, Chi Yan Benny      鍾慈恩FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M02410CHUNG, Chin Hung      鍾展鴻EM Contact Fellow
M02410CHUNG, Chin Hung      鍾展鴻SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14404CHUNG, Ching Yu      鍾拯宇SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M14914CHUNG, Chor Yat Stephen      鍾礎逸OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M08826CHUNG, Chun Hoi      PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M14260CHUNG, Chun Kin      鍾振堅PHDermatology & VenereologyContact Fellow
M14572CHUNG, Chun Kit Joseph      鍾駿傑OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M15998CHUNG, Chun Kwong Eric      鍾振光ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M11683CHUNG, Chun Pong      鍾鎮邦PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M15223CHUNG, Chung Yee      鍾震宇OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
D03574CHUNG, Gordon Chit Hang      鍾哲衡DSPeriodontologyContact Fellow
M03870CHUNG, Hau Kwong      鍾厚光PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M05039CHUNG, Hau Tim      鍾厚添PH Contact Fellow
M12927CHUNG, Ho Yin      鍾浩然PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M11525CHUNG, Ho Yin Andrews      鍾浩然EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M14573CHUNG, Ho Yu      鍾浩宇SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M13189CHUNG, Hoi Sze      鍾凱詩OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M06782CHUNG, Hon Ping Joseph      鍾漢平SUPlastic SurgeryContact Fellow
M01831CHUNG, Hon Wah      鍾漢華PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M12642CHUNG, Hon Yin Brian      鍾侃言PDGenetics and Genomics (Paediatrics)Contact Fellow
M07423CHUNG, Ka Fai      鍾家輝PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M03253CHUNG, Ka Leung Stephen      鍾家良OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M04780CHUNG, Kam Hung Kelvin      鍾錦洪RARadiologyContact Fellow
M06222CHUNG, Kam Man Thomas      鍾錦文SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M13878CHUNG, Kar Kin Albert      鍾嘉健PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M04427CHUNG, Kin Kwok Albert      鍾堅國ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M07784CHUNG, Kin Lai      鍾健禮EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M09174CHUNG, Kin Nam Edmond      鍾建南ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M10241CHUNG, Kin Wah      鍾健華EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M12722CHUNG, Kin Wing      鍾建榮FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M12721CHUNG, Kwok Hang      鍾國恒PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M07324CHUNG, Kwok Hung Tony      鍾國衡OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12399CHUNG, Kwok Yi      鍾幗儀PHNephrologyContact Fellow
M14405CHUNG, Kwong Yin      鍾廣賢OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M15225CHUNG, Lap Yan      鍾立人SUPaediatric SurgeryContact Fellow
M05987CHUNG, Ling Hung      鍾嶺雄CMCommunity MedicineContact Fellow
M16160CHUNG, Man Yan      鍾汶欣OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M05478CHUNG, On Ming      鍾安明OSOrthopaedics & TraumatologyContact Fellow
M09908CHUNG, Pui Ching David      鍾沛清SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11648CHUNG, Pui Hong      鍾沛康CMPublic Health MedicineContact Fellow
M15873CHUNG, Pui Wah Febbie      鍾霈樺ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M15051CHUNG, Pui Wah Jacqueline      鍾佩樺OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M13452CHUNG, Pui Yin      鍾沛然PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M12488CHUNG, Ronald Siu Hong      鍾兆匡OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M03352CHUNG, See Yuen      鍾思源PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M04370CHUNG, Sheung Chee Sydney      鍾尚志SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M00818CHUNG, Shing Ha Gabriel      鍾承夏PD Contact Fellow
M06966CHUNG, Shiu Shek      鍾少石SUCardio-thoracic SurgeryContact Fellow
M09899CHUNG, Shun Hang Joseph      鍾舜恆EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M13800CHUNG, Sze Pok      鍾思博FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M01941CHUNG, Tai Wing Denis      鍾泰榮PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M13048CHUNG, Tak Shun      鍾德惇PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M15052CHUNG, Tat Ming      鍾達明SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M11947CHUNG, Thomas      鍾創輝OPOphthalmologyContact Fellow
M10195CHUNG, Tin Hei      鍾天希PHNeurologyContact Fellow
M11204CHUNG, Tong Shun      鍾堂順EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M06192CHUNG, Tsz Kwong      鍾子光SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M04994CHUNG, Tze Nang John      鍾子能FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
D02140CHUNG, Wai Chung      鍾偉忠DSProsthodonticsContact Fellow
M15709CHUNG, Wai Hang      鍾慧衡OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M12832CHUNG, Wai Ho      鍾偉豪FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M07658CHUNG, Wai Hung Thomas      鍾偉雄CMCommunity MedicineContact Fellow
M05509CHUNG, Wai Ming William      鍾偉明PHInternal MedicineContact Fellow
M07085CHUNG, Wai Sau      鍾維壽PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M13453CHUNG, Way Lueh      鍾緯略PDPaediatricsContact Fellow
M14734CHUNG, Wing Sze      鍾詠詩EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M00916CHUNG, Yat Ki Benedict      鍾逸基FPFamily MedicineContact Fellow
M14261CHUNG, Yat Kiu      鍾一翹PHCardiologyContact Fellow
M14262CHUNG, Yeung Vera      鍾楊SUUrologyContact Fellow
M11639CHUNG, Yim Ng      鍾炎午OGObstetrics & GynaecologyContact Fellow
M15053CHUNG, Yiu Kei Geoffrey      鍾耀基OTOtorhinolaryngologyContact Fellow
M09526CHUNG, Yiu Kwan Kenneth      鍾耀堃PHRehabilitationContact Fellow
M13879CHUNG, Yu Fai      鍾裕輝ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
M14915CIANG, Chu Oi      蔣主愛PHRheumatologyContact Fellow
M15227CO, Tiong Hong Michael      許長峯SUGeneral SurgeryContact Fellow
M05599COCKRAM, Clive Stewart      PHEndocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismContact Fellow
M10381COCKS, Robert Anthony      郭浩祺EMEmergency MedicineContact Fellow
M04095COLLINS, Robert John      PAPathologyContact Fellow
M07584CONNELL, Barry Charles      PSPsychiatryContact Fellow
M01666CONNELL, Ross Morrison      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
D01389COOKE, Michael Stephen      DSOrthodonticsContact Fellow
M10027CRITCHLEY, L. A. Hall      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
NILCURTIN, Justin Paul      DS Contact Fellow
M04210CURTIS, J. W. Hawkswell      ANAnaesthesiologyContact Fellow
Total Count: 1797
Hong Kong Academy of Medicine