Message from Chairman of Organising Committee

2013 is a very special year for the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine – we are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

The Academy is a statutory body established in 1993, empowered to set standards for training of specialists. It has 15 Colleges and over 6,000 Fellows who are all committed to the highest professional standards and providing the best medical and dental care to the community. Continuing medical education/continuous professional development activities are organised for its Fellows as well as the medical and dental professions at large to enable them to keep updated to cope with the rapid changes and challenges in the medical and dental fields.

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary in 2013, an international scientific congress will be held as one of the highlights of the year. On behalf of the Organising Committee, I extend a warm invitation to you to participate in this Congress to be held on 8-11 December 2013 at the Academy Building in Hong Kong. The theme of the Congress is "Manpower needs in medicine: moving with the times". With an increasingly ageing population, technological advances and great expectations for quality healthcare from the public, we need adequate medical manpower to meet the increasing demand in clinical services. Medical manpower planning however is more than quantitative projections. It is a complex process involving many confounding factors.

We shall invite prominent local and international speakers, experts and government officials to share their views and expertise on areas that affect manpower planning, advances in medical technologies and its impact on manpower, various manpower policies, as well as possible solutions such as training via simulation. This Congress will provide a platform for dynamic exchange of ideas and views among colleagues from all over the world.

I look forward to having you celebrate this memorable occasion with us in December 2013. For those coming from overseas, I am sure you will also enjoy Hong Kong, sampling some of the best cuisines in Asia and indeed the world, marvelling at breathtaking sceneries and tropical beaches, cultural heritage and advanced technology, as well as the bustling markets and malls, with vast choice of products that can satisfy different shopping needs. I am sure all participants will find the Congress extremely rewarding.

Donald Li
Chairman, Organising Committee